I’ve been waiting to share some exciting news with you for a while now and I’m so happy I can finally let it out! But first… 

Like many people out there, I’ve always enjoyed traveling. Well, not really the part where we have to move from point A to B {Mr. Scientist, feel free to hurry up with your teleporting machine} but the part that involves either laying on a beach bed, experiencing new cultures, shopping and/or just taking in a totally different city from the one I’m so used to – Nairobi. I think it’s important to have such experiences as they tend to expand your mind in a way that no television show or book can. For this reason I’ve always dreamed of going to countries like Greece, Japan, France, Malaysia, Cuba, Italy, Czech Republic and many, many more. Can’t wait for the day that I can move around this world as I please.


Now for the giveaway!!

I am super excited to announce that Samsung is going to give one lucky reader a spanking new Samsung Galaxy S4 ZOOM!!!! This is by far the biggest giveaway I’ve ever had on my blog and seeing as I’ve been using the S4 Zoom for about a month now, I can safely say that it’s damn good deal. The phone is valued at about KES50,000 and has really been a great pleasure to use. Now for the deets:

The giveaway will run for the next three days where I’ll put up a post each day asking you to leave a comment with your answer to whatever question I’ll have posed. In order for you to qualify, you must leave an answer on each of the four posts I’ll put up. Kindly use the same name so that it’s easy for us to identify you! One winner will be chosen by the lovely Samsung team on Saturday (Sept. 21st) who I will then announce on Sunday (Sept. 22nd). This means by noon on Saturday we will stop taking in new entries. Please note that this giveaway is only open to those residing in Kenya.

Oh and do tell your friends and fam to enter this giveaway!  


Now for today’s question – what is your ultimate holiday destination? I would love to know what country (or city) you’ve always dreamed of visiting so do leave a comment below!


To Samsung, thank you so much for this amazing giveaway!

To my dear readers, good luck xx

Pictures taken by my brother, Jeff.

  • Deeda

    U r beautiful….very very Beautiful…..

  • Caroline


  • Sau Tangai

    I would love love love to visit Monaco.

  • Faiza

    Hey..i would love to win the phone…I
    have always dreamed of visiting Bora Bora in the French Polynesia Islands…Ever since I watched the keeping up
    with the kardashians episode where they went to Bora Bora I almost couldnt
    belevive that the scenery images were not photoshopped…

  • Nicole Kieskamp Esselink

    I would love to go to Japan. The culture, the food, the utterly beutiful landscapes. I want to stand under a sakura tree. To dress in a proper Kimono, to eat sushi and Takoyaki at one of those little street shacks. To see the lights of tokyo. Meet a Mangaka Its just the ultimate place to be. Nicole Esselink

  • Nancy Wanjiru

    seychelles islands…my ultimate holiday destination! love the skirt!

  • Sheila Mwikali Mumo

    awesome, i have always wanted to go to hawaii, it always looks sooo beautiful in movies and green and sooo colourful. looks like a destination that can rekindle any flame…am all about romance, and hawaii to mee looks soo romantic…

  • Mutuo

    My dream destination has always been Seychelles and I know one day i will go to that beautiful country.

  • Stephanie Mabachi

    i would love to visit Mexico! wear a cowboy hat and spurs and walk into an old fashioned saloon and drink Tequila..

  • Rachel Njoroge

    My ultimate Holiday destination is Tahiti.The island is breathtakingly beautiful and the scenery would provide a perfect backdrop for photography with the Samsung zoom.:-) I love the last photo by the way.Simply gorgeous.

  • Njambi

    Greece is a win for me

  • Moe

    Casablanca, Morocco

  • Njeri

    My number ONE dream destination is the fabulous island of Bora Bora in the Pacific!! 🙂

  • Alaka

    Maldives Islands

  • Angela Etale

    I would love to visit Marbella in Spain. It’s so luxurious and picturesque(from the pictures of course) and there’s only one high rise building in the town, so the skies are pretty clear 🙂

  • wakiuru

    Mine has got to be France…the food, architecture, art, the wine,fashion….i mean why not? and those French men…one day 🙂

  • Ngugi Muthoni

    Hi Sharon,
    I would love to visit, France….The Louvre has to be the most famous of all art galleries, and it is
    home to more art and history than you can shake a baguette at. From the likes of Leonardo
    da Vinci’s Mona Lisa (La Giaconda) smiles her enigmatic smirk. The city of Lyon the capital of gastronomy will climax the holiday as well as leave with great fashion inspiration from Paris ranked fourth world fashion city!

  • Kingsley

    Great post as always. Partnership with Samsung is also a big stride. Keep up the great work!

  • Sheila Isigi

    My ultimate Ultimate holiday destination would have to be Rio De Janeiro…..and specifically during the RIO CARNIVAL…….the burst of energy and colors…….SIGH………..so help me God…………..Kenya comes a close second…still a whole lot I’m yet to experience……..

  • Karimi Kimiri

    Good Morning Sharon, i would love to go to Monaco, in Western Europe. I would like to visit the Prince’s Palace in MonacoVille and St. Nicholas Cathedral especially. It is a small and developed Monarch that is wealthy and most amazing thing is the scenery, spectacular and relaxing. I would also like to see the Formula One Live, have a live view of the Port of Hercules hopefully go on a ride on a yacht while there. Monte Carlo, the administartive center of Monaco is definitely a place to be.

  • Caren L Shimuli

    Europe is my ultimate holiday destination. Milan, Italy (to be specific)

  • Vee

    Yeah to freebies. My ultimate destination is going to India- it has so much culture and religion. I like to explore those aspects

  • Olive

    Paris is my ultimate holiday destination. I love all things French and being in Paris would just be a dream come true.

  • Olive

    My dream destination has got to be Barcelona: the people, culture, FOOD and i definitely can’t forget the football:)..a must-go

  • Judasgoat

    Brazil it has to be. The culture, the night life, the beaches. It’s all colour and pomp. They know how to live life out there.

  • Valerie Shaga

    Love the post! My dream destination has to be Greece… The art, the culture, architecture… and i love Greek Mythology… so yes… Greece for me 🙂

  • Joy Olwande

    Indonesia is a beautiful country rich in culture and history. It has been on my travel destination list for the longest as i save up to visit it one day soon.

  • Mary

    Cape Town, South Africa

  • wanjirustyle

    My dream destination is Greece, has been since i was 8 coz thats where my parents went for their honey moon.

  • Bee

    Definitely Greece. Mykonos resort exactly. I will go there one day……..AMEN.

  • Myra

    My dream destination is Nothern Ireland…the mild weather is perfect for a glass wine;that is brewed in their vine yards, as I over look at the beautiful scenery of the all green landscape.

  • Cassandra

    Prague 🙂 the art, the architecture and the scenery is to die for!

  • Tuma

    Florence, Italy does it for me. Have the best sites i’ve ever seen

  • Imani Munyi

    i have to start with Seychelles because its scenery is beautiful but i conquer with you i would love to go to all those places youve mentioned and also what the other blog fans have shared.

  • Lizz Oduor

    I have to say that my
    dream destination would have to be Hawaii. Hawaii has the most colorful
    beaches, from the green sands of Mahana beach to the black sands of Punalu’u beach. Hands down, Hawaii is the dreamiest place
    in my opinion. Let’s not forget the amazing culture, delicious food and breath
    taking scenery.

  • Washeke

    Definitely Rome! For its beautiful timeless architecture!

  • Nashipae

    Rome. Their ancient architecture is just amazeballs

  • Asha Mweru

    I have a whole list of those, but for today, i’ll settle for Fiji…right in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean.

  • Salome Ngumi

    Italy is my dream Destination

  • Just Kathy

    For me it would have to be Venice in Italy

  • Kristin Saru

    My number one dream destination is Mykono’s in Greece which is known for its magnificent beaches and the picturesque whitewashed buildings. I want to walk along the narrow streets of Chora, see the sunset from Little Venice and swim in those exotic beaches (once I learn how to swim) 🙂 An experience I’m sure will leave me feeling like a Kenyan Greek Goddess! Lol

  • Mudassir Jin

    my dream destination has to be in Kenya. Its a really wonderful country and lots of places to visit dont even know which one to state. I would love to go hiking at lake paradise in Marsabit National Park and see the wonderful birds in the mountains around the lake

  • Serah

    Hawaii has always been my ultimate holiday destination

  • Ndekei

    I have to admit that Malaysia, Singapore, Seychelles and Sydney(Australia) just do it for me! *Dream destinations*

  • Leah Muithiraniah

    Santorini and Thessaly in Greece! Santorini has beautiful beaches while Thessaly has the most incredible rock formations as well as peaceful moonastries!

  • charles ochola

    I have always dreamt of visiting Egypt so that I could learn more about the pyramids and the Red sea

  • Chif Wanjivo Kinyanjui

    My dream Destination is Kenya u can never get enough of it coz beuty is undifind, plus its my home…

  • Morgan Emali

    I have always dreamt of going to malaysia…that country is just beatiful with the best coastkines and beaches in the world

  • Nkirdizzle

    New York City would be it for me, and The Maldives

  • Anne Salim

    Rome.I would really like to visit the coliseum as well as the old towns in Rome.

  • Saleh Islam

    My dream destination is paris in france ! I want to go there with my wife and chill with my wife at shangri la hotel(very expensive) just having dinner while overlooking the effiel tower ! Dreams ! Dreams !

  • Dephna Helen

    I would say Uganda-the pearl of Africa. My boyfriend resides in Uganda. It’s been a few weeks since we have been together, and a surprise holiday just the two of us to his mother country would do the trick. We are both busy bees, but if I do get the chance to go to Uganda for a holiday with him,I am an adrenaline junkie so I would love to experience it’s culture first hand at the Uganda Museum,go mountain climbing on the Rwenzori Mountain while viewing the famous Uganda gorillas,and visit a few of their islands on the traditional dhows.

  • goparis!!!

