Victor Peace

Allow me to introduce you to my very first jumpsuit. I call her, The Jumpsuit.

Original, I know.

I’ve always admired jumpsuits (and rompers) but I never found any that I thought sat well on my body. I needed it to accentuate my figure and have a tapered fit around my ankles but none of them really hit the spot for me. Until this one. 

I actually was about to leave the store when I found a few of these pieces hanging in one corner and even though at the back of my mind I believed it wouldn’t fit well, I decided to try it on anyway. Needless to say, it came home with me.

How’s your week been? I took a quick trip to Mombasa over the weekend for Tifa’s wedding and got back yesterday feeling a little under the weather. Feeling a lot better today though, thank God and I can’t wait to share the pictures with you! 

Talk soon muffins.


Jumpsuit & Belt – MIMI Online Shop 

Shoes – Zia Collection

Sunglasses – Aldo 

Clutch – Gift from my girl, Mondy

Earrings – Runway 


32 responses to “The Jumpsuit”

  1. Winnie Wainaina says:

    Amazing!!!!i love the minimal make up too.Girl,you rock!

  2. Belinda says:

    Awesome outfit, love the clutch 😉

  3. Njeri Waigi says:

    incredible taste and style….simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

  4. Jayne Maina Ze'Queen says:

    You look awesome, love the belt. The only problem with jumpsuits is when one needs to use the bathroom, or is there a secret. Educate a sister.

  5. ArmchairFashionista says:

    You look gorgeous!! I feel like a closed pointed-toe stiletto would have done the silhouette of the jumpsuit more justice. The shoes worn in this post go better with an A-line dress or flared pants, basically anything that doesn’t taper towards the bottom. Nonetheless looking beautiful.

  6. kalekye says:

    It fits you perfectly, you look amazing!!

  7. Deedee Murigi says:

    The lace detail on the jumpsuit makes it look even sexier….you look amazing!!still waiting on the hair post Miss Mukami

  8. Kanyaa Muthengi says:

    i love it….. though I only tried once..maybe i should try the one that fits

  9. Nancy Muholo says:

    Looking great! Your long hair is definitely back. Now about to that hair post..

  10. Not a big fan of the jumpsuits on ladies but the lace, exquisite! Go you

  11. Charlie says:

    I’m not big on jumpsuits but…Goodness! Love the waistline on this one…(,**)

  12. Lillyanna Nimmoh Nyandia says:

    I love it dear,

  13. Wacuka says:

    You look stunning! And I agree with Jayne Maina Ze’Queen the only problem with jumpsuits is when one needs to use the bathroom.

  14. Phenominal Woman says:

    Looking lovely Sharon!

  15. Ms. Shee Art says:

    the details on it…..aww… i love, looking good Ess.

  16. Mercy Mwanikih says:

    i love how u look.

  17. Ida says:

    Loving the jumpsuit. Looking gorg.

  18. Difna Mogiti Mosongo says:

    Simple yet so elegant. Oh, coveting the shoes!!!

  19. Natasha Ahere says:

    You look amazing! Love how this look is so simple yet so elegant.

  20. Karen Miriam says:

    I love the delicate lace on the jumpsuit. It definitely oozes a little feminine vibes and those statement earrings are such a beauty


  21. maureenbandari says:

    aww sharon you look good and original or not, this indeed is THE JUMPSUIT. love it

  22. Sharon Lwane says:

    Love the outfit 😉 Please do a hair post soon, the hair is Back!! okay not like it left or anything but some of us could use the hair regime post to improve on length etc

  23. Cici_F says:

    This is one lovely jumpsuit..hands down! And it fits you very well!!

  24. Ida Wambui says:

    I just had to stop looking because I was starting to tear.But seriously Ess how can you be so flawless?You totally nailed it.

  25. Dhvani says:

    I got a jumpsuit similar to this from Zara once and it’s been a staple in my wardrobe since. I like s because you can dress them up but you can also make them simple and classy.

  26. margie kinyua says:

    Looking good

  27. Esther says:

    That jumpsuit is to die for!!


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