There’s so much I’d like to tell you about the night these pictures were taken. Like how beautiful the evening was and how the city looks gorgeous from the top of this building. And how I was there with the cutest couple (hi Ciku and Gibel!) who were taking pictures to mark their second year anniversary which almost made me want to jump off the building in envy. Oh and let me not even get started about the few pictures we took on the streets which had to be done in the shortest amount of time without attracting attention but which inevitably led to a small audience {talk. about. embarrassing.} I really wish I could tell you all about that night and the two cops at the corner and all the nervous laughter and cars pulling over and people being stingy with their Kitkats and the technical issues that came up … but I can’t. Partly because I have to dash but mostly because sometimes it’s best to leave such random, adventurous nights in the city as just that – random, adventurous nights in the city.. 

Pictures taken by Paul Munene –!


Thank you so much for stopping by!

Have a fabulous weekend xx

  • Cece

    Check you out with you toned arms… 🙂 I love the long neck piece #jealous much 🙂

    • Thanks Cece! I think the arms are because I used to try and compete with my brother to see who was stronger so was constantly doing press ups, chins ups etc..

  • Miss Archie

    you have no idea how many times I visited this blog yesterday after the hint of a new post on instagram, almost broke down. so anyway, I see someone is wearing platform heels.

    both outfits are elegant but that neckpiece madame!! too awesome. o/

    • oh thanks for making me feel guilty about that!! I got home and was so tired that I just fell asleep pretty fast. Sorry!
      Thanks though 🙂

  • Gaittung Miss

    The black & white outfit en those SHOES!!! Oh My Gawwd!! Awesome, awesome, awesome. Enuff said!

    • Thanks hun 🙂 Although I almost broke my leg and dislocated my ankle trying to walk around in those. Not ready for such high shoes… yet 😉

  • Joey

    Love the yellow or is mustard skirt …toooooooooooo Gorg i cant emphasis that enough … the neck piece too is as amazing! Always lovely :),

    • I think it’s more of a yellow! Thanks Joey 🙂

  • Jess Gitahi

    I Loooooove……….esp the yellow skirt. You rili should tell us wat hapnd on the random adventures night,coz the bits you said make me more intrigued!!!! Nyc weeekend 🙂

    • 🙂
      Now you’ll never know Jess, now you’ll never know.

      (also, there’s a good chance it probably wasn’t even thaaaat interesting anyway!)

  • Lovely lovely.

  • I love your combo of the studded top…xx

  • Faiza

    Wonderful…Love the necklace…the long one with the yellow skirt…any chance you can tell us where it is from? 🙂

  • that studdes top!!! wooow!

  • ciku Kiarie

    loove the outfit.and dont leave us hanging like that ess, tell us what happened

    • Ciku I wouldn’t even know how to begin! Plus it would be a loooooong blog post and not sure I could keep your attention for that long!

  • Now this is what the call fa-fa fashion:) you go gal!! xo

  • Karen

    From this post i can tell something is cooking… my gut tells me it will be a finger licking one. Yes? No? Rocking the outfits as usual..

  • Wow.. the photos are amazing..

  • MissTamtamu

    Gorgeousss!!:-)) Love the yellow skirt and the matching jewellery!

  • Claire

    Love the studded top, neck piece,yellow skirt, platforms,the location!Love everything!

  • This was def fun even though I refused to come to the road!
    You are so beautiful!
    Hope to meet soon! [I will direct one of your shoots :-)]

    • Yeah I don’t blame you Ciku, it was actually a little scary. Paul can be SO dramatic too, haha!
      Anyway, PLEASE do join us at the next shoot! I actually loved your ideas 🙂

  • Wangu

    chin ups?? hahaah!

    I love the outfits ….. like looooove!!
    And, i’m anxiousl waiting for the studded tops :p

    • I know.. how unnecessarily competitive am I?
      They’ll be available to you soon! Please be patient with me!

  • please share details-skirt and black top?

    • Hanifa I’ll be selling such skirts soon!!
      The top is an old gift from an ex boyfriend – not sure where he got it..