    ROME….The food,old architecture,the history,the people-they are very kind by the way, the culture,and not forgetting the Hotties :),Rome any day for me..xxx



  • Waitiki

    Diani beach Mombasa so That I can swim with the beatiful dolphins

  • david

    my dream destiunation is zanzibar,it has beautiful beaches with the rich swahili culture,who would not like to vistit zanzbiar

  • Sylvia Kanari

    ITALY!!! The culture, the sites, the food its all wonderful

  • Natacha Ishema

    Dream destination is Egypt, sand,sun,mystery and history…

  • Valentine Val Tororey

    I have always dreamt of going Mombasa in kenya.The beaches,shores and fort jesus is wat i have always wanted to see for myself because it is in my motherland and before i go out i would love to explore wat my motherland has first.Thats my ultimate dream destination,#TeamSamsung,

  • iTAL di*aFriCANroBoT

    🙂 yizeen * Good Mornin tweeps 🙂 definately my ultimate destination would be the Republic Maldives which is also a place full of character 🙂 white sandy beaches and palm trees 🙂 while the perfect
    place to sit on a beach to watch a sunset and also a geographical marvel that just needs an album on the Galaxy s4 ZOOM

    for today’s question – what is your ultimate holiday destination? I
    would love to know what country (or city) you’ve always dreamed of
    visiting so do leave a comment below! – See more at:
    for today’s question – what is your ultimate holiday destination? I
    would love to know what country (or city) you’ve always dreamed of
    visiting so do leave a comment below! – See more at:
    for today’s question – what is your ultimate holiday destination? I
    would love to know what country (or city) you’ve always dreamed of
    visiting so do leave a comment below! – See more at:

  • Pamela Kinya Ntongai

    My dream destination is LOS ANGELES with my son to help him meet with movie stars and producers because he believes one day he will represent Kenya in HOLYHOOD movie.Pamela Kinya Ntongai

  • Aryn Murangi

    hey…love you blog by the way……my dream destination is the Maldives ……..you just cant get enough of the Indian Ocean ..its beautiful and exotic

  • Okilipa Da’Silva Antonio

    I always dream to spend ma holiday at HAWAII

  • milly shiro

    ultimate holiday destination is miami beach, i hgave heard so much bout
    it and thats where i would love to get myself to asnd indulge in that

  • Laura Mutai

    Seychelles!!!!!!!! (^_^) #SamsungGalaxyS4Zoom

  • Cynthia Namahanja

    Uuuuuh… One of the places I’d love to visit is Greece. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful and the people and culture are something worth of firsthand experience.

  • Mamu

    Dream destination Rio , for its rich culture, food (I love eat :))
    carnivals, narrow roads and streets, old buildings and houses, blue ocean,
    beautiful men and women, who wouldn’t want to escape there……..

  • fiona_k

    ITALY; one stop destination to all forms of aesthetics.home to some of the famous ingenious minds ..the great art works ,the architectural historical sites,the culture, the music/poetry,original book copies of math and scientific manuscripts, the FOOD…… just the thought of the visit makes my day:-)

  • Guest

    Maldive Islands are my ultimate holiday destination.

  • Kelvin Ex

    BRAZIL…that’s my ultimate holiday destination,the ladies,the beaches,futbol,what more can I say!nuff said

  • kathy mithia

    well I have never really had a chance to travel, so Kenya would be a good start…I hear Watamu is awesome, or shimoni for some snorkeling…Beautiful pics btw

  • Samantha K.

    Venice! Venice! Venice! The gondolas, the architecture, the views, the fact that the city literally stands on water! sigh. Think I’ve dreamed of going there my whole life! Yap! Totally have to see that dream to effect someday!

  • carol mwangi

    seychelles, panama city…some day soon. Loving your blog

  • nizam

    I would Love to travel to South Africa, its just a beautiful country and why should i leave the continent and go else where while here in Africa i can get all that i would love to see?. So South Africa it is.

  • Frank Dida

    My dream destination would have to be Sydney. I personally think that Australia has a lot to offer in terms of destinations, rich culture and not forgetting wild life.

  • swabra swaleh

    Definitely morocco.i have this feeling theres a missing part of me im meant to find there..:-)

  • simon

    The South Coast of KwaZulu Natal in south Africa. This sub-tropical is eco-adventure. The coastline has a treasure trove of shopping opportunities, a swinging nightlife, stylish restaurants and bars, as well as the perfect unspoiled beaches, rivers, lagoons and forests. The beaches are a major attraction for surfing, swimming, fishing, snorkeling, whale watching and our annual sardine run.
    The coast also boasts a number of world-renowned golf courses with spectacular sea views and memorable 19th holes. Be it golf, nature reserves, birding, arts & crafts, adventure or simply enjoying a sun-filled holiday….

  • Guest

    The French Riviera,Nice has a spectacular coastline and the beaches & hotels are to die for

  • Carlton Andayi

    My dream destination is the small Coastal town, Lamu, this is a place like no other, a peaceful tropical island where life is lived at it’s own relaxed rhythm but a place whose history is as mysterious and fascinating as the winding streets of it’s medieval stone town.with coral reefs and dunes to be admired allover the world
    The cultural celebration in the Swahili town is a must attend especially the donkey race. Not forgetting the sweet cuisine prepared there.wow

  • omarionbooshie

    zanzibar so that i experience a sultan feeling.

  • Vic

    >>> Mauritius and Hawaii

  • Lorna Abogi

    Zanzibar. . .It’s close to home. . . ..But very different

  • Jeffrey Oduor

    🙂 yizeen * Good Mornin tweeps 🙂 definately my ultimate destination
    would be the Republic of Maldives which is a place full of character
    🙂 white sandy beaches and palm trees 🙂 while the perfect place to sit on a beach to watch a sunset and also a geographical marvel full of lovely colorful fish and coral reefs that just needs an album on the Galaxy s4 ZOOM

  • Marion Amay Wambui

    My ultimate dream destination is Paris. Never mind that they don’t have a real beach. i suspect I will be taken aback by the culture the shopping and of course the food and pastries. I have learnt French already bcoz this is happening soon.

  • Kate

    Good morning Sharon. May I just mention that I had to run and get this cobalt blue skirt from Kidosho after I saw it on you (on a previous blog) Its absolutely gorgeous and timeless. I have mostly been a domestic tourist within Kenya but I hope to change that soon. I would love to go to Italy. I have always loved the rich Italian food culture- Its all about enjoying iconic meals with family and friends. Italy is also home to popular artists, fashion designers and rich architecture. I actually just mentioned to my friend yesterday that I hope to broaden my horizons in terms of travel so I hope this is one of those once in a lifetime chances 🙂

  • Oliviah Omungoh

    Paris- France *dream destination*

  • Ciiru Kamau

    Looking forward to spending time in Italy for sure! Driving tiny cars on the narrow Milan alleys, lunching in open restaurants by the pavement, seeing beautiful Venice by night and just taking in sounds of the enormous church bells in Rome. Heck, I need to start packing my bags already!

    • ibtisambond

      Missy… Lets go to Mauritius with me ma!

      • Ciiru Kamau

        There’s time for both 🙂

  • Moses Njoroge

    Simply MOMBASA, am proud of my country and I wanna encourage domestic tourism. #GalaxyS4Zoom #TeamSamsung

  • Winfred Kimama

    France would be my holiday destination

  • Daizee

    #SamsungGalaxyS4 My ultimate destination would have to be Hawaii, i totally love beaches and coastal scenery!!

  • Jackson Muchoki

    My ultimate holiday destination has to be Mauritius. There being a number of factors as the beauty of the island’s sandy beaches ,the idea of meeting new people of different cultures and most definitely capturing the beauty of nature ;inclusive of what fascinates me-sunsets.

  • vanessa obare

    my dream destination would definately be ITALY !! The food ,the culture ,the people the scenery , the photos al have frm the place the memories will forever be with me to my death . the story al narate to guys about my stay there . it will be more than an experience ,it will be the EXPERIENCE. ESS this photos are to die for

  • Stella Wangari

    My dream destination is the Mediteranian city of Valletta, Malta

  • Sharon

    My dream destination has to be Kenya Coast especially Malindi and Lamu(Stone town),and Yes am Kenyan.This is because of the magnificent natural architecture of the stones and the blue waters of the Indian Ocean.It’s bitter sweet that I am a Kenyan and yet I only see and admire the beauty on the internet or destination blogs like the Trip Advisor.I would like to explore kenya(Tembea Kenya)before i stretch my horizons to Hawaii,Italy,Dubai and all the developed countries :_)

  • gatuiri

    Lemme start by saying the last photo is simply beautiful. I’m also very huge on traveling and I’m glad hubby is also the same. I want to visit many places for sure, Europe being one of them. However, after following one touch live’s travels across East Africa, I have to say my current ultimate getaway place is Bujumbura beach on Lake Tanganyika in Burundi.

  • Lillyanna Nimmoh Nyandia

    Hey Essie you look divine in your pics, my dream destination got to be Bora bora Island it’s in my bucket list and I’ll make it happen!

  • ibtisambond

    It would have to be MAURITIUS for me!!!My ultimate holiday destination,am saving up for my honeymoon there(yes,am not even engaged yet but can’t a girl dream?! :D)
    The beach life,the atmosphere,the restaurants,the culture,bungee jumping experience…ohh my,I should get married already and go there.
    PS:You look gorgeous in that blue maxi skirt.x

  • Davideandr3

    My Ultimate Holiday destination city is Cape Town , South Africa .

    From the Great City streets , the Human Race Diversity in the city and the country as whole , the Preservation of Culture , the Great weather that is not witnessed anywhere in Aftica from the Hot summer to very cold and snowing winters , the great wealth of the country that has lead to great lifestyle among the people where one can spot awesome rides and can take them rides and Yacht rides , 5 star hotels with VVIP experience , ocean and desert surfing , ATV rides ,Hikes at the great Table Mountains of Cape Town , Museums and many more .

    The place is just magical and a gold coated experience. Its on my bucket list of must visit and working towards it photographing it on a ‘Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom’ , which I will hopefully win so as to store the memory from such a wonderful experience .
    Long Live Ess , Long Live Samsung !

  • Titus Kimeu

    My dream destination is Port Morseby in Papua New Guinea. This is a country with the biggest diversity when it comes to tribes.

  • Marion Njeri

    I would loove looove looove to go to Paris. Why? I think i’m that fantasy girl who is a secret romantic…the city of love… kissing, holding hands on the streets, fresh bread being baked everywhere….nice wine…Visit the eiffel tower and pretend to do the titanic scene with the wind blowing on it…;-)
    and of-course…take breathtaking photos of the same (to make all my friends jealous)

  • Moses Njoroge

    Mombasa, I wanna explore and experience great moments in that magical city and capture wonderful sceneries with the #GalaxyS4zoom #TeamSamsung proudly Kenyan ♡♥

  • Angela Koki

    Italy is my dream destination.I would love to experience the journey through time..from past to present..My daughter’s name is Milan 😉

  • Diana Ratemo

    France!!! 😀

  • Nicole Kay

    The beach, shopping, food….My dream travel destination is to Grand baie in Mauritius, I cant wait to be there

  • Ramo Gudboy

    HAWAIIIIIIIIIIII!!!! Damn i wud love to go to that place, i see it in the net and all i do is fantasize…..
    P.S… Lovely photos u got thea sharon,,,,looks lyk mombasa beach

  • Kazuri Waigwa

    Brazil is my dream destination, being the largest in South America I would love to get lost in it. Oooh and maybe meet a rich footballer 🙂

  • alaro

    Cape Verde
    The archipelago of Cabo Verde is the thinking traveller’s Canaries. The bone-white, empty beaches, soaring volcanoes and lush tropical vegetation on these ten islands were kept a secret for years (although Cabo Verde always attracted a few Portuguese holidaymakers, thanks to the colonial connection), but now the year-round sun and unique blend of African, Portuguese and Brazilian cultures is even attracting package tourists.

    The archipelago – ten islands and eight islets – is located 604 kilometres off the coast of West Africa. Visit Sal, famous for its 350 days of sunshine, one of the most popular resort hubs thanks to the lovely beaches of Santa Maria; on Boa Vista you can climb stunning dunes and dive to see marine turtles, and explore the ‘tropical Lisbon’ of Sal Rei, with its cobbled streets. Santo Antão is developing rural tourism, great if you want to meet locals and get away from the beaches. Santiago, in the leeward island chain to the south, is best known as the island where Darwin made landfall during his epic Beagle voyage.

