It’s that time of the year folks when bloggers tag you and you respond to their questions and end it all by tagging some of your favourite bloggers. A very necessary part of the blogging ritual I tell ya. 
I got tagged by MzJessicaxo from Guts and Glamour – hi friendling!!!
Here. We. Go.
1. If you could trade places with anyone for a day who would it be?
 Jay-Z. That way I could chill with Beyonceeee! Oh yeah. You can check out more of my obsession here.
Don’t you just want to lick my arm? 
Remember that movie? Not really a fitting title but why not put it in here anyway.
Just wanted to show ya the products I’ve been using on my face lately.. I try not to use foundation too often as I don’t think using it daily is healthy for your skin. Plus when you’re like me and sometimes get too lazy to wash off your make-up, you try and limit it to a minimal.
Had you asked me a few months ago whether I’d ever be caught in wearing denim from top to bottom I would absolutely denied it. I think looking at all these blogs and fashion websites has given me a boost of confidence to try out several styles and try to make them my own. Clearly I’m still trying to discover my own sense of fashion but I’m loving it.