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It’s been a minute since I did a fashion filler and I’m about to give you one that might be a little controversial: matching your lipstick to your outfit. 

Now, this can be a little tricky because let’s be honest, being too matchy-matchy can be a hot mess. Pink lips, pink eye shadow, pink top, pink shoes, pink bag = not so cute unless you’re doing an editorial spread for Vogue. However, sometimes the idea of matching your makeup and outfit can be quite charming and, as in this case, maybe even a little sexy. Lady in red, anyone? 

I believe what made this outfit work lied in the simplicity of the look. A simple red dress, lipstick to match and minimal jewellery and accessories. Because red is quite a bold colour, I let it take the lead and made sure everything else was quite muted which is why I believe it worked out. 

I wasn’t so sure about the dress when I first saw it but once I tried it on, I fell in love. It took me back to a Craig David song where the lead woman in the video had on a beautiful red dress. I’d link the song here for you but I’d probably have to watch each an every one of his songs since I have no idea which one it is. Sorry! You’ll just have to take my word for it when I say she worked that dress.

I didn’t have a lip colour that matched the dress perfectly so I did the next best thing and mixed two different ones to get the perfect match. Wore this look to an office dinner and to keep things a little interesting, I went for a clutch with black and green hues and kept my shoes simple with black strappy sandals.

As always, thank you so much for reading and talk soon!

Red Dress – Mimi Online Shop 

Lipstick – Nakshi Nouba no. 46 and 7

Watch – Daniel Wellington

Studs – Mr. Price

Shoes – Zia Collection (also pictured here)

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  • Jean


  • Wacuka

    You look stunning!

  • Joan

    Loved the look! Hope to get a stunning red dress too :-)…soon.

  • Joanne…

    oh wow!can i have the dress now? :-p

    Stunning as always! <3

  • Ida Achieng

    Looking lovely, wish I could see the shoes though.

    • Sash

      She’s given a link to another post where you can see the shoes….

  • Nelly Wamuyu Thoithi

    Werk it! 🙂

    I want to know how Victor is always available to take your pictures?

  • Just Ciku

    This is exquisitely stunning. Love the look. I love red; might even wear a red dress for my wedding.

  • Love it!!I also match my lippie with my dress, though rarely.Fashion Rules for who???

  • …and you working it.
    the shade of red is bold and unique, unavutia 🙂

  • Winnie Wainaina

    Oh My God,you look so amazing.Which nail polish is that?It looks gorgeous

  • Andy Styles Karanja

    …Fashion filler…nah..could we just say Fashion Killer.!! 🙂

  • If I were a lady, and you ask me what I’d do to get that dress, trust me, (if I had one), it’d be my husband. Looking crisp!

  • Nta ya kaNOUBA. Let’s see who gets that one (cf. the lipstick)

    • Just Ciku

      Kiwi imetengenezwa kwa nta ya ka Nouba. haha I think.

  • Kidi Gal

    Love it love it!!!

  • Cici_F

    2 words…Killer outfit!! Just gorgeous!

  • Nicole Ndutah Päjérø

    Your slaying it Sharon

  • Pasha


  • Ndanu

    I believe the song by Craig David that you’re referring to is Seven Days, A classic song and you’ve pulled this classic look so effortlessly. First time posting but I’m a huge fan. Three cheers to all your fabulous posts!

  • Amanda

    Red lipstick + red dress is always a winner! On Wednesday, 13th Aug 2014 (just a few days ago, mark you). Mel B the former Spice Girl was decked out in all red and subtle gold jewelry for a night out.

  • Deedee Murigi

    Bold Red,a win win!!

  • Ceecee

    reminds me of this dress

  • Ceecee


  • Well, what can I say, its perfect. Red is such a bold color and once you find the perfect shade for your skintone,its perfection all the way 🙂


  • savvykenya

    I loooove the dress!

  • Erika Bingi

    wanted to see your shoes 🙁

  • Lisah


  • Virginia Maina Bizna

    this is perfectly stunning as usual though comenting for the first time I have been walking with you through all tis journey.

  • Definitely it works with the simplicity of the outfit, be it a dress or top and bottom. Love the dress though

  • Beldina Gikundi

    That dress is the bomb dot com! Love it!

  • Mercy Stacy

    The song is called ‘lady in red’ and you look lovely nyc day.


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