  • Cynthia Opakas

    Trinidad and Tobago!!The ultimate experience!!Green scenery,the ambiance,lovely weather n lovely beaches!

  • Eva mukami

    Definitely Monaco…the fast cars..the gambling..the shopping..the cliffside roads..and who knows..you just might run into James bond..okay..or someone close to that

  • Kimutai Leonard Sawe

    The dream country i would really like to visit is Hungary, especially the city of Eger known for its richness in historic sites such as Castle of Eger which is more than 700 years old.

  • Anne Wambui Gitau

    my dream destination would be mauritious…the scenery is just breathtaking,,,,i would samsung zoom zoom zoom all the way.:-)

  • Oj Jon Oballa

    Zanzibar’s South-East Coast is the Ultimate Holiday Destination. The stunning beaches, powder-white sand with a barrier reef. Just amazing!!!!

  • Dzifa Acolor

    Hi Sharon! 🙂 My ultimate holiday destination is Australia!! I look foward to seeing the Great coral reefs,enjoying the lovely culture ,seeing the cities at night..and oh..enjoying their amazing Australian cuisine. 🙂

  • Daniel DK

    Egypt…once the fighting is over

  • fheych

    it would have to be Vietnam!! i mean they roast dogs and eat their intestines!! plus their rice fields are divine that wold be quite an experience to witness.

  • Gloria Nyang’iye

    I’d love to go to Brazil 🙂

  • Jackiesmart

    My ultimate holiday destination, would be Masai Mara…a must say u look fabulous Sharon.

  • imbulani sarah terry

    my dream destination is paris because i want to see the eiffel tower,because its the world most famous structure that rises 300m tall (984ft),its twice as high as washington monument

  • njoki

    my ultimate holiday destination would have to be Beijing, CHINA!!!!! i would love to see the legendary great wall of china:)

  • Joan Miano

    Italy, I just love everything about the country, their people and especially their food. 🙂

  • JaysonStatham (no relation)

    Coastal towns and sandy beaches as ideal holiday destinations. But for those of us who have lived next to attractions for most of our lives, something a little less cliche is exactly what we need to get the holiday feeling.. Being a technological nut, my dream holiday destination is in the land of the rising sun, oh yeah Osaka, JAPAN!! The annual custom vehicle festivals (especially the Osaka Auto Messe) held in the city are a sight to behold as you get to see some of the craziest ride modifications you can dream of. The japs sure are crazy about cars. Also the japanese culture is quite interesting from their samurai roots, raw sea food obsession to their technological advances to their love of animations. That for me is an experience to savour.

  • Nelly

    The country that i av always dreamed of visiting is definately Greece esp.The Greek Islands on the blue waters of the Aegean Sea are home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches 🙂

  • Maureen K.

    #Samsung Galaxy S4 ZOOM!!!!
    I would love love to visit Australia,visit amazing national parks see its beautiful landscapes not forgetting its tropical Whitsunday Islands I mean one is literally spoilt for choice in Australia..Its simply an amazing country.

  • Gacheri Ndumba

    Aruba: I am having this quarter life crisis where I lie awake worrying about whether or not I will ever get to see a sunset in Aruba. http://gacheristews.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/quarter-life-crisis-3-weeks-before.html I still can not believe the guys at Samsung took note of all that nervous energy and now want to give me that Camera. So glad to see they went with my idea, the one where we pretend it is a competition so the rest of them feel like they stood a chance.

  • euna wairimu

    my ultimate destination must be to dubai, i have always wanted to see the amazing buildings and the infrastructure that goes ad make one like mhhh and also take some snaps of it so thats my dream

  • Christine Kopiyo

    WATAMU, WATAMU and more WATAMU. The weather, white sandy beaches. . . i could go on forever but this is just the best holiday destination for me!

  • Joyce Nevere

    I’d luv to zoom to South Africa land of Nelson Mandela,home to Samsung,where varieties of wines are found,go shopping taking pics with my Samsung S4zoom best pics,hope I’ll be the owner of this great phone.

  • Kay

    Dubai- and I had the pleasure of visiting last year. The clean beaches, easy going and slow pace of the city dwellers, And of course the wild wadi waterpark *sigh**

  • Mukuhi Mungai

    Hi Sharon,
    my absolute tavel destination has to be the city of Venice in Italy. I am a lover of all things art and culture and Venice literally crawls with all these

  • dokta Kibunja

    The country have always wished and usually dream of one day of visiting is Mexico, this is because as lover of Soap Operas what I see on the soaps to me is a reflection of true paradise, the green vegetations, the thick natural forest are just so amazing, the nice environment of nature in the forests and the smooth flowing clean rivers is just the perfect place to enjoy nature’s abundant beautiful scenes, .Apart from the natural forests and rivers the roads there as so smooth and likely fun to drive on, not forgetting the sandy beaches and the beautiful ladies there, That’s my most desired place to visit and visiting Mexico cant be complete without a camera like the s4 zoom to capture the cherished moments.

  • Angela Mukora


    I have dreamed of going to this city since I sketched my first fashion sketch.. seeing as it’s is a fashion capital not to mention a centre of so many other arts, I feel it’s simply the place for me:)
    And last but not least,, the Italian Cuisine is my favourite!! And the music is amazing as well:)
    So MILAN MILAN MILAN!! That’s my dream destination:)

  • Immaculate Njoroge

    Italy, so that I can see the most inspiring cultural treasures and magnificent scenery. It’s said that Nowhere
    else in the world will you find a bigger concentration of beauty.
    There’s Venice,
    with their varied architecture, the natural masterpiece.

  • Ms Thogori

    Seeing as we don’t have snow in Kenya my ultimate holiday destination is Aspen, Colorado. The snow capped mountains are perfect for learning how to snowboard and ski. The picturesque mountains are the perfect backdrop for taking pictures that will last for a lifetime.

  • Jeremiy Teki

    NAS VEGAS!! The Entertainment Capital of the World famous for gambling, shopping, fine dining, and nightlife and is the leading financial and cultural center. This is my dream city!!

  • Elvira

    My dream destination would be Bangkok Thailand……. I love food and Thai food is amazing, culture, and I
    can do some shopping .they also have amazing beach hotels and resorts. And the S4 zoom would be a great companion on that trip.

  • Debrah Faustyn Love

    Puerto Rico!!!

  • cyrus Oguk

    Kingstone, Jamaica i’ve always loved the music from their artists and what i see from their music clips definately thats my hearts resting place #GalaxyS4Zoom

  • trisha

    Paris the lights the shopping and the romance

  • Cathy Kahura

    south Africa has to do for me….want to expernce the clean roads n some fresh air all together 😉


    New York, one of the Top Fashion Capital. Every glimpse deserves a snap and S4 zoom would be the best company.

  • perry g

    without thinking twice …its BORABORA one of the tahiti island…..

  • Precious Limmie

    My dream destination is Paris France

  • Miss Archie

    that last shot!! Jeff is definitely handy with the Camera. Love the ensemble. /
    My dream destination, Florence, Italy!!

  • Mweru Kara

    India!!! So I can see the majestic architecture of the Taj Mahal, experience riding on an elephant and buy a beautiful bright-coloured saree to add to my wardrobe and ofcourse definitely try out authentic Indian cuisine. #SamsungGalaxyS4Zoom

  • June Felicity

    The only thing I would ever want for a holiday,is to meet bloggers like you Sharon.check out your fashion,have the pleasure of being the camera woman…I would want a holiday where I get to meet someone that inspires me like you,Sharon and spend my time with them so I get to learn new things from them.

  • Nue Wanjiru

    So mine would have to be…
    INDIA… i know…not exactly a holiday scene, but what better place to just dive into some new culture???

  • spottykitten

    Phuket, Thailand. I am definitely a beach holiday kind of girl and this is for me the ultimate beach holiday… Sun, Sand and a whole load of culture (and delicious food) to take in 🙂


    For me it has to be the Bloukrans bridge in South Africa which stands at a height of 216m above the Bloukrans river,which will help me conquer my fears of lofty heights by engaging in bungee jumping from that distance and see the world at my feet with fresh air hitting every inch of my skin.

  • Joy Wairimu

    GREECE!!! need I say more 😀

  • Töröìzè ÃŒväñ Ärñolð

    #TeamSamsung My dream destination has been to visit London city in the u.k because thats where my favourite team and club chelsea usually play.I have been dreaming of going to stamford bridge and explore for myself the field that i usually watch on the screens and Godwilling watch them play,#GalaxyS4Zoom


    That has got to be Cape Town down in South Africa. I’ve always wanted to see the table mountains and of course experience the beaches over there.

  • Makena

    There are photos I saw in a book once when I was 12 years old (I can never forget) at my cousins and the book was simply called Norway. I spent the whole afternoon admiring and flipping through the photos and I have always wondered how it would be like for me. It looked so peaceful, friendly, and they wore their cultural clothings and seemed all so happy. I’d really love to go there, maybe one day God will grant me that favour. Anyway, Norway is always the first place that clicks when I hear dream destination.

  • Nesh Kapesh

    EGYPT…!!! its got great history, pyramids, desert drive and the belly dancers!!

  • Immaculate Bosibori

    Honolulu, Hawaii……..yes the united states but far south!! #GalaxyS4Zoom

  • Gerald.ski

    Most definitely Hawaii!! The fresh, floral air, the warm, tranquil
    waters, the breathtaking natural beauty, the 6 unique islands and the diverse cultures…. Look around, There’s
    no place on earth like Hawaii.

  • Brenda Cherono

    That would be Paris for me, the Interesting culture, and Oh!!! I LOVE Food… and Paris has the best cuisines the world has to offer..
    And you know what a girls best friend is… SHOPPING…. can’t wait to visit the city of Love with my Boyfriend.
    And having the S4 Zoom will even make it better… for there are some memories that just have to be savored once captured.
    So PARIS does it for me.

  • Guest

    Lovely pics as always!

    Germany would be my ultimate holiday destination! I’d love to visit the famous automobile museums: BMW, Merc, Porsche….

  • Angela Keisha

    go Palawan (its in the Phillipines). Nature, touristic infrastructure, eco-tourism, clean, safe,
    good weather, well connected by air to several cities,… What else
    would you need for a perfect vacation?!

  • Abigail Wahome

    Great Pics as always!

    Germany would be my ultimate holiday destination. I’d visit all those automobile museums: BMW, Merc, Porsche….

  • Mwangi

    I would love to visit The Great Pyramid of Giza …. and all the other wonders of the ancient world.

  • rachael Mahinda

    I would love to go to the Bora Bora Island. it would be a dream cum true for me.

