Victor Peace 

Making: gratitude lists. So much to be thankful for!

Cooking: … By show of hands, who thinks we should change this to Eating? *raises hand and looks around*

Drinking: Hot chocolate with marshmallows a lot more these days. Yum. 

Reading: several things including The Richest Man in Babylon, a bunch of magazines and this article that People Daily did on my dad! I’m also contemplating reading Goosebumps just for fun’s sake. That was daddio’s present to Amani and she’s already finished one book and it’s not even been four days. A walk down memory lane seems like a good idea, don’t you think? 

Wanting: a heater in my life. Possibly one that is battery operated that I can pop into my handbag at any point. My fingers are numb and I’m afraid I may not make it to the end of this post before they fall off. Can you imagine what real winter would be like?? Jeez.

Playing: Ariana Grande’s album and secretly liking it. Is it wrong to like music from someone who looks like they’re 12 years old?

Wasting: no time this month. So much to do and only 31 days in July.  

Sewing: … One day, people. One day I’ll have something for ya. 

Wishing: we could have Amani’s surprise party all over again! I secretly love planning things and I wouldn’t mind going through the arrangements all over again. 

Enjoying: life at the moment. Love and gratitude all over the place!

Liking: Palm tree prints on clothes. 

Wondering: whether I’m the only one who fantasizes of one day having a room in their home full of crafts supplies, stationery and other such bits and bobs. I get excited over string, guys. String.

Loving: you guys for choosing to be a part of my journey and being so supportive and sweet. Seriously, I’m sending tonnes of love and warmth your way muffins! 

Hoping: that I never have a gecko fall on me like it almost did two weeks ago when I closed the door and it fell right in front of me. yuck. yuck. YUCK. 

Marveling: AT TRANSFORMERS AND THEIR AWESOMENESS!!! Have you watched Age of Extinction yet? Have I ever shared my obsession with Transformers with you and my hope to one day have a wall in my house dedicated to Bumble Bee’s transformation from sexy car to mean machine? I may have to dedicate a whole blog post to this.

Needing: that heater I talked about earlier. 

Smelling: Flowers. I’ve been buying a whole lot lately. In fact, I’m on the hunt for new, interesting vases to keep up with my flower mania. 

Wearing: a monochrome dress and a white cardigan over that. Although if I wasn’t too lazy about it, I’d add some socks, scarf and big old blanket. 

Following: Orange Is The New Black. (p.s. any new shows you’ve been loving lately?)

Noticing: that my closet is in need of a good pair of blue denim jeans. I’ve been sticking to pencil skirts and dresses so much that I sorta ignored jeans. Sorry Mr. Denim, I have not forgotten thee. 

Knowing: that I am destined to live an amazing life. I hope you believe that for yourself too. 

Thinking: about a fireplace and how perfect that would be right now. 

Feeling: really excited about some news that I can’t wait to share with you guys soon! 

Bookmarking: almost every single page on Warsan Shire’s Teaching My Mother How To Give Birth. How can one woman have so much genius in her? 

Opening: and closing doors a lot more carefully after that gecko incident. Yuck.

Giggling: at this picture. So true!

Feeling:really, really emotional after watching this video. It’s funny, I’d have fed right into that stereotype mentality but love that they were able to spread a beautiful message across. 



Dress from Mimi Online



As always, thanks for reading! 


  • grace

    You sure do have alot to be greatful for. So happy for u 🙂
    n that video is def touching, mind set = changed!

    • Miss Sharon

      Tell me about it Grace, I’m definitely counting my blessings both big and small. And thank you so much for your support!

  • Jo

    you are a great inspiration to all the women who read this, i adore you Ess. keep up.when i grow up i WANT TO BE LIKE YOU… or in my other life…. hahahaa

    • Miss Sharon

      Can you be any sweeter? Thank you so much!

