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About a week before I got the skirt I wore in this previous post, I'd spotted this peplum skirt hanging on the Kidosho shelves. It was literally lust at first sight and I couldn't get over the fact that it looked like denim even though it really wasn't. I wanted it there and then but it wasn't in my size so they made another one for me which I picked up a few days later. A few inches longer and I reckon even those working in a bank could easily wear this!  

Skirt - Kidosho; Top - Gift; Belt - Mr. Price; Neklace - Woolworths; Shoes - Ngara; Rings + Bracelet - Maasai Market; Lipstick - Revlon Colourburst, No. 10, Plum

Now, allow me to introduce you to your new favourite jam. If you've got 5 minutes to spare today, you probably wanna use it listening to this song which I first heard on Frankie's blog ... If you don't move to this beat, I suggest you visit the nearest chiropractor. 


Good morning xx

  • http://twitter.com/Mbugua_ Kaana Funny

    so no advise for guys? Asking for a friend. Ahem

    • http://twitter.com/ThisisEss Miss Sharon

      haha, sorry man!

      • http://twitter.com/Mbugua_ Kaana Funny

        Sharon, sweetie, this is the part where you say…we/I will do that soon.

        In the meantime, i will enjoy the pics :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/lillyanna.nyandia Lillyanna Nimmoh Nyandia

    Ma’am u looking gorgeous as usual..i could borrow the whole outfit. BTW i got a fedora thanks for ua leads (Adams arcade).

    • http://twitter.com/ThisisEss Miss Sharon

      Oh really? Hope you’re making the most out of it :)
      And thank you!

  • faith raudo

    looking lovely as always…thats a must try for me

    • http://twitter.com/ThisisEss Miss Sharon

      Thanks faith! I’m thinking of getting a similar skirt but in white!

  • Miss Archie

    hahaha the male dancers in that video are hilarious!.

    awesome outfit, the color contrast is strikingly beautiful. o/

    • http://twitter.com/ThisisEss Miss Sharon

      How much fun is that song?! LOVE IT.
      And thank you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/tenderrose.tenderrose Tender Rose Kariuki

    Skirt..Hair.. Lip color.. in that order:-) lovely!

    • http://twitter.com/ThisisEss Miss Sharon

      :) )

  • Sylvie

    That hair…

    • http://twitter.com/ThisisEss Miss Sharon

      Been working on it for a whiiiiile so such a comment makes me so happy!
      Thanks Sylvie =)

  • Kaytie

    Looking fantabulous ! The tribal patterns in the video and the beats are what get me. Have a great afternoon.

    • http://twitter.com/ThisisEss Miss Sharon

      I knoooow! Even the horse looks super fierce, like it was striking a pose for the camera..
      You too Kaytie!

  • Barbz

    that hair!!!!! looking lovely as always.
    what happened to the monthly videos???

    • http://twitter.com/ThisisEss Miss Sharon

      Thank you Barbz :)
      I didn’t have enough favourites last month to film a video so skipped it.. There’ll be one at the end of this month though!

  • Cecilia

    Kidosho’s work is really good. Love the skirt.

    • http://twitter.com/ThisisEss Miss Sharon

      I know, right? They know their stuff`!

  • Growafricanhairlong Gahl

    i love the outfit!

    • http://twitter.com/ThisisEss Miss Sharon

      Thank you :)

  • sunny

    the colour blocking is on point :)

    • http://twitter.com/ThisisEss Miss Sharon

      This put such a big smile on my face :) ))
      Thanks Sunny!

  • ciku Kiarie

    the hair though,siiigh.waay too fabulous.its almost at target now

    • http://twitter.com/ThisisEss Miss Sharon

      Not quite actually, I think I have about 3-4 inches to go.. Fingers crossed cos December isn’t too far away!

      • ciku Kiarie

        you’ll make it :) from how far its come, 4 inches isnt too much. Besides, look how much healthier and glowier( words i make up!) it is now

  • http://twitter.com/Wairauka Gatuiri Wa Mwangi

    I looooooove. Lemme warn you, in case you spot me in a similar skirt, just smile and say hi :-) . Your hair looks gorgeous, I will also start tracking my hair growth thanks to you.

    • http://twitter.com/ThisisEss Miss Sharon

      Haha, Gatuiri, GO FOR IT! Nairobi is just gonna have to deal with two ladies rocking it in the same skirt ;)

  • Linda

    That hurrrrrrr! Glorious the end! Oh and I love that outfit too, simple and hot, simply hot? Ok it’s 3a.m and I have a deadline. What am I doin? See what you’re blog does to us Sharon! Haha!

    • Linda


      • http://twitter.com/ThisisEss Miss Sharon

        3AM??? Damn! Hope you met your deadline!
        Thanks Linda :)

  • jess gitahi

    Love the outfit coz i can try it out as an official look (still waiting for the eyebrow and official look edition,pliiiiz) how much does it cost to have the skirt made for me at Kidosho’s ????

    • Jess Gitahi

      Though i’d like it to me a bit longer :)

      • http://twitter.com/ThisisEss Miss Sharon

        Thanks Jess :) The post will up hopefully in the next week or so… And the skirt goes for KES2,500!

  • Cheptoo Cece

    Do you have a specific place where you buy your necklaces or jewellery??

    I love how you style your body type.

    http://bcece-evenangle.blogspot.com (follow each other??)

  • arti-arte

    love your skirt & the way you styled your ensemble.

  • kui Muhoro

    u never cease to amaze..amazing outfit very elegant

  • stylesketches

    Love the color combo!

  • Patrinski

    love loveee the song, and you loook is awesome :)