  • nesa_ah

    i would like to go to italy. and it the food

  • Wairimu Murigi

    My ultimate holiday destination would be Greece in poarticular i would love to go to Mykonos or Santorin!! Great clear water and cool breeze there. @GalzyS4Zoom

  • Wendi Kawy

    Tough question(pretty much the whole world)…um but the ultimate destination is Seychelles,since my mom,sisters and I have always dreamed of going there for a family holiday and do some major shopping spree. Like a girls holiday,only instead of girlfriends, I would be hanging out with my awesome family of girls.

  • Dennis Nyamweya

    Swaziland, land of beauties i wanna experience a country governed by a king within africa……. #GalaxyS4Zoom

  • Wamuyu Kiragu

    Bora Bora. The little island in French Polynesia.

  • isabel saumu

    Lamu kenya

  • Nelly Wamuyu Thoithi

    Venice- Italy. I am such a romanticist. So this city would be the perfect package!! The art, architecture, gondola cruises, beaches, music, food, wine, carnivals… And let’s not mention how picture perfect it is?? Definitely Venice!

  • laura

    I’ve always wanted to visit spain, to see the sagrada familia, some day al be able take pictures of it! am never giving up on that dream.

  • Ndanu C.

    Let me just be cliche and say Italy.

    Italy is sooo beautiful; the architecture, the art, also I hear the pizza there is to die for and who doesn’t love Florence. But I think Eat Pray Love has gone a long way in making me fall in love with this country. #SamsungGalaxyS4Zoom

    Loving the pics Sharon.

  • C.K

    I am a big Twilight fan and I would love to go to Paraty, Brazil where Edward & Bella had their Tropical Honeymoon Hideaway. Google it! It’s a beautiful place and Lord knows how much I have been fantasizing about that Island 🙂

  • Raychelle Mwangi

    Hey Sharon. My dream destination is Santorini the volcano island in Greece its breathtaking, surreal and magical. Words are not enough to describe that place.

    • Irene Oreta

      Santorini is HEAVENLY!!!!

  • Zeina

    My ultimate holiday destination would be Mykonos, Greece. White sandy beaches, intimate restaurants by the beach front and their rich cultural background. MYKONOS♥

  • Kariuki Grace

    DUBAI DUBAI DUBAI !I can’t wait for a chance to go there,the developed infrastructure,the big shoping malls that have a variety of affordable clothes, shoes,it would be an ultimate opportunity for me.Hey i would need a Galaxy S4 zoom to accompany me and take photos of the beautiful sceneries.

  • wendy lucy

    H.A.W.A.I *SCREAMZ*FAINTS* id love to go on a cruise with family and friends and just lie on da beach as kids build castles on da sunny beaches

  • Angel Kisangau

    Italy for sure:) #fashion#culture#art#History#castles,monumental churches# GalaxyS4Zoom#

  • Knox Luclus

    South Africa. It’s just awesome.

  • – Anne

    My ultimate dream destination would definitely have to be
    the BoraBora Island located in the south pacific. Nothing spells paradise
    better than South Seas escape. I wouldn’t picture a dreamier scenario than that
    of spending my nights in the island’s over-water bungalows that belly up
    against its dreamy lagoon and spend my daytime on its sandy beach, nearly
    always in shadow of the mythically sculpted Mount Otemanu, tropical climate and
    crystal clear waters in a beautiful bikini make it a no-brainer on why it’s my fantasy spot. The
    isolation of the island makes it an even more romantic destination I would love
    to experience. It’s an experience that would be worth every single penny.

  • Irene Oreta

    Barcelona,Spain (After watching “Vicky Christina Barcelona”, i fell inlove!!!)

  • Irene Elizabeth

    United Kingdoms – i’ve missed my cousin who lives there.

  • Lucy Lu

    Lamu-The artifacts,tradition,embrace of culture,our heritage,-Every photographers dream#smasung galaxy s4 zoom

  • thisgirlchris

    All of eastern Europe from Romania,Bulgaria,Ukraine,Moldova to slovenia mainly because i think these places are a different world altogether especially because of their general cultural interest,it would be a whole different experience for me…
    And Vienna too inspired by the whole trilogy of the movie ‘before sunrise’ i want to fall in love in vienna,dance in the streets and have people join in rather than brand me crazy,it’s the little things in life..

  • â™›Khaleesi

    My ultimate holiday destination is Seychelles!

  • Carol Wambua

    I have been dreaming of touring Brazil and more so the Iguacu fall. the falls are waterfalls of the Iguazu River on the border of the Brazilian
    state of Paraná and the Argentinian province of Misiones. The falls
    divide the river into the upper and lower Iguazu. I would also love to capture all the surroundings on my Samsung galaxy zoom so that i could also share with those who would love to be there.

  • Lilian Abilla

    dream destination will be disneyland. i love cartoons and posing with the great cartoon stars will be a dream come true.

  • Joash Nyaruri

    My Destination definately should be Nuremberg in Germany mmmmh i wanna get lost in the stalls
    of the Christkindlesmarkt just like my sister he he she’ll kill me if she sees this…… im told the city smells lyk fruitcake my bad i wanna go there b4 i die to get that one of a kind experience.Miss Sharon id love to carry you too when i make that trip lol #GalaxyS4Zoom

  • Betsy Langat

    Paris, France is my ultimate dream holiday destination!! any day i would def need a Samsung Galaxy S4 ZOOM for fab pics!!

  • Xyla Kalekye

    My ultimate travel destination would Alfajiri-cliff villas at the south coast in Mombasa…its a magnificent place-words cant be enough to describe the place,My fiance’ and I have been saving for it as our honeymoon destination come next year in October and of course ill need to go there with a powerful camera (Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom) to do the talking for me.

  • Eliud Ndungu

    My ultimate holiday destination – it’s got to be The Maldives! An island South-West of Sri Lanka.

  • Michiko

    Definitely Japan! I’ve been obsessed with Japan since I was 15. Watched alooot of anime and j-drama, studied Japanese for about 2 years. I’m going to sit for my Japanese proficiency test in December and hopeful one day travel/do a semester abroad in any town in japan and relish their country, culture and people! 🙂

  • Kazuri Muema

    Are we talking honeymoon, christmas or just any dream destination? For
    whatever, Mine will have to be Venice, Italy. The small islands,
    seperated by canals and bridges. The old old buildings and beautiful
    architecture, the food, the drinks, the language, the beautiful
    people. That is the ultimate destination.

  • Jaykishan Harji

    My dream destination is Sedona, Arizona. Because of the Sacred cites

  • Millie Wangui

    My ultimate holiday destination would definitely have to be Morocco..I would start from Casablanca..besides the fact that I have seen Casablanca ( the movie ) close to 10 times who wouldn’t want to get lost in the sights and sounds ohhh and most definitely the food..#Perfect

  • Cathy Karanja

    I would love to travel around Africa, we’re so different in our ways and cultures that it baffles me sometimes! Nigeria! Rich culture, so vibrant, have to go there!


    I would love to visit MONTE CARLO

  • penina nyawira

    My Dream Holiday destination has got to be vanuatu..its a group of Islands, near Fiji. The place is just awesome. Thats what IThink heaven will look like for sure!…#GalaxyZoom4

  • Eric Onduso

    I’m patriotic and my ultimate holiday destination is Lake
    Turkana. Lake Turkana is one of the Great Rift Valley Lakes which used to be
    called Lake Rudolf. Lake Turkana is jaded green and is located in the semi-arid
    North Frontier Districts of Kenya. It has no outlet and only loses its water
    through evaporation, three rivers (Omo, Turkwel and Kerio) feed their water
    into this massive beautiful water body. Lake Turkana’s landscape has a striking
    beauty featuring rocky outcrops, rocky shore lines, sand dune spits and flat
    purple hills blanketed by brilliant sunshine and star-bright nights. The beauty
    is that it provides a WILD holiday destination, there is also adventure outings
    such as camel riding tours, motorbike safaris, wildlife safaris, PHOTOGRAPHY
    backdrops, fishing, culture encounters, archaeology tours, anthropology tours
    as well as bird watching expeditions. Lake Turkana is also the SWEET home of
    snakes, Grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffes, camels, crocodiles, hippos and
    more than 40 different species of fish, not forgetting the prolific bird-life
    that thrives on this lake. Lake Turkana is the world’s largest permanent desert
    lake and the world’s largest saline lake. Pocket friendly Expenses are add-ons,
    SURELY Nowhere in the world can boast of this RICH, NATURAL, AWESOME and
    EXCITING destination!

  • Alice W Mercy

    little palm island,Florida

  • Mona Mead

    Soweto, South Africa…after watching Sarafina back then i would love to see one of the biggest slums in Africa. It has always been my passion and my dream. Spending a holiday there will make me realise that truly Nelson Mandela was a great Fighter, Leader and take a photo of his monument by marco-cianfanelli. #GalaxyS4Zoom

  • Kaluhi Adagala

    Australia. I love the great outdoors and Hiking there would be one INSANE experience!!!!! From the Outback, to O’Reilley Forest Retreat to the Great Ocean walk….. and what better way than to capture memories than with a GalaxyS4zoom!!

  • Wambui Njonge


    My Dream Destination…..The Funzi Keys!!!!!! Diani Mombasa! # White Sandy Beach (i insanely love the beach) # Local culture # Windsurfing # Sailing # watching the sun-set # Mombasa RAHA 🙂 with Samsung Galaxy S4 ZOOM…cant get any better than that 🙂

    Lovely pics,as always sharon.

  • Jackline Wayua

    My dream destination is no doubt Cape Town, South Africa. Its unique location and historical significance is the fantasy of any visitor. Cape Town offers a spectacular Jazz festival, historical sites, culture, harbours, intriguing beaches, great architecture,the list goes on, not forgetting its a great shopping destination.
    if i were to get a chance to travel to Cape Town these 4S’s would be my priority; site seeing, shopping, shooting great scenes and sampling restaurants. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is the perfect companion for such a trip, like my destination it surely has a lot to offer like assisting me to find great locations which is amazing, i can take and share photos, and stay in touch at the same time.

  • Isaac Ndavi Kennedy

    I will have to say CAPE TOWN South Africa so much history in one city,table mountains and ultimately i just wanna see the great white sharks up close and don’t forget that’s where Indian and Atlantic oceans meet.

  • Mimi

    I want to visit Greece. Being an architecture buff, I’m so fascinated by the ancient ruins and much as I’ve read and studied a good deal about them I’m sure nothing is quite like the experience of wandering through the Pantheon and gazing on the sculptures adorning the colonnades! Aaah, just writing about it is filling me with excitos!

  • Sally Keter

    Maldives No doubt!!! Those beaches MY GAHHHD!!!! But for now google maps serves me the experiences on my desk in 3D, till I can afford to go there for real 🙂

  • cece

    Ess it’s got to be Malta for me..
    A friend recently visited the place took photos I have to go prove that the ooh so beautiful beaches were real!!! and especially this one place.

  • Ivy Bonareri Nyabochoa

    Has to be Barbados!!!

