I’m almost convinced that at one point this top belonged to a woman, maybe even a man, who had big dreams of ending up in Honolulu, Hawaii one day. Perhaps this woman/man even lived there at one point and enjoyed their fair share of sun, sand and those lei flower necklaces. I mean, have you seen the florals on this baby? 

I’m slightly obsessed with this shirt. Well, the truth is I’m obsessed with all things print at the moment but I specifically keep reaching out for this shirt. I got it a few weeks back and have probably worn it at least once every week! Once with shorts, then blue jeans and now these white jeans. I really wanted to bring out that electric blue by placing it with a brightly coloured bottom, then I added a different coloured clutch to jazz up the outfit. As I said in my previous post, these sunglasses haven’t left my face and quite frankly, they’re not about to. Prepare to be overwhelmed. 

Before I leave you, here’s a quote I came across that I thought perfectly captured what fashion means to me, at least in one regard:  “…there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together.” Alexander McQueen.

Top – Gikomba; Jeans – soon to be available in my store!; Sunglasses c/o Cool Beans; Kitten Heels – Adams; Clutch – Kariokor Market;  Bracelets – Gifts; Earrings – Mother’s. 

Take care of yourself xx

  • Nicole

    Is it just me or are you getting curvier! Looking good,..luv the outfit.

    • I guess it’s you and the 6 other people who pushed your comment up!
      Clearly I have been eating quite a bit more than usual. Or something like that 😉
      Thanks Nicole!

  • Ciku

    Since this is my first time commenting, let me make the most of it 🙂 love the outfit, your blog etc. All I can do for now is just marvel and take some mental notes, since I’m expectant and my idea of fashionable items are something like pot bellied mens’ shirts, how sad 🙁 all in all your blog makes my days 🙂 whatever happens don’t let anyone or anything ever change the nice person that you are 🙂 I shall stop there for now….

    • Thank you so much for your sweet comment Ciku, you’re such a sweetheart 🙂
      And CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy!!!
      Take care of yourself and your growing little one xx

  • I love that last pic! the sunnies, bracelets, jeans, clutch and heels, so beautiful.

  • Betsy Langat

    Looking pretty, the white jeans is quite something, i gotta get one! those prints on the man/woman shirt are bold n awesome too! 🙂

    • I’ve come to realise that white jeans almost automatically take you 5 points up on the sophisticated scale (whether or not you’re actually sophisticated). I think they’re definitely one of the pieces that should be in EVERY wardrobe!

  • Fashion inspired is what I am right now!Wait,you have a store?…Looking chic as ever and yes,You are getting curvier so to speak…#stay safe

    • That’s what I love to hear!!
      And not yet but soon 🙂

  • you look amazing,how soon will those jeans be available??

  • Cecilia

    2 things

    Top gikomba! mmmh. The first time we met, you mentioned you had never been there before, that means, you got someone to take you around.

    Soon to a be available in your store???? 🙂 eagerly waiting. I hope the prices will be affordable (just saying)

    • I have come from veeeery far Cecilia!
      And yes a store! And seeing as ‘affordable’ is sorta subjective, I hope you’ll think they’re affordable too!

  • rebecca wangechi

    i dont understand why you are not on a billboard already your too beautiful.. am sure even if you wore a sack youd probably still look nice..lol

    • Awww shucks thanks Rebecca! But let’s not lie to ourselves here, a little make up and a cute outfit does A LOT.

  • Trish

    You have a great body to pull off white skinny jeans. I agree with Rebecca, a sack and you’ll still look fab. Damn you… :-). Please share the details about your store!!

    • Thanks Trish! And as soon as it’s ready, trust me, I’ll share all with you guys!

  • hairjunkie2011

    I love love LOVE this look Sharon. You are truely blessed my dear, you know that right? Can’t wait for the store. I’d like a pair of those jeans 🙂

    • Thank you :))
      I’ll announce it here when it’s ready!

  • Anita

    Only a matter of time before your the face of cosmetic hair and clothes companys!! 🙂
    Love the white pants! oh and the shirt brings back memories of png.. makes sense why it’d remind you of Hawaii or something! 🙂

    • Did they really wear such stuff in png??
      Now I really wish I’d come and visited you there!

  • waceke wainaina

    Yaaaay! A store! Oh goody, my prayers have been answered 🙂 Can’t wait!

    Absolutely love the outfit

  • wow . first gurl u gat amazing curves . . . n that top is amooozzziiiinnn ***

    • Thank you! And to think that top was soooo cheap!

  • that top should go to the highest bidder!!you look amazing !!

    • Haha, right! I’m a little embarrassed to say just how cheap it was!

  • sunny

    why are you so gorgeous ?? such a nice summery outfits, the white jeans gives it a clean refreshing look and lovely arm candy you have on there

    • Why are you making a grown(ish) woman blush like a little girl?
      Thanks Sunny!

      sidenote: you know on the day I wore these jeans I almost tripped and fell flat on my face at Java. “clean” and “refreshing” would have been a thing of the past.

  • Merilyn Kawira

    You just did it with the quote there. Sharon, been reading your posts from the BAKE awards to this and don’t know what to comment coz the people have said everything. The personal connection you put there makes everybody feel like your sister/brother. You keep on being my inspiration.

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you Merilyn!! What a kind thing to say!
      Love and love xx

  • TheBantuGirl

    Cute outfit!

  • Naisula

    I love your blog Sharon!!! I just realised that i had been away from it for about a month….lol! I guess I should go to Gikomba too. Wishing you the best as you open THE STORE

  • kui Muhoro

    i love the way u always make a simple outfit look so elegant and gorgeous as i read ua posts i feel like we have a connection am speechless buh i really love this outfit n your blog as a whole i have to admit when i read your blog i get inspired to start dressing up…miss sharon u are an amazing human being n keep on doing what u do best kauze u always make my days brighter


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