Ever since I saw this picture of Kim Kardashian in a houndstooth dress a couple years ago, I’ve really been fascinated with this pattern. I find it to be a very classic and timeless print – trending or not. Do you own anything with this print? 

I loved this Wambui Mukenyi dress because of three things: (1) The houndstooth print; (2) The fact that it’s in black and white which is currently trending; and (3) the dress caters to almost any professional woman out there – whether you work at a bank or run a magazine. 

If you haven’t entered the giveaway, I’m not sure what you’re waiting for! Get on it ladies and gents. Also, don’t forget that if you’d like to purchase a shopping voucher, you could send me an email {thisisess12@gmail.com} and you get 10% off!

Happy hump day friends!


  • Dorcas

    Dam.. I fell in love with the clad….no words

  • Jess Gitahi

    Thanx Sharon for doing something official,i can def see myself in this at my work place.Black and white + red lipstick!!!!!!!!! This outfit is to die for……Love every bit 🙂

    • Why you’re most welcome Jess 🙂 Clearly I should be doing more official posts..

  • joyce

    i love the dress,especially those patterns…..u look lovely

  • Keziah Bubi

    I want I want I want EVERY PIECE of it even the earrings! Gosh how could someone look so good in it :)….You and the outfit made my morning right there…xx

    • What a sweet thing to say Keziah! It’s funny how in essence, this is a very simple dress but the print just elevated the entire look.

      Hope you’re gonna be there today!

  • WOW!!!! Now this I want!!!! Beyond gorgeous!! Perfect for the office and the length…heavenly.

    • You’re right, the length is just right!

  • Cheptoo Cece

    Funny thing about the lower part of this dress, sometime back I had a full dress of that kind but I put it up on my online shop and within minutes, someone purchased it.
    Did you find my online shop on Face book yet? Support by liking it.


  • Umi

    where did you buy the silver cuff?

    • Hey Umi,

      The cuff is Embody Accessories and you can find their jewellery in several places, one of them being Runway which is at ABC Place.

  • Viola Bosire

    Houndstooth is my favorite pattern 🙂 Looking for coat.

    • Oh really? I actually think a cushion in this pattern would look gorgeous on a couch too!

  • Asumpta

    would love to where this to an interview.Very class and fashionable

    • Lydz

      You would so get the job Asumpta! This is a very classy look Sharon I never realized how curvy you are ama umeweka padding:) lol just kidding!!!!

      • It’s the way I stand/pose for the pictures Lydz, not as curvy as some of these pictures may lead you to believe. I wish though!

    • It would be perfect!

  • Rose

    Am wearing a houndstooth skirt today 🙂 Wasnt even aware thats what its called..Lol! But I love the print plus its a stretchy pencil so it flatters my figure 🙂

    • No way! I’m sure you’re looking gorg!

  • Marion Amay Wambui

    Damn I thonk al get this one looovvvee it and avv also been wondering where to get one i got one a while back but it was too short for my liking i love the length and the fact that i can rock it to work love it

    • Perfect for the stylish, professional woman!

  • Lyn Sheri

    I’m not a big fan of the monochrome (black and white) trend or houndstooth, but THIS one has me sold! The chiffon, the silver accessories, the red lips and that just-below-the-knee length give this look so much class! Who wouldn’t want to do monochrome after this? Gorgeous Sharon 🙂

    • YAAAAAAY! I won you over!!! Welcome to the black and white/houndstooth side 😉

  • Looking gorgeous!xx

  • lornah

    Looking GORG!!! and i must say that the print accentuates your body..now u look curvy:-) welcome to **team curvy** 🙂

    • Oh Lornah I’m not sure I’m quite there yet :/ Some silhouettes really flatter my figure but without them, I’m not that curvy 🙁

  • Chez Maureen

    Oh my…its a dress? At first thought twas a 2 piece…you look adorbs…in love with houndstooth too


  • sunny

    the first picture is hot !!!!. btw do those shoes pinch your toes ??

    • Thanks Sunny! And no, they don’t at all. They’re actually really comfortable!

  • How much is the skirt?

    • It’s actually a dress, not a skirt. Hope you’re coming to the shopping party today so that you can get it though! Not sure how much it will be going for but it will definitely be at a discounted price.

  • Kezz

    Where the hell did all those curves come from??????

    • I think I may have mastered the art of posing in curve-enhancing ways. That’s all I can say about that. 😉

  • Cheryl

    I’ve been inspired by your patterned pencil skirt and pretty blouse looks – they look great on you! I’m meeting the boyfriend’s parents tomorrow, and think that should work, right…? wish me luck! 🙂
    PS love your blog!

    • It’s actually a dress Cheryl!
      And all the best dear, I’m sure you’ll wow them!!

      • Cheryl

        Yeah, I realised I was commenting on the wrong post after I’d done it (and couldn’t work out how to delete it) Oops!! Then posted the same thing twice… :S But it is an awesome dress…!! xx

        • Cheryl

          Oh, and it went great, thanks! 🙂

  • stylesketches

    So I haven’t been on your blog in ages, then today I saw a pic of you on Nancie Mwai’s instagram then remembered to catch up, and I see this! I made the exact same skirt last week, wore it yesterday and did a blog post on it today. Totally looks like I jacked your style huh? Oh well, at least it’s you! Love your styling of it though. xx



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