  • Victor Omondi

    St. Thomas, Virgin Islands anytime baibe!………..#GalaxyS4Zoom

  • Steph Nimo Waqafa

    Bunol, a Valencian Town in Spain for a Tomato Festival called La Tomatina! Ever since i saw this in the evening news when i was younger, i just KNEW this is where i NEED to go. #GalaxyS4Zoom

  • Sera Njeri

    my ultimate holiday destination is Russia.I would love to visit Russia just for the allure of it,…..Romania too cause it looks hauntingly interesting and Greece for the pure beauty and during OKTOBERFEST to drink all the beer.

  • tess

    Definitely Cape Town in South Africa.The city is so stunning and having a natural setting is just a major plus for me!

  • Chepkoech Ronoh

    lovely lovely photos. sigh. i think i want to be you for a day.

    my ultimate holiday destination has got to be ancient athens, Greece. just want to go experience the culture there, get lost in the streets. try to understand greek mythology. i want to know about the olimpians, titans, Zeus….i could go on forever. im obsessed) and perhaps get inspired to create some designs for my upcoming Fashion line. maybe they can tell me if the Greek salad came from there. sigh.


  • Sera Njeri

    My ultimate holiday destination is Venice,Italy.Its small and compact and the traffic-free streets with no vehicles allowed along the winding canals are great for walking and sight-seeing.Venice is a romantic hideaway and Italy is known for it’s delicacies…..that’s all i wish to experience in Italia.


    I would wish to visit Athens or Greece cause it’s a magical place and its history would just send me there.

  • Daisy Khavesa

    Mimi ningependa kuenda Korea Kusini…wierd but yes.

  • My dream destination is Vallée de Mai, in Seychelles! Some people actually believe that this is where Eden (in the Bible) was! Such a beautiful place! And I’m in such a need for a new phone! #GalaxyS4Zoom

  • Heeey Ess!! My ultimate holiday destination will have to be Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. My oh
    my. I got very interested in it after watching ‘Rio’ – the animation movie
    about the blue bird called Blue hehe. It is a very beautiful place and i just
    love the Samba culture. So i would love to attend a carnival, yeey.

    Plus, if i go next year, being a football fan as well, i can watch the world cup LIVE!! Which is
    something i am actually saving up for. One million shillings to go! Whoop
    whoop, how awesome would that be? Go Spain!! Two birds (not Blue though) with
    one stone i say! 🙂


  • Ted

    Canada for me, the scenery is beautiful, this would give memories for years to remember my visit there.

  • Lynet Musisi

    woooooooh!!!!!!! i have always dreamed of visiting sun-city in south Africa…After watching Mr.bones the movie totally fell in love with that place its so beautiful….i actually keep on telling my boyfriend the way all so love to visit sun city just as a hint who knows it could be my honey moon destination……#Samsung Galaxy S4 ZOOM!!!!


    I would love to go to Paris ,France….City of love and romance…

  • Xavier Xave

    Coast in Kenya- i miss the cool breeze and I just need somewhere I can relax and take my mind off the busy daily activities.

  • Charles Kent

    China – i love the place #TeamSamsung #GalaxyS4Zoom

  • Precious Valentine

    Hawaii the place I would want to have my honeymoon

  • Rachael Kainyu

    Iiiiiiindiiiiiiaaaaa!!! So maybe I watch too much Bollywood but I just love Indian culture. It is soooo colourful, the sense of family, the food, the caaaaaandyyyy oi papi!!! Oh and where else could I go dancing and singing behind trees? Ok, so again, maybe too much Bollywood but I love India! Oh and I find the various religions or variations of religion so intriguing. Holiday destination foshizzoh!!! Sooo, Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, aye? Aye!

  • ciku kiarie

    OMG this is soo exciting.i’ve been soo wanting to get that camera…my dream destination would have to be florence,italy..art capital.seeing the intricate works of great artists.i’d never put down my #galaxys4zoom plus im sure my art would be much improved after

  • Tracy Mbuthia


  • Joanna Kanaiya

    Maldives-W Retreat & Spa Maldives-Ari Atoll, Fesdu Island

  • Eric Twabe

    10236 Charing Cross Road, Los Angeles, California PLAYBOY MANSION b the destination…….

  • Christina Nkonge

    First of all i love the photos and the view it looks like you guys are in Mombasa.I have always wanted to go to each continent hopefully by the age of 50 and i’ve already been to three so im almost there.Right now i wanna go to Bora Bora its so beautiful, tropical majestic just awesome.

  • Martin Ptah

    Vienna, Austria #GalaxyS4Zoom

  • – Anne

    My ultimate dream destination would definitely have to be
    the BoraBora Island located in the south pacific. Nothing spells paradise
    better than South Seas escape. I wouldn’t picture a dreamier scenario than that
    of spending my nights in the island’s over-water bungalows that belly up
    against its dreamy lagoon and spend my daytime on its sandy beach, nearly
    always in shadow of the mythically sculpted Mount Otemanu, tropical climate and
    crystal clear waters in a beautiful bikini make it a no-brainer on why it’s my fantasy spot. The
    isolation of the island makes it an even more romantic destination I would love
    to experience. It’s an experience that would be worth every single penny.

  • Wycliff Onyang’i

    Masai Mara. An East African safari to the Masai Mara could just be a great deal for me. #GalaxyS4Zoom

  • Virginia Ng’ethe

    Closer to home, Zanzibar #GalaxyS4zoom

  • Peter Ty-p Ng’etheh

    Dreamville Schommellei, Belgium totally awesome place

  • jayA

    My ultimate travel destination would definitely be United Arab Emirates. The destinations comprises both deserts and beaches. Experiencing a desert safari,is an adventure and excitement that comes ones in a life time. The culture is breath taking and i would love to visit some of the historical sites that have lots of Islamic influence. having to experience a sultan life style would be a score and the shopping would be a kill for a fashion lover like me #galaxyS4Zoom

  • Nicole Ndutah Päjérø

    Mine will have to be Greece. I have Always dreamt of visiting it since every part of it seems breathtaking judging from the pictures.


    I love your pictures of late. i could really use that #SamsungGalaxyS4ZOOM in my life.

  • Cynthia B

    GREECE!!!! sun, clear waters..oh my! its on my bucket list 🙂 #GalaxyS4Zoom

  • Natasha Ahere

    My ultimate holiday destination would have to be Paris.

  • Nkirote Mutisya

    Ultimate holiday destination would definitely be New York. Why? Because my interests lie in music and fashion and New York combines these two into one! It would be lovely to shop and experience the dance culture there. And obviously the opportune moment would be to visit NY City during the Fashion Week 🙂

  • Cynthia Obonyo

    hawaii does it for me #GalaxyS4Zoom

  • Fridah Wairimu

    I would LOOOVEEE to go to Bora Bora! Gasp!!! It’s soooo beautiful!! The clear blue water OMG! The small hut lodgings built (waaaait for it) on the water okay just above but still it’s not on dry land how amazing is that!!! 0_o that did it for me it’s sooo breathtakingly beautiful and yes i saw it on keeping up but seriously it looks magical i would get lost there and never come back. The water how does it stay that clean??? Crystal clear and sky blue and the inhabitants are so friendly entertaining guests with their culture and music! Such a beautiful magical island….siiiggghhh!!

  • Stephanie Gituri

    Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Its rare to get everything you’ve ever wanted in two parts of the world (Kenya being a no-brainer). I love the Kenyan coast and spent a lot of time wave-watching there last year. Realized I’m in love with the world’s waters. If that’s not reason enough, my family has lived in Queensland for over 15 years and I haven’t got the opportunity to visit yet, and home’s where the heart is. So yes…sun, sea, surfing, the beach and family.

  • Eye-reen Kazuri

    my ideal holiday destination would definately be malaysia!! #GalaxyS4Zoom

  • Sally Shadeya

    My ultimate holiday destination would definitely be BARBADOS! 🙂 white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters- Yes please! And an added benefit, you don’t require a Visa to travel to Barbados! Yes, you read that right, No Visa! [No Visa stress!] You can stay there for a maximum of 6 months without a Visa. Whaaat! Plus being Rihanna’s hometown and all i’d probably try find her for some free fashion tips 🙂 haha 🙂 All you need to pack is your passport, holiday clothes, sunscreen and the GalaxyS4Zoom and you’re set! Hassle free 😀

  • Barbara Abwoga

    Tahiti, Bora Bora island….it screams peace and serenity!! Perfect Getaway and there is no doubt that the samsung galaxy s4Zoom will come in handy 🙂

  • Ann Oliver

    would love to visit rome

  • Karen Lee Carey

    I would definately love to visit Portgual, especially Madeira Island. I am a sucker for love and as I have seen on the bachelorette, it is absolutely gorgeous and to share it with the love of my life would be a dream come true. The scenery, the blue sea, the beautiful town etc from the tv screen is amazeballs and experiencing it would be ten times more Although I don’t speak the language, all I care about is exploring the island and hopefully learn some. :))

  • Annette W.

    Mykonos, Greece. It’s beautiful and picturesque.

  • wiam

    Masai Mara, Im Kenyan and I’ve never been,would love to see the wildlife in their natural habitats and photograph the animals using the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom 🙂

  • Kenneth Kimathi

    Miami, cool beaches and lots of fun. With a great camera zoom, you will definitely have memories of a life time.

  • Bin Mahmood

    #destino Espana!! destination Spain,

    id LOVE to go to Spain, the country i dream of.. ooh!!
    the beaches –> Balearic Islands, Cataluna amazing crystal clear waters..
    Madrid –> home to the European Football Giants REAL MADRID!! visiting the Barnebaeu would be a dream come true!!
    not forgetting the exquisite FOOD, and the beautiful countryside of the NORTH!!
    whats gona make it even better is Having a Samsung Galaxy S4 ZOOM in hand to capture the amazing scenery and the unforgettable moments, and sharing them INSTANTLY with the world!!!

  • bella june

    Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica !!!!!!
    the music, the food, the culture, the weather , the men!!!!
    the men, the men, the men…..
    hehehehehe…….. it has to be Jamaica.

  • Brenda O

    I would love to visit France and the gorgeous Italy ……to experience cultures different from mine and visit iconic places 🙂 #GalaxyS4Zoom

  • waceke wainaina

    My ultimate holiday destination is Bora Bora. Everything about the place is beautiful… so scenic. I’d like to capture all the moments that I’d spend there with a #SamsungGalaxyS4Zoom

  • nduta kamere

    hi , my dream Nation is Italy, dream city MILAN * MILAN * MILAN * . . . .Y ??? Gawsh i could write a whole love letter about it. its their great food, especially pastries.Its their amazing culture and handsome and beautiful people. but MOST of all its because its THE FASHION CAPITAL OF THE WORLD. . . . hehehe and with that looks like i gat all my necessities of food ,shelter and clothing.3 Samsung Galaxy S4Zoom

  • lynn wacu

    id love to go to Paris, the city of love. see the Eiffel tower, lovers bridge etc. and maybe find love hehe

  • cynthia oginga

    Istanbul,Turkey..always have been fascinated by how
    almost each building looks like a work of art in itself.Will be an
    amazing feeling for me as an Architecture student to experience first
    hand walking through a city with such a variety of beautiful historical structures,from the Ottoman to the Modern styles. Oh and the annual Istanbul International Jazz Festival will be a must attend!

