It was around 2pm on a sunny Saturday afternoon and there I was at Wambui Mukenyi’s shopping party getting ready to take 1001 pictures for the blog. I took Binti out of her bag and took one picture only to realise that the settings were way off and the photo looked really washed out. I changed the settings, went back to my position to take a second photo and BAM, in comes the worst sorta message you could see flashing on your camera screen – ” Battery Low, Change Battery Pack” Bloody hell. 

Thank goodness for Nancie Mwai though! She took pictures of my outfits and even managed to somehow capture those 15 seconds when my camera was still working and I was busy trying to snap up photos of the event. Thanks for taking the pictures Nancie!

I decided to wear this skirt that I absolutely love (also seen here) and paired it with a simple mustard top. To bring out some of the green in the skirt, I wore a necklace with green details and went for a double belt technique to define my waist.

Hope your week is off to a good start!
  • Mimi

    Your nails look great! And thank God for Nancie…although wish there were more pics of the clothes too. Or was it just a shoe sale?

    • No, there were clothes.. Loads of them actually. Nancie took many pics, perhaps they’ll be up on her blog!

  • Nashipae

    My two favourite bloggers…… you look amazing!

  • The Fashion Engineer

    Aww!!! U guys look so cute!


    • Miss Sharon


  • Miss Archie

    I literally live on the fashion notebook and this is ess. Nice seeing you two having fun.
    ok, back to the outfit. love the way the belts amp the outfit.

    • Miss Sharon

      Thank you Miss Archie!

  • Sharon! you had more photos of this beautiful outfit…what happened? I had a good time, we should hang out more often.

  • Israa Yousif

    what camera do you use?

    • Miss Sharon

      Canon 600D

  • muthoni

    Mustard is my new and fave colour. You rocked it well…..

    • Miss Sharon

      It’s one of mine too! Thanks Muthoni 🙂

  • laureen

    i love the outfit..awsome

    • Miss Sharon

      merci merci 🙂

  • Mkhana

    Love Miss Nancie’s shoes in that one shot! Miss Ess, you know that I think you are the Reese’s Pieces, but my OCD’ness with spelling compels me to point out the wrong spelling of ‘mustard’ in your second-to-last sentence. In other news, I love, love, love the skirt and belt combo…the wedges are pretty casual…cute, but I would have loved to see you pair some high-heeled nude pumps with your gorgeous color-popping outfit! I would have LOVED to have attended this shopping party as I see some pretty cute shoes there that are calling my name…

    • Miss Sharon

      haha, I have changed it Mercy, worry no more! And I wish I had a big enough shoe collection to fit my needs – I think that’s why I started watching SATC from the beginning.. so I can find reasons to justify spending loads of money on shoes!

      Hopefully next time you’ll be able to make it 🙂

      • Mkhana

        Girl, thanks for indulging my obsession! I loved SATC but never really could bring myself to drop so many dimes on a pair of shoes…trust me, if I did, I would never take them off…shower, gym, date, sleepover…they’d be right there with me! The shoes at the party looked absolutely beautiful. I am moving to Ethiopia soon so I hope I can catch a party like this when I hit up Nai for my R&R…I can see myself purchasing multiple heels and then wondering where to rock them in the depths of Ethiopia! As always, your grace is appreciated! Have a beautiful weekend, ma!

  • maureen bandari

    you girls look your skirt and nancie’s shoes

  • Linda

    Ess you are just awesome…am Addicted to ur blog now!!! Sending u abig ol’ hug….

  • Kagonya

    was introduced to your blog by a friend and i must say its changed my fashion for the better i love the mixture of colours kudos


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