I’ve been reading your comments from the giveaway post and noticed that quite a few of you are interested in seeing Wambui Mukenyi use different fabrics in her upcoming collection. When I was choosing what to pair this skirt with, my first inclination was to go for something cotton (possibly in a dark green) but the more I looked at the print, the more I wanted to create contrast by using a different fabric in a totally different colour. I tried on several tops but it was only when I wore my chambray shirt that I felt I’d achieved this perfect contrast. I have to say, there’s something slightly rebellious yet fun about pairing two pieces/fabrics that don’t usually go together! Love it.  

In other slightly less fashion related news, I can’t believe it’s Thursday already. I feel like this week just flew by and I’ve barely had time to sit down. Before I leave you, I just wanted to say thank you to those who take the time to leave their thoughts on a blog post. I try to respond to most of them but sometimes I can’t do so immediately. Whether you’re sharing your ideas or appreciating mine, I really don’t take it for granted so a big thank you to you for leaving your thoughts on here! 

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway if you haven’t already! The winner will be picked at random and will be announced on the blog tomorrow morning where I’ll be sharing my last look featuring a stunning Wambui Mukenyi gown. Feel free to share the giveaway deets with your friends too!

Stay cool!


  • Wangu

    I’m the first to comment 😀 *woop woop*
    Love the outfit, there is actually something about mixing prints that don’t usually go together, and actually rocking the outfit. Definitely borrowing this one.
    Happy Thursday 🙂

    • 🙂
      Glad you could take something from this post!!
      Lovely weekend

  • Kingsley

    Stunning. Keep up the good work!!!

  • swabra

    You look stunning and that combination works!who would have thought:-)

    • Denim and print – now you know!!
      Thanks Swabra 🙂

  • Kate

    Love the prints and colours but I feel like there should be a belt somewhere? Because of the loops on the skirt?

    • My bro said the exact same thing.
      I should definitely listen to him more often:)

    • Hey Kate, my silly brother replied to the comment below..

      The skirt could be worn with a belt but I didn’t want to break the look in this case mostly because there was already such contrast between the top and bottom that I didn’t think it needed it!

  • Jess Gitahi

    Yap Sharon, this week has been a fast 1 coz u had 2 get a post ready for everyday( which have all been FAB!!!) + ur probably gettin ready for the WM event. The daily post’s made my week 🙂
    The fabrics r a def contrast…..

    • Thanks Jess!! Yeah it just literally flew by and I’m busy trying to reply to comments before dashing out to the shopping party..
      Hope you’re going to be there!

  • Miss Archie

    yaaaay it has pockets!! I love pockets on skirts and dresses for whatever reason…
    and that lipstick mami is doing wonders. gives you a rebellious look and not the girly one. all in all I like it. o/

    • Thanks:)
      What makes this look especially good is the fact that my awesome brother took these photographs!

    • OH MY GOD. My silly brother hacked into my blog and replied to this comment.
      He’s so lame.

      Thanks though Archie!

      • Miss Archie

        haha I thought so too. coz every reply is pegged on his photography. which is great though.

  • The fashion engineer

    Love this look!!!! Lovely blog

  • njambi gichuru

    I bumped into your blog by accident on Tuesday,great style I must say..oh and such a beautiful spirit..

    • Oh really???? That’s so cool! I’m always curious to know how people ended up here..

      Thanks Njambi 🙂 And do come back!

  • You’re looking awesome! This look is classy and chic at the same time. Great job Sharon.
    Please check out http://karimimbogo.blogspot.com/2013/05/mash-up-stripesshortsturban-and-updos.html

  • I love it when you post everyday!

    • Thank my bro for that…his vision and general creativity are the reasons my blog is here today:)

    • Oh my goodness. Nelly my brother posted that comment below.. He’s so silly.

      I also love it when I’m able to put up a blog post everyday! There’s a certain kind of calm that comes over me whenever I put up a blog post. I can’t really explain it but I love it..

  • TinyMicia

    I love your skirt, the print is just amazing plus the colour…also love how you paired it with a denim top. x

    • Thanks…was inspired by my brother!The boy is a bonafide genius:)

    • My brother, Jeff, posted the comment below. Such an attention seeker!

      Thanks though 🙂

  • Va Va Vroom!

    OMG the toenail polish looks fab!totally caught my eye.love the skirt too!

    • You know I ALWAYS have the same colour on! In fact, I’ve got several blues just so I never run out of that colour for my toes!

  • Joy M.

    Love the shoes! And that neon blue nail polish – don’t think we didn’t notice! 😉

    • Thanks Joy! Now I feel self conscious about the toes now that two people mentioned it :/ Must always keep ’em painted from now on!

  • vee

    That’s a nice skirt, was looking for printed pencil skirts in nbi but to no avail. I will definitely check out her shop. Thanks 😉

    • You couldn’t find one??? Well Wambui should be able to hook you up!

  • Susan Njau

    Hey ess I love the look can one wear such a top with a white skirt striped in black???

    • Hey Susan!

      Yeah, absolutely!! In fact if I remember correctly Nancie Mwai did a look like that recently! Check out her blog, you should find it there 🙂

  • Cheryl

    I’ve been inspired by your patterned pencil skirt and pretty blouse looks – they look great on you! I’m meeting the boyfriend’s family tomorrow, and think that should work, right…? Wish me luck! 🙂
    PS love your blog!

    • You’re gonna be great!! xx
      ps: I love that you you love the blog!

  • joel

    Best outfit this week me thinks

  • Sophie

    I love your style. Just came acros your blog and I am more than inspired. Keep up the good work



  • carol kavinya

    Wow!!The skirt is SUPER DUPER HOT!!…But not with the blue top!!E!E!

  • Emma Njoki

    hi..i love this lipstick..which one is it?


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