  • Latifa

    When in ROME….. #GalaxyS4zoom

  • Chintan Gohel

    I would love to go to Wellington in New Zealand. The weather is
    excellent and the people great. Most of all, Wellington and y extension
    New Zealand is home to The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit.
    Most of the scenes were shot there and the scenery and land is just
    breathtaking. I want to see the Shire, Isengrad and Mordor and the
    mountains and more besides.

    Chintan Gohel

  • Grace Gichuki

    For me it’s Bora Bora Island in France-the thought of those cottages sitting along the clear waters is motivating!

  • Kashyap Kash Gohel

    I’l love to visit Oslo, Norway, as the breathtaking views of the snowy slopes and mountainous landscape are worth seeing once in your lifetime, and I’d love to share that experience with my mum and dad using pictures taken with the s4zoom. I can imagine their happiness when we watch those pictures together on our tv. 🙂 <3 <3 🙂 #GalaxyS4Zoom

  • Muri

    My ultimate vacation destination would be Rome, Italy purely for the art history and culture. To get a chance to visit Michelango’s works especially the Pièta and the Sistine chapel. Also their cafes….to sit outside a pizzeria and enjoy food with loads of olive oil…. oooh, and the wine! *sigh*

  • Mary Gikandi

    oh my the shopping haven MILAN is my pick just writing this down has me all dreamy……:)

  • Mercy

    My ultimate holiday destination at the moment is Bali, Indonesia, due to its rich culture and panoramic landscapes.

  • Grace

    The Islands Of The Bahamas!! The beaches & sunsets there really are out of this world!:)

  • Kinya Kinyua

    Hey Sharon 🙂
    My dream destination is Egypt. I have always wanted to go there and see the pyramids for myself! I would love to learn more about the early Egyptian culture n the famous kings. I would be out exploring everyday 🙂
    N I definitely think the pyramids and sanddunes would make the perfect background for photos.

  • S.O.S

    My dream destination is Seychelles…They would probably have to deport me if I ever set foot on their beaches because I’d pitch a tent and camp out on the beach day and night…love the outfit by the way

  • Diana Abuodha

    Italy, their food, fashion and philosophy in life has always intrigued me. And i can easily pass by the Vatican for that one chance in a lifetime to have mass at St. Peter’s Cathedral!

  • Miss B

    My ultimate destination is Seychelles. I fell in so love with amazing photographs of the islands, the stories of the people, food and wildlife, that I even subscribed to their newsletter. I have a feeling that the islands want me too. 🙂

  • Sandra Wairimu

    Rome. The Culture, art, architecture, good wine and good food and most importantly… The history of religion.

  • Joy

    Definately Paris,in France … and visit the Eiffel tower, definitely my dream destination. The tower itself is a wonder in engineering just the thought of going up there and getting to see, wonder, marvel at the whole of Paris *am assuming* while up there, seems breathtaking.

  • Christian K


  • stylesketches

    My ultimate travel destination would be Japan. I’d love to experience their vibrant food culture, fashion scene (especially Harajuku), their love for Hip Hop & black culture, and their toilets that squirt water up your cooch and bum at the press of a button lol

  • daniel wahome

    Zanzibar,i would like to visit the place and taste their exotic dishes and see the beautiful scenes and of course to win a bridegroom. I hear ladies there are very obedient to their husbands .#GalaxyS4Zoom

  • Dinah Mokeira Kerage

    i would love to visit rome

  • Atieno Amisi

    You get to see the world all in one city, that’s a definite “go-to” place on my bucket list

  • Shilla Nyayieka

    Definitely New York, the hustle and bustle, the culture, the food, art, music! Reminds me of Nairobi and there’s no other place I’d rather be!

  • Muthesh B

    #GalaxyS4Zoom My ultimate holiday destination would be Maldives sigh! can you imagine the beautiful blue clear crystal beaches sipping some nice cold fruity cold juice…not forget to rock with them stunnaz shades!! sigh! Maldives.

  • keshi

    that will definitely be Hawaii!!!!!!God knows how much I’ve always dreamt of going there!!!!!!

  • Claire Tatyana Chege

    Italy! I love the culture, the buildings, the people, the way of life, their beautiful language and most importantly their food. With the Galaxy S4 Zoom. I would take photos of every little detail maybe even a fly just minding it’s own business.
    I would share the photos with my friends and family, make them feel like I went to live out my dream of experiencing the Godfather trilogy, first hand. 😀

  • Laura Lwala

    BORA BORA i would really and i mean REALLY LOVE to go there for a the holidays!!! #GalaxyS4Zoom

  • Yvonne Muturi

    I would love to visit Dubai especial the man made island Palm Islands. #GalaxyS4Zoom

  • Silvie

    Hi Sharon, my ultimate destination would be Paris, France. Not only for the fashion or food but also because of the fact that it is a city of love! 🙂

  • Esha Abuu Mustafa

    My ultimate holiday destination is Lamu Island Kenya.

  • Geoffrey Korir

    I am so patriotic about my country and it has been my dream to travel to Samburu.

  • Opel Maureen

    Greece would definitely be my ultimate holiday destination, the Islands, beaches and the clear blue seas are things I always dream of

  • mojo706

    Destination not necessarily for vacation would have to be Tokyo Japan. Work, live, or just pass by on a connecting flight doesn’t matter just a night would suffice.

  • Charlie Khisa

    tokyo, japan….the city of futuristic fashion and exemplary taste of food both ethic and modern…their culture and their way of life is indeed interesting

  • Murugi M

    Rio De Janeiro, especially in time for the carnival…Samba all over.. I will just die :)!

  • Tim

    Santorini, Greece. Spectacular scenery

  • Brianna

    definitly bora bora!!! ooh!!! 🙂

  • Maureen Migwi

    i would love to go to Greece, it looks like fun, clean, serene and jst plain beautiful n magical #GalaxyS4Zoom

  • Calvin Jumba

    Caribbean islands Jamaica’s coast

  • Juliette.

    Dubai city of the United Arab Emirates.
    Lord! The awesome sun almost throughout the year, the ridiculously huge malls, the fine sandy beaches, the luxurious hotels, and boy..wouldn’t I always ogle at the police cars always.
    I would definitely take infinite photos to last me a lifetime 😀

  • Damaris

    Bit late am I? I am almost always in your blog, to a point the guys in the office complain. A lot. Im in IT. They might think I play for the other side, shhh… 😉 I try to make them understand I am looking at fashion, but nooo…. they won’t have it.

    So I decided to take leave for a few days, and what do you know, give away :'(
    Id like to visit Dubai, all those florescent lights #magical, and big screens advertising things I do not know, Magnificent hotels, state of the art technology, and gadget! Gadgets gadgets gadgets 🙂 I would visit all those computer and phone shops and explore all those gadgets set on display. That’s like a day in heaven.


  • Clemm

    lovely outfit.
    I want to go to Kiribati. it’s an island in the Pacific and also the last country in the world.

  • Pressy Nkirote

    Kefalonia, Greece..Theres a beach there(Myrtos) that is sooooooooo divine and breathtaking..i would never leave if i landed there #GalaxyS4Zoom

  • kathy

    So I am a sucker for amazing views,really cool and also classy architecture and also a lover of food 🙂
    To me,Italy and Paris would me my ultimate holiday destinations.
    The two places I dream of visiting.

  • Shazih

    Brazil!!! World Cup, Olympics…definite dream destination…

  • susan njau

    Definitely definitely my holiday destination would have to be hawaii….the beach sand,blue waters plus the breeze from the ocean is just a plus in my life…. Thank you Sharon for the giveaway

  • ss

    Greece the sites of the ocean and stone house its just breathtaking.Once saw
    it in the movie sisterhood traveling in pants and knew I would go this place one day.

  • Eric Kimathi

    Mauritius definitely. A place me and my fiancé have always wanted to have our getaway.

    • ibtisambond

      Awwwh..We should get married already.

      • Eric Kimathi

        As much as I love you hun, there are laws I’ve got to watch out for.. making this one of the riskiest replys in Kenya atm. But I’ll take u travelling…?

        • ibtisambond

          Haha..be careful!

  • kip

    DUBAI DUBAI. spend a couple of nights in the buj al arab, run around and
    shop in the worlds largest shopping mall oh and just stare down at the
    city on top of the worlds tallest building. boy what would i dive to go

  • Miss O

    I would like to visit Zanzibar coz I hear it has awesome beaches and the perfect weather and it not very far from Nairobi.

  • leila

    Definately paris i wanna be on the farthest point of the eiffel tower and see people like tiny insects. atleast thats what i always think its like

  • Krystin O.

    My ultimate holiday destination is Bora Bora. This is because Bora Bora contains the most marvelous beaches, exquisite resorts and hotels and stunning views of the clear Pacific ocean.

  • Njoki

    Wooow….Mauritius is an island place ad love to visit…The sun&sand, shopping, exotic fruits&foods http://www.mauritiusphotos.com/….. 😀

  • Ary nimmo

    my fav destination has to be London i love the street style and am a sucker for the English accent 🙂

  • Evalyne Njeri

    My ultimate destination is Paris. City of Lights and Romance!

  • Miss B

    Italy for an experience of its great reach culture.

  • Eliserah Mburu

    my ultimate holiday destination is Diani,Mombasa….I love the private beaches and walking on sand at night i think it would be an amazing experience.

  • Iken Karuru

    Miami, Florida, the warm weather, sanday beaches, wicked fun and all the beautiful girls

  • Eliserah Mburu

    could i choose Venice,Italy too please,the city of romance….would be a nice hideaway for me and my boo as we long to attend the Masquerade Festival parties together.

  • Joy Maina

    Bangkok , Thailand’s capital #GalaxyS4Zoom

  • Mystica Waridi

    Definitely Mauritius……….I love swimming, taking photos and experiencing other cultures out of the norm.

    The beautiful turquoise sea in this country is just breath taking, the thought of it blows my mind away.

  • Wendy Kwayesa

    My dream destination definately, Paris. Oh how I dream everyday. I started learning French and am so going to visit one day

  • Eva Kitheka

    I love me some good ol’ adrenaline rush! It would be Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Orlando, and Shimba Hills National Reserve in Kwale..I’ve seen some breathtaking photos of the Sheldrick falls, the view points, and the bird species in Shimba Hills, and I defo have to experience it for myself! (:

    • Eva Kitheka

      Universal’s Island of adventure

  • Esther Mwangi

    ooooh my dream destination would be in Maasai Mara,why lie.I have never been there and if i can i would spend the whole time taking photos and of cos with my Galaxy cam…i heart this place.

  • Maria A Munyeria

    don’t know why my pics are changing but i am using the same name. My ultimate destination getaway would be South Africa. I just think its a beautiful country and it has many attractions that i WOULD LOVE to see.

  • Halima Mohammed

    I have a top five list, and they somehow all happen to be in Europe, EXCEPT for my ultimate holiday destination which would be the Victoria Falls at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. Africa is truly the most magical place on earth, and this must be the most stunning place! I bet the Galaxy S4 Zoom will take some great shots which I would be very pleased to share with you:)

  • yvonne mwari

    #Samsung Galaxy S4 ZOOM!!!!
    my best destination would be France. i really would like to experience the whole love is in the air, the Eiffel tower, the little cafes that i always hear in movies be driven by a horse carriage like a queen.