  • Trish

    Beautiful! You inspired me to start taking stock of my life too. I used to do it daily… For like four days and it was a wrap. I shall resume.
    I love you’re optimism. You are a great role model.
    For tv series check out Orphan Black. I’m loving it at the moment.
    And I love the black dress!

    • Miss Sharon

      Hahaha, I feel you there. Can be difficult to commit sometimes but this is one series I’ve managed to keep up. Maybe try to do it weekly or something? I don’t know.

      I LOVE ORPHAN BLACK!! How can one woman be so good at being so many different people?! Talk about great acting skills.

  • Sue

    Hey Ess! Although I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog, I happen to be one of those silent readers but today I thought I should break the norm. I gotta say your positive attitude is really refreshing….and contagious! I have decided to take on a challenge to be purposefully positive everyday. I even adopted a phrase you mentioned on here once…”to be positive, to be generous and to be grateful” as my daily mantra. You look fab as always and oh about any new shows..I am totally obsessed with ‘Orange’ but I recently finished the whole new season (lol binge-watching much?!)…anyway look for Devious Maids…such a good show! Cheers and keep doing what you are doing! 🙂

    • Miss Sharon

      I just quickly Googled Devious Maids and decided to download immediately. Looks good – thank you!

      And thank you for coming out and saying hello 🙂 It’s always a pleasure seeing first-time commenters on here! And I honestly believe that your life will change for the better the moment you start being more positive, kind and grateful for the things around you.

  • STL

    Wow Sharon, I really am proud of u….u took the risk to quit your job and follow your passion (blogging) u are sooo loyal u cannot tell us readers to use products u cannot use, the list goes on and on.
    Your dad has just taught me a few parenting skills once i get there 🙂 Continue shinning and inspiring your little muffins (me included) yeiy!!! hihhihi

    • Miss Sharon

      Thank you so much! It really was really daunting quitting my full time job but it helped that my family believed in me and allowed me to find my own path, you know?

      Thank you muffin!!

  • Annrita

    We share same taste of movies #transformers. You have a great blog which is very inspiring to many. Keep up with the good work.…shoot-part-1-2/

    • Miss Sharon

      Thank you so much Annrita 🙂

      Also, Optimus Prime for best superhero-ish character of all time?? I say yes to that.

  • Megan Omare

    always love your taking stock posts :)x

    • Miss Sharon

      Always love doing them!

  • Gacheri Kigunda

    love this…

    • Miss Sharon


  • maureenbandari

    that instagram picture is the truth.haha.Also loving your dad’s interview.Ain’t dads the coolest? love the post sharon
    current post

    • Miss Sharon

      I know, right? Showed it to my friend Muthoni and she was feeling it too.

      Dad’s are the coolest indeed!

  • Cici_F

    That dress..I saw it at Mimi’s shop (FYI guys: they have a shop at the Green House near Adams Arcade). I didn’t know it could look really pretty on you! Is it stalker-ish that I read your blog every morning when I get to the office, just like other pple would read newspapers? no? Right then! You are very inspiring and encouraging- seems it runs in the family after I read the article on your dad yesterday! Beautiful family you got there….

    • Miss Sharon

      Yup yup. Mimi does have a store there and are even having a soft launch on Saturday. You should stop by!

      Why would it be stalkerish??? I pray that you keep reading till your old and can’t read anymore and therefore have to force your granddaughter to read it to you 😉

      Thank you so much for your kind words – especially about my family. It’s always a little daunting putting your loved ones out there so I truly appreciate your kindness!

  • Ida

    I love your pieces, they have so much life…
    if you are thinking of getting nice flower vases, Visit the Tile And Carpet Centre on Msa Road, in fact the are having a big sale!

    • Miss Sharon

      You’re the best!! Completely forgot about their sale.. I’ll try go there on Sunday and hopefully I’ll find some cool pieces. Thank you!

