If you ask me, people should always go to movies wearing glamorous gowns and drenched in enough layers of pearls to warrant extra security. 

Destination Magazine premiered The Great Gatsby in Kenya last night at Century Cinemax at the Junction and it was absolutely amazing! In true tradition of Shreya Karia’s events, people came dressed up to the nines drawing inspiration from the glitz and glam that came with the 20s. The movie was a fashion lover’s dream and I absolutely loved it! Watch it already.

I got to dress Diana Opoti for the premier which was loads of fun! I think I’ll put up a post soon talking about 20s fashion and break down Diana’s look. I’m obsessed with all things 20s at the moment so don’t be surprised if you see a lot of sequins, feathers and tassels on here. You have been warned.

Dress – Closet 49; Shoes – Adams; Arm candy – loads of places.

The weekend is almost here you guys. Thank the good Lord. 

  • Nicole K

    Job well done, Diana looks fab, luv her look and those shoes,yum!…Your dress is just too cute. And that lady in the grey dress, darn!..Shes looking good!

    • Miss Sharon

      I know right? Her hair makeup and dress were just perfect! Her dress cost an arm and a leg too. Literally.
      And on behalf of Diana and myself, thank you 🙂

      • Bree

        Hi guys, the lady in the grey dress is Miriam from Oltre at The Village market-they sell Italian designer clothes. She dressed the lady in peach in Galliano ! 🙂

        • Espee Njush

          Thanks for the information dear

  • Betty

    …n diana looks so amazing in the white number. Great job sharon. U too r stunning n am looking 4ward on tips on how to rock the twenties 🙂

    • Miss Sharon

      Thanks Betty! You should definitely watch the movie if you want to be inspired but I’ll put up a post soon 🙂

  • Maureen Areba

    Your Dress and Diana’s …. Just amazing! I love Diana’s shoes.. they are stunning!
    By the way , where can I get the movie?

    • Miss Sharon

      It should officially be showing in different theatres today
      And I feel you on those shoes, we found them the day before the movie and I absolutely love them!

  • The fashion engineer

    Ur dress is sooo classy!! Love the pink Dress a lot!!


    • Miss Sharon

      Thank you 🙂

  • LOVE EEET! your sequins, the dual chrome, the pumps, errythang. 🙂

    • Miss Sharon

      Thanks Nelly, this dress sparked my love for sequins and now I really want to have more sequins n my life!

  • sunny

    you look gorgeous x and the pink chiffon dress looks lovely

    • Miss Sharon

      Thanks Sunny! I love that she even had a feather!

  • Michelle

    Love your dress soooo much!!!You look absolutely stunning! 🙂

    • Miss Sharon

      Thanks ma!

  • dede95

    Ah I love the 20s theme!!
    Looking amazing as usual :))
    P.s-i love your blog 😀

    • Miss Sharon

      Thank you 🙂
      And I love the 20s too, the rich elite from that decade dressed up nice!

  • stylesketches

    I love your dress!

    • Miss Sharon

      Thank you!

  • Mimi

    The girls in the 3rd pic were my absolute glitziest and channeled 20s glamour and excess so perfectly!
    You looked great too as always.

    • Miss Sharon

      I know! They nailed it!
      Thank you Mimi

  • Espee Njush

    Looking Awesome!

  • maureen bandari

    the girls on the 3rd pic especially the one with the clutch nailed it.got me staring for a min…love your dress sharon



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