  • Alexandra Muhaya

    No brainer, Mikonos Greece as well as the other greek islands! Believe you me when I say I have a plan for my future(near btw lol!) and this only makes it worthwhile…. Senegal because it is beautiful as i have recently discovered (with pics to prove btw, but from a friend sadly) and TOKYO/TIMES SQUARE reason for the slash is because i think they operat

  • kammie mukami

    the white sands yaani ..to die for!!

  • Alexandra Muhaya

    ….operate as alternate worlds but look the same! I could go on for days lol! #Galaxys4Zoom

  • Lornah Archy Abaki

    HAWAII !! i love the serene environment at the beach plus the tranquility one gets coz of the superb scenery and the trees,also sychelles is on the list not forgeting SOUTH AFRICA!!

  • jojo

    khajurao, India. all those sculptures about love and they were hewn from rocks

  • Angela Assilah

    That would be Brazil….Iguazu Falls..one AMAZING view…and maybe The Table Mountains in Capetown..Actually Capetown in general..:-)

  • Aisha Mbugua

    I would love to go to Meteore, Greece and visit the ancient and magnificent monasteries that are on steep rocks and cliffs.

  • Kiikii

    Greece! Imagine the all that architecture captured by the #GalaxyS4Zoom
    That would be perfeeeeeeect!!! 😀 😀

  • Seychelles

  • Samantha Wamani

    Hey Ess, my ultimate holiday destination would be the Santorini Island in Greece,the sights in Greece are amazing, the cool blue water to the white sandy beaches plus have you seen the houses on rocks, its a fairytale place. I am an Ocean addict and to be in a place so beautiful would be my lifelong dream. I picture myself already at one with nature in Greece. Just have a look at the photos of Santorini island and tell me that it wouldn’t be your ultimate holiday destination. <3 <3 <3 GalaxyS4Zoom <3

  • Muthoni Njagi

    My ultimate destination would be Italy specifically to ride a Gondola on the canals of Venice, there is something breathtakingly romantic about the view and especially at night.#GalaxyS4Zoom.

  • mwesh

    HAWAII !! i love the serene environment at the beach plus the
    tranquility one gets coz of the superb scenery and the trees,also
    sychelles is on the list not forgeting SOUTH AFRICA!!

  • Kwamby

    Sweden Sweden Sweden!!!!!got to enjoy some Swiss chocolate as I enjoy the beautiful aurora borealis!!Love Love Love!!!

  • Brenda Ndekei

    Bonifacio which is a mixed cultural (french& italian) city in Corsica, an island off the south of France- also the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte…am a huge history buff and was inspired by the first Mills and Boon novel that I ever read (stolen from my cousin while on holiday in Mombasa- I was only 10years old!!)

  • evelyn mburu

    mhm,where i would like the Masaai Mara,love the outdoors very much just to get away from “civilization” and be in the wild beautiful,and the sunsets and sunrise are a sure way to end smiling in my dreams.
    then from there would love to go down the coast to lamu or malindi i love the beaches simply breath taking and am sure the memories i would have there would be totally beautiful.
    out country,Greece ans Switzerland have always fascinated me.

  • Beth Tsonie

    #GalaxyS4Zoom my dream holiday destination is Mauritius. i hear its very beautiful with white sandy beaches. i want to experience the luxury and adventure

  • sunshine

    France,Paris to be precise

  • Yvonne Olga

    Awesome pictures! Awesome ensemble! Awesome post! Damn, i’ts hard not to love your blog :-D. My ultimate holiday destination is definitely Hangzhou, located in East China. It will be a dream come true to visit West Lake, located in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. I generally love China, Chinese art, Chinese culture… Yeah, glad I could share 🙂


  • Claire

    Definitely Italy specifically Naples, Milan and Venice and Brazil, for the wonderful culture, cuisine, events and beaches!

  • Kidi Gal

    Switzerland……so i can see for myself that all i learnt in geography is for real….i love nature.Got a chance coming soon through a fellowship….so help me God

  • Cici_F

    Seychelles is my all time favourite wanna-go-to place! Talk about sailing, swimming with the fish, snorkeling, fishing as well (maybe not so much) but oh well, I bet the waters will make it very exciting!! Imagine there’s 115 islands that you can get to visit and relax on the pristine and uncrowded beaches- the whole point of a holiday exactly!! Did I mention shopping??Yes! You have a freaking 115 islands with different shops to shop from!! And the night life? Talk about Island club hopping!! And guess what would just be perfect on such a trip? Yes..the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom!! What better way to take awesome photos, with awesome people, to keep the awesome memories I’ll make when I DO go to Seychelles!! So, that Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom….what say you?

  • Babz Murithi

    Greece, the white buildings, the deep blue ocean, who wouldn’t want that 🙂

  • Joan Rinya

    London, to swoon over the men with the British accents..hehe

  • Ivy Gathii

    I’ve always wanted to go to Europe, mainly because of it’s beautiful vibrant cities and rich historical background. But one place that really stands out to me is France. This is mainly because it also a phenomenal art history. And i’m REALLY into art.
    Plus old Parisian apartments are really pretty 🙂
    And who wouldn’t want to attend the Festival of Lights in Lyon?
    Or row down the River Seine at night under the city lights?
    Or simply just enjoy their cuisine?

  • Yvonne Nasi

    Tibet, sacred and of seers and sages…The day I get there I can tell God to take me, as I’ll have served my purpose in life.

  • Ruth Mwende

    My dream destination r the great Madagascar Islands. Everytime i watch the penguins of Madagascar im reminded of how i need to be there. if penguins can be that cool how about the place lol
    Plus who would’nt want to lie on these sands anyway 🙂

  • Nancy Anyiso Muholo

    Bora bora. That place is too gorgeous for life damn!

  • Paris,France…whether it’s cliché or not I still want to go there,,,
    I even learned french for it….

  • Kathleen ッッ Siminyu

    Right now…dream destination is Italy.
    There’s something about those narrow cobbled italian streets, not to mention the food should be amazing!

  • Getrude Nandwa

    My ultimate holiday destination yet would have to be Samburu and the greater northern Kenya region. International destinations are just fine but i feel like there’s need to know my country inside out first before taking on international destnations.

  • Amanda

    I would like to visit Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
    PS: I so looove yout skirt!! where did you get it from?

  • RoseMundia

    Venice in Italy, the experience of riding around the city in a vaporetti and water taxis would be a thrill…. currently saving up to get there someday!

  • phillip mzazi

    I love Africa, and i love the good places that it offers, my dream destination is

  • Samra Delisha Flora

    Hi Sharon,

    I hope am not late in this one. I have been away and cldn’t access internet. Anyway, better late than never. MAASAI MARA is my ultimate holiday destination. Having my meals in the bush, that takes my breath away.

  • phillip mzazi

    I love Africa, and i love the good places that it offers, my dream destination is
    Zanzibar. #galaxys4zoom#

  • Tasha Kariuli

    Niagara falls…

  • Dennis Gitonga

    definately Lamu town. that place is as natural as the true Africa was. and the scenes!!! Epic!! Am already saving to go there.

  • Irine Majale

    Venice,in particular where the movie Tourist by Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp was shot.The city surrounded by lagoons and linked by brides.The awesome pictures i can take there would be a dream come true

  • Eunice Ndiranguh

    My ultimate holiday destination….The South Coast of Kenya. I truly want to visit our loved Kenyan scenes before I can think of venturing out of Kenya. #GalaxyS4Zoom Pic courtesy of SwahiliAdventures

  • Samuel Karanjah

    I would really love to visit Seychelles…..

  • Ado Yiembo

    My ultimate holiday destination has got to be Paris the city brimming with culture, style and romance. I cannot imagine anything better than taking photos at the tour d’eiffel or l’avenue de champs Elysees using my Galaxy S4 Zoom……sigh.

  • Safari 254


  • eva brenda

    I would love love love to go to Morocco, Africa.
    I’ve always viewed Morocco as a little Arabia.
    I mean, who needs Dubai and Yemen, when we have our own little Arabia right here in Africa?
    The culture, the architecture, the people, the nightlife…
    The diversity in this little country.
    The portrayal of the carefree life.
    The colours.
    There is a not so subtle beauty about this country which makes me crave that experience.
    Morocco. This is my dream destination.

  • Dcipher

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is my dream destination.

  • Wambugi Nyaga

    Singapore.. oh my gosh! Must be like the cleanest ever.. 🙂
    ..and i could get to click, share and chat away with the amazing S4 Zoom..!

  • Jem

    Havana , Cuba. The old town with lots of salsa and culture.#GalaxyS4Zoom

  • DEE

    MILAN, ITALY. Its a beautiful city which brings out the best of the culture of its people. The architecture is mind-blowing. it being the home of the top designer shops, i would love to go shopping. I would love to visit the many museums there, and of course enjoy their exotic cuisine!

  • NjeriGachuki

    My ultimate destination would definitely be Greece, i would DIE just to be surrounded by the rich culture, the beaches, where do i even start? the Parthenon, the statue of Zeus, the ancient temples, the museums, OMG the way the culture has been preserved over the years is AMAZING!!

  • missstracey

    I would love to go to the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC! Who doesn’t love the caribbean? Amazing weather, beautiful beaches and an endless list of activities to do. Hopefully thats my next holiday destination for a vacation! 🙂 #GalaxyS4Zoom

  • Patti

    My ultimate destination would be Bangkok – Thailand. I am in love with Asia #GalaxyS4Zoom

  • lynn Muhoro

    my ultimate dream destination is the coast locally in Kenya there is something about the white sandy beaches blue skies and the water that gets me dreaming all day long#GalaxyS4Zoom

  • Kinyua

    Sydney; Australia…………………..the Sydney Opera House is awesome

  • Rose Kinuthia

    The Maldive Islands

  • Kinyua

    Sydney; Australia………………………..the Sydney Opera House is awesome

  • soni

    Greek Islands for its beautiful beaches and its Mt Olympus. #GalaxyS4Zoom

  • Patricia Ngati

    Hey Sharon!Your brother is a great photographer.I hope that one day I’ll also be able to take such amazing photos then I’ll be confident enough to tell my friends about my photography blog.Right now it is still my little secret since I am not confident enough with my skills and my phone’s camera is not very clear.My ultimate holiday destination is Seychelles.I love islands and I would love to experience the natural beauty of this island nation.Kind regards,Patricia

  • Patrick Kymani

    My ultimate holiday destination is Sydney, Australia
    The City slickers, culture vultures and beach bums alike fall in love
    with Sydney. Hang ten at famed Bondi Beach or stroll the calmer sands of
    Coogee. Climbing to the top of the Harbour Bridge or taking a skywalk on Sydney Tower for a
    360-degree view of the city is simply amazing. But whatever you do, don’t leave town
    without cuddling the koalas in the Taronga Park Zoo—they’re ridiculously
    adorable. #GalaxyS4Zoom

  • Kwamboka

    It has always been Tuscany for me, even after my Italian friend said that it’s just like Machakos, lol

  • Clara Wambua

    After I saw the Black eyed peas video-Just can’t get enough I knew I had to travel there.
    too too beautiful.

