I love clothes. I love the kind of energy they can bring out in you and the sort of confidence they instill. The minute I wore this dress, my back was straight, chin was up and chest was out. It almost felt like I had to do my best to be the perfect model or mannequin so that the true beauty of this fuchsia gown could be carried through. I wanted to bring out that gorgeous colour in the dress so I did two things: (1) applied a lipstick in a similar shade to compliment the dress; and (2) added a necklace with teal and gold details so that the contrast could bring out the fuchsia even more.

To all who entered the giveaway, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on there! With the help of the Wambui Mukenyi team, I was able to randomly choose the winner who’ll receive the KES5,000 shopping voucher. CONGRATULATIONS NKIROTE MUTISYA!!! Do email me {} so I can provide you with the details. 

I’d love to hear which of the 5 looks I posted this week was your favourite so do leave a comment below letting me know! Hope I’ll be seeing you tomorrow at Wambui Mukenyi’s shopping party! {see this post for details}


Have a beautiful Friday and an amazing weekend. Be safe. 


  • wahu babz


    • Miss Sharon


  • Lox

    Split between the houndstooth and the mustard gown.. Can’t decide!

    • Miss Sharon

      A moment for you seeing as this is your first ever comment!
      And allow me to make that decision for you Kaloki — houndstooth dress!

  • Jess Gitahi

    This outfit is def FIERCE! My fav was the Houndstooth, loved every bit of it. Congrats NKIROTE MUTISYA!! :)

    • Miss Sharon

      Thanks Jess!! I’ll try do more professional outfits in the future :)

  • Miss Archie

    damn! the dress gave me chills. I love the cut on the hands.

    • Miss Sharon

      Yeah the slits on the arms can be very flattering especially to those ladies who are a little self conscious about their arms..
      Thanks Miss Archie :)

  • Va Va Vroom!

    this is soo beautiful.that lipstick shade is soo on my shopping list!its a beautiful break from the red to pinning :)

    • Miss Sharon

      Thanks! It’s Sleek Mystic – 783 :)

      • Va Va Vroom!

        thanks,must get that

  • Fray

    I loveeeeeed the mustard dress…

    • Miss Sharon

      Thanks Fray :)

  • Marion Njeri Wanyoike

    Quick one…are the outfits you wore on sale..? At how much? Including this dress?

    • Miss Sharon

      Hey love!
      Not sure about the prices. I hope you’re coming to the shopping party today though cos some of them are going to be there and on sale too :)

  • oliver

    I love your outfit,really unique,do check amazing books on fashion at for the latest world trends in fashion,you will love them.

    • Miss Sharon

      Will check it out :)

  • Cheptoo Cece

    That is the Yummiest color that there is. What more could you ask for??

    • Miss Sharon

      Yummy indeed!

  • Moses Karanja

    5th photo is Amazing

    • Miss Sharon

      Thanks! This is the best fabric/dress for capturing movement!

  • Ciiku

    Love the lip colour

    • Miss Sharon

      Thanks Ciiku!

      It’s Sleek in Mystic, number 783

  • Jandy Kanini

    Congrats to my sister Nkirote!

    • Miss Sharon


  • The Fashion Engineer

    this dress!! amazing!! wambui is very talented!!


    • Miss Sharon

      I know, she totally is!

  • Lizz Maina

    Gosh!! SHARON!! U r soo BEAUTIFUL & TALENTED… ur blog!!

  • stylesketches

    Gone with the wind fabulous! (Sorry, I just had to!) Beautiful!

  • Jane Iruga

    The dress is to die for….wish i could see the detail on its back though :-(

  • Clemence Nishimwe
  • Janice

    lvly dress n da color is my fav, amazing.

  • Feirooz

    I sooo love this dress

  • Maame Akesi Boa

    Wow Sharon, you really worked this dress! Love this post.
    Cara @

  • Steven M Erastus

    Did heavens bring an angel to earth????……..Sharon you look just so so so perfect

  • Rahmo

    MashaAllah Miss Sharon you are too beautiful in a way that makes people insecure!!!!!!(not in a bad way) for me you making want to go out and start looking fierce. I read a lot of your blog posts then when I look in my mirror I’m like who is that ugly chick staring back at me, effect of looking at you for too long :-)


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