  • Shuks

    u seem like you have such a nice heart:)

    • You seem to have such a nice heart too 🙂

  • TinyMicia

    Totally in love with your night photos. The yellow skirt is a darling and the way you styled it is just amazing,

    Lovely post. xx

  • Alex Xela

    hey i love the outfit with the yellow skirt tots amaze!! Then with regards your hair journey i wonder how can i deal with the frizz that occasions my exercise regime? Any ideas?

    • Hi Alex!

      I’m not really sure what the right answer is here.. I wouldn’t advice you to constantly be in braids either cos I don’t think that would be good for your hair (especially in the long run). Maybe try Google/YouTube some solutions?

      Good luck!

      • foodieinthedesert

        Silicon hair polisher and a sweat band works for me. i put quite a bit before a work out and tie my hair up. it doesnt frizz as much. i also wash my hair weekly.

    • foodieinthedesert

      Silicon hair polisher and a sweat band works for me. i put quite a bit
      before a work out and tie my hair up. it doesn’t frizz as much. i also
      wash my hair weekly.

  • OMG that asymmetrical peplum. God in heaven, I really am hyperventilating. YES YES YES!

    You are a master at working the camera. O_o

  • OK I’ve looked at the photos again (creeper?where?) and, as a matter of urgency, we really need to marry you off and get you off the market, because at this rate WHERE WILL THE REST OF US FIND HUSBANDS? Smh. You are illogically pretty.

    • ANGEL.
      First of all, seeing as I’ve been on the market for about a year and a half, I am more than ready to have a little meeting/gathering/tea party and discuss this further. In?
      Second, I’ve visited two shoe stores since we had that SATC convo and both times I’ve left empty handed. Why am I so scared to commit? WHY?


        yay, we’re finally marrying her off. . . 🙂

    • sue waithera

      yay, we’re finally marrying her off. . .

  • evelyne kibe

    Hi Sharon! I I just discovered your blog(I know..very embarrassing it wasn’t sooner). I totally love your style, and you can be sure i’ll be a VERY frequent visitor.

    • Hey Evelyne! I always love making new friends on here so it’s never late to get a new one 🙂 And thank you very much!

  • Growafricanhairlong Gahl

    That peplum top is beautiful!

    • Thanks! I’ll be selling them really soon if you’re interested 🙂

  • top notch photography..its’re beautiful xx

  • Cheptoo Cece

    The highest heels I’ve seen you wear of all the articles in this blog. Yes, I keep records.

    Who is the photographer again??
    The Yellow pencil skirt is such a killer…OMG!!! (follow each other??)

    • Yeah and I almost broke my leg in 3 different places and this is within the 5 minute duration I had them on. There’s a reason I steer away from such heels – not yet used to walking in them!

      Let’s 🙂

      • Cheptoo Cece

        Geez sorry to hear that. Looking on the bright side. /
        I will look into Paul Munene the photographer.

    • Oh and it’s Paul Munene!

  • Nancy Minjire

    I wish i could have heard about the night these pictures were taken….all the kitkat stinginess and the like!! you are a doll!!!

    • Nancy, lay into my bosom please.
      You’re so sweet!
      It would have been the longest blog post ever so I figured it’s best if I don’t get into it!

  • Wamboi Kay

    I love your long necklace, I saw a similar one at Juvel Kollection(facebook) , but didn’t think it would look half as nice on me.

    • Thanks ma!
      I think the necklace would look gorgeous on anyone though!

  • This is one heck of an addictive blog in more than a good way.

    • This is the kind of comment that leaves me smiling so damn hard as I type out my response :)))

  • kui Muhoro

    i totally love all the outfits..i have got tew say u have a way with ua clothes tht makes them look so glorious(..halo) loved the yellow skirts

  • Michelle Elenee

    Sharon, I badly want your top *screams and sobs*. You look incredibly amazing 🙂

  • stylesketches

    This is too beautiful for words. That’s all I got!


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