  • Wambua N.


  • muthikwa

    Definitely Rome because of it’s history#GalaxyS4Zoom

  • Karletski

    My dream destination is Diani. I look forward to enjoying the sandy beach, admire the picturesque scenery and enjoy the tranquil environment

  • Jaden Kacqris Muriithi

    seongsan sunrise peak in korea,the scenery is amazing

  • Shy Lillian

    Always proud to an African so Cape Town Central, South Africa would be my idea destination.
    It glistens at the southern toe of the African continent. Tourist
    brochure-views at Blaauwberg Beach and Kirstenbosch National Botanical
    Gardens are within easy driving distance of “The Mother City.” The Cape
    of Good Hope Nature Reserve provides sweeping sea vistas, hiking trails
    and wildlife encounters. On a more somber note, one can visit
    Robben Island, the prison where Nelson Mandela was held for 27 years.

    #History #GalaxyS4Zoom

  • Steph Nimo Waqafa

    Valencia, Spain on the last Wednesday of August.
    La Tomatina!
    This is what i was talking about earlier..
    Yumm or is it yuck? MOSTLY, FuuuUnN.

  • Bhavika Gohil

    My dream destination would be Kashmir. Its beautiful valleys, rivers, lakes and snowfall. Would love to go on the shikara (traditional boats). We believe if there is heaven on earth, its in kashmir, and only kashmir. 🙂 🙂

  • Guest


  • ndila

    Definitely Mauritius !!! I don’t even have to explain why.. Its such a beautiful place.

  • Eva O.

    Rothenburg ob Der Tauber, Germany 🙂

  • Terry Waluvengo

    Dream destination….well i have to say,Zanzibar island. The feel of warm sand underneath my feet,the breeze sights and most of all the beauty of the people in this earthly paradise!!!I’m totally sold.

  • EsyGichobi

    i want to go for holiday in Paris;-) the shopping i want to do!!!!!

  • Ngamau T. Wangechi

    Moheli Island – Comoros 🙂 #GalaxyS4Zoom

  • Joan

    London, I love their architecture, their street style and their accents are to die for! Ultimate blend between old and new

  • Frangito Ngimwa

    Like you miss Mundia i enjoy traveling (One of the main factors why i chose to be a tour guide) however, UN-like you, am not always in a hurry to get to the destination that i miss the fun of getting to there. (Mr. scientist, take your time with the Interstellar teleporter LOL couldn’t resist that.) Traveling for me starts from when i take the first picture bidding others goodbye, to when i board my taxi cab to the airport/bus station, the ride/flight to the destination, all the way to the part where am laying on sandy beaches or scouting a new city’s night life, shopping all the way back to when the presents are opened back home. I get to tell my story with pictures and take immeasurable memories with me. As a guide, i know how important these trips and excursion are in that they broaden your vision and thinking in relation to the outside world compared to what we are used to. You get to learn so much from experience which is something you take with you for the rest of your existence.
    That said, China, Brazil, Chicago and Madagascar I can’t wait to visit.
    Frangito Ngimwa

  • Fatma Mandhry

    spaaiiiiinnnnnn would do it for me…..i would loooooveeeee to go to barcelona, the culture, the architecture, the sceneryyy n da guys with accents..hehehh n i’d have to be with my bestfriends just to make it all the more exciting 😀

  • Kenince E’m

    What are you doing at the coast you girl…anywho…

    My Ultimate Holiday Destination? That’s got to be O’ahu in Hawaii. Thanks to Hawaii Five-0 the TV Series.

  • Thegatah Yule Eric

    Hong Kong is frequently described as a place where East meets West, a meeting reflected in its economic infrastructure, education and street culture. On one street corner, there may be traditional Chinese shops selling Chinese herbal medicine, Buddhist paraphernalia or bowls of synthetic shark fin soup. But around the next, one may find theatres showing the latest Hollywood blockbuster, an English-style pub, a Catholic Church or a McDonald’s. The city’s cosmopolitan flavour can also be seen in the wide variety of cuisines available. While different varieties of Chinese selections, especially seafood, are most popular, there are also many European, American, Japanese, Korean, and other restaurants. Ethnic dishes served in cha chaan teng’s and dai pai dong’s are also popular. The people of Hong Kong take their food seriously and many top chefs make their way to the city to show off their talents to these discerning diners.

  • Michelle Namelok Murugi

    Fort Myers Florida,,,Just to be wth my special someone for even a minute,,,is a miracle am always praying for

  • Eve J

    MAURITIUS. i have dreamt of it since childhood.

  • Eve J

    Sandies Tropical Village in Malindi. I hear its a heaven on earth,

  • George Nyakundi Padmore

    Wow The best will be Disney land with my 2 Boys! talk of moving to the really experience from the famous TV/ movies we enjoy indoors! i can really see this… visualizing!

  • Eve J

    Sandies Tropical Village in Malindi

  • Guest

  • Guest

    Bora bora Island is my DREAM destination #GalaxyS4Zoom

  • Angela Karanja

    Bahamas all day, eryday…. I love the beautiful clear crisp blue waters of the Atlantic ocean,. the culture, the beauty and just the vibe. That’s a place I must visit before I die 🙂

  • Tracy Gesare

    Bora bora Island is my DREAM destination. It got to be, the hammocks hanging over water, dining in the water and the beautiful sunsets. it just has to be. #GalaxyS4Zoom

  • Tracy Gesare

    Bora bora Island is my DREAM destination. It got to be, the hammocks
    hanging over water, dining in the water and the beautiful sunsets. it
    just has to be. whats not to love?

  • Jasan

    india….its has morethan 20 historical sites.. from temples,tombs,churches to palaces. this people have a rich culture that date too way back in hostory. Amazing..

    Location: Amritsar, Punjab
    Official Name: Harmandir Sahib
    Founded By: Hazrat Mian Mir
    Founded In: 1588-1601

  • Moengie Brown

    I would say Zanzibar in Tanzania does for me. Because of its fascinating history and its incredible beaches helps one unwind not forgetting the Stone Town boasts beautiful traditional houses, narrow alleyways that creates adventure. Bliss

  • jd

    Spain, without a doubt. I’m a sucker for antique..and the architecture is nothing but! Plus ain’t no language that’s as romantic as Spanish 🙂

  • Kath

    The grand canyon in the U.S . I love geographical sites and this is one of the most fascinating ones I am yet to see…the beautiful rocks, cliffs and the amazing colors make it a must visit destination!!

  • Kenty Isabella

    HAWAII!!!Whats there not to love. I too cannot wait for the day i will be able to move around how i like.The ocean ..the beaches too too beautiful.Hawaii would definitely be my first destination when that time comes.

    And that blue skirt is forever a charmer..love the outfit.

  • Liz Wangari

    Hi Ess,

    My ultimate holiday destination is Dubai.I know this will sound crazy but i have been saving up for a while to buy buy Gold from Gold Souks Dubai at the cheapest prices.Through what i have heard and read Abu Dhabi is a fantastic place to be and i want to go there so that i can be blown away!

    • Liz Wangari

      This is heaven


    HI QUEEN ESS, RIO DE JANEIRO, in BRAZIL, thats where my dream is

  • Gillian mukami

    first of all the blue skirt is to die 4!! Now for the challenge..my ultimate holiday destination is PARIS!! it is the city of love and the capital of fashion and it would be an experience worth dying for.

  • Danny-l Kartel Gatimuh

    dubai and see all this crazy architecture and amaizing structures….can you believe those people made snow in the dessert and its still there see thats what am talking about..crazy and fun#GalaxyS4Zoom

  • Diana Murage

    I would love to visit Lamu and Monaco. Lamu because of the beach and to experience the history of the town and Monaco for the fast cars and crazy roads!Oh well and the breathtaking views as well.

  • Steve Gordon

    My ultimate destination for a holiday would be Dubai. The place is just suitable for taking your mind off of things and relaxing with no disturbances whatsoever. Plus you can also shop for new designs of clothes before it reached the market.

  • Stella Wambugu

    my dream destination is Italy……the rich culture,fashion and the wine and food!!!!!I’d make sure i sample everything since I’m a huge fun of food lol!!1…….taking photos there would be amazing…

  • Mystica Waridi

    Definitely Mauritius……….I love swimming, taking photos and experiencing other cultures out of the norm.

    The beautiful turquoise sea in this country is just breath taking, the thought of it blows my mind away.

  • Laura Lwala

    Where id love to go for holiday and i mean REALLY REALLY LOOOOOOOOOOVE to go for holiday, just getting goosebumps just thinking about it, is BORA BORA. I think its the must beautiful place on earth:)

    The memoriez i would capture there with the #GalaxyS4Zoom are beyond imagination:)

  • SharonCiru

    VENICE , This is the perfect place, talk of beautiful scenery and it is very peaceful not forgetting ROMANTIC, am a sucker for romance:). plus beautiful photos will be taken by #GalaxyS4Zoom. check it out

  • fray

    My ultimate destination has to be paris france. I can imagine all the lovely places to visit, art to see n designer shops around .

  • Aggrey Mokua

    I have always dreamed of going to Zanzibar just to experience the stunningly romantic powdery white sandy beaches, shaded palm trees suffused with the aroma of exotic atmosphere. i’m really saving for that day; the honeymoon for my wife to be.

  • qiqipurpletooth

    Finally,I get to comment!Whoooop!…..My ultimate holiday destination would most certainly be South of France. Although its known for its art galleries and pristine beaches,my main reason is because all my favourite authors,eg,Jackie Collins,and now most recently L.J.Smith of Fifty Shades of Grey have made it seem like its the ultimate destination because they take all their characters there. My imagination is itching to meet reality:)….#SamsungGalaxyS4Zoom

  • Rosie Aboge

    Rome is my dream city and I would love to tour Spain 🙂

  • Dajo

    My ultimate holiday destination would be to visit the beautiful island of Ibiza. I mean for me it ticks all the boxes. Whether you’re single or in a relationship it’s the ideal holiday spot.

  • amosgiture

    Sun, Sand, Surf and lots of holiday makers. Miami Beach Florida


    New York CITY what a destination where people dont sleep

  • Maureen Emu

    New York, the fashion capital and France, the land of all tasty perfumes.

  • Joanne

    Hi, I was wondering….what kind of bra do you usually wear with such dresses/tops? I’ve got a dress like this and don’t know where to get such bras…

  • Sarah

    My dream destination has to be Bali.
    It is simply breathtaking.

  • Clare Tea

    Kona, Hawaii. It’s beautiful there!!!.. #GalaxyS4Zoom

  • Nina Denise

    Dream destination: Paris, France
    Toronto Canada

  • I love the part where the wind is blowing up your skirt and your like. “B**ch…sit”

    Don’t mind me just catching up on old posts. Slow day at the office 🙂


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