  • Wacuka

    Your such an inspiration and just by reading your posts and having seen your interview on the trend I can tell you have a good heart and thats why the good Lord keeps on blessing you. I am also trying to find ways of doing what I love most and that is being part of fashion and jewellery designing since I have an 8-5 job in a place that is not very developed. It is abit difficult here but hope to figure out something.
    Keep on doing this great job and FYI today I took that step of commenting here. Never done it before*wink*

  • Faith Njoki

    Hahaha that Gecko point oooh my God am not crazy for screaming and almost fainting(not) every time i see one. I do not understand why they fall so carelessly 🙁 But that aside, love your blog it always has positive vibes. Have a great day

  • sonnie gathoni

    that courage to quit your job, is inspiring to me…i am about to do the same thing. I am scared to bits, but knowing that there are people doing what they love out there is so encouraging!! so encouraging….

  • Asingwa

    Cooking: *raised hand right here.*
    Wishing: Plan mine.
    Reading: Goosebumps = nightmare. No thank you.
    Marveling: TRANSFORMERS *squeal*
    Wearing: striped socks with pencil skirt in the office. Quit staring.
    Reading: This is Ess. I must say you have been an inspiration. Since I discovered you in March I embarked on a journey to discover my feminine side too. Your blog has helped me along. Thank you. 🙂

  • Lornah Archy Abaki

    hands down on transformers 4!!!!watched it on tuesday and damn! cant stop being excited over it, to an extent i want to tell the story over and over. Optimus Prime, anytime…

  • Muthoni Njagi

    Aaaaaw Sharon! You make us feel so special and loved, like a small family. I love your blog, it’s so warm and feels like you are having a one on one honest conversation with us. There’s a lot of love and warmth in your blog. That’s what keeps me coming back. Keep doing what your doing. I am really happy for you, for all the good things coming your way.

  • Leena

    So proud of you Miss Sharon…you make me feel so at home:)

  • Angela Wanja

    Orange is the new Black!! Totally obsessed! i love when a show doesn’t have me waiting weeks to watch the next episode.. Great read as usual

  • Phenominal Woman

    Warsan Shire anytime!

  • Wow!..this is great! glad you shared the video link. I teared after watching it :).

  • Patricia Kihoro

    “I hear her say she watches something called Game of Thrones every Monday with her friends.”

    This gave me the warm fuzzies and brought tears to my eyes. Can we start again? Also, Oakland Media was your dad’s? Super! I went to graphic design school and thought about working there once. Ok bye. 🙂

  • Mercy Stacy

    that dress is gorgeous my darling

  • Ibtisam Kimathi

    Hey Sharon,i just watched the #LikeAGirl video,its amazing thanks for sharing,what’s even better is the article by your dad.. I love it masha’Allah. Do know we too are very proud of what you are doing(just saying).
    Much love.xx

  • Sue

    Enjoyed reading the People Daily article. Interesting that your Dad used to be in the media industry, you are clearly following in his footsteps albeit in a different way. Maybe digital media is what will finally take root, online magazines and such. Good stuff, keep at it!

  • Monday Muli

    Love the positive energy flowing through your words Sharon! Currently watching the black list ;me being a sucker for drama and the like! though having to wait a while for season 2..*bummer* anyway always a joy reading your blogs !

  • Neemah Mwamburi

    Oh yes! Here we are, I really love this taking stock thing.

    Find my version at:

  • Cooking should definitely be changed to eating. I remember reading Goosebumps as a little girl and I wish I had kept my collection, smh!

    I did my first taking stock. Take a look.

  • Wacuka

    Ess,I agree dads are the coolest! I love my dad so much.

  • njau_s

    It’s so amazing that even before I clicked to watch the video … I already knew in my mind the video #alwaysgirl#… so beautiful…

  • I still don’t understand how to do a stock taking 🙁

  • tabitha

    hi, kindly let me know where you bought the book (teaching my mother to give birth) n how much it was? looked for it in book stores in town and i cant seem to find it.


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