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 Remember that time I declared that I’m on a mission to get 100 dresses? Well this little number reminded me why I was so keen to fill up my closet with dresses! I love, love, love the crocheted details on the side and, considering I’ve always been one to focus on accentuating your curves, the position of this detail hits each spot perfectly. 

Wore it to the annual Akili Dada conference where I was part of four women on a panel where we discussed our take on leadership and innovation. Despite being rather terrified at first, the experience was fantastic and I instantly fell in love with their vision, their programme and the sweet girls I got the chance to personally speak to. 

And in non fashion-related news, I just recently watched the HBO documentary on Westgate and more than ever, I am convinced of how important it is to do good and give back whenever you can. There might be evil people in the world ready to inflict pain on others, but there’s also loads of wonderful, kind hearted folks willing to bring happiness to others through acts of love and kindness. We just have to choose to be part of that movement. 

If you’ve been trying to figure out how to give back, I’d suggest joining the Akili Dada programme. And for those of you who are already part of a charity or programme that you really believe in, please share the name of the organisation in the comments below! Hopefully we can each find a cause we believe in and start giving back in our own small ways. 

Lots and lots of love.


Dress – Mimi Online Shop 

Shoes – Ley’s Boutique

Bag – Forever 21

Earrings – Mr. Price

  • Terry Mganda

    Smart is the word.

  • *crocheted details* unless my home science lessons were for naught.

    Absolutely love the look. I see favourite sling bag is back!

  • Mumbi

    Gorgeous look Sharon… My organisation-> El-Sistema Kenya … The program uses music as a tool for social change in the Kawangware area and Im a violin tutor there (we teach primary school kids). 🙂 This program started in Venezuela and has quickly spread all over the world. The point is to use/empower people in a particular community to create an impact and change in their community.
    All the best with Akili Dada. 🙂

    • betty

      Hi mumbi congrats on your organization
      do you teach adults violin?

      • Mumbi

        Hi Betty, thanks. Well, in this particular organisation we don’t teach adults just children.

        But if you want violin classes there’s a great school i can refer you to. The Kenya Conservatoire of Music. the teachers are A-grade so you’ll be sure to get your money’s worth.

  • belynda

    Hey Sharon✿ϟ , You look Amazeballz!! *to say the least*. Now About those heels… thy are gorg! I am a Respectable lady but photo No 2 makes me wanna single *Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle

    Just a little bit of… swing* …….✿ϟ ✿ϟ ✿ϟ

  • Chantelle Swiriepie

    wow I think you just found me I have no particular organization just organize visit to various children with my pals once in a while but I think can become part of, please fill me in the details on how to go about

  • elle

    The crochet detail is beautiful. Love a dress that stands out without needing accessories to jazz it up.

  • Kaphoi**

    looove the shoes….looking amazing

  • Kanyaa Muthengi

    the shoes… i love them…cute dress too

  • grace

    such a beautiful dress! interesting detailing.
    And.. Blessed are they who give….

  • Deedee Murigi

    You look gorgeous Miss Mukami…the detail on the dress elegant!! And we all need each other in this life,good work with the Akili Dada.

  • Charlie

    Love the heels especially the bow! Check out The School Series Programme (,, This is a non-for-profit organization that provides pyscho-social life skills and mentorship to Kenyan youth. We have a Life School seminar coming up on 4th October for guys aged 18-25 years old so have a look at or social media pages for more information.

  • Cici_F

    Really pretty piece…remember seeing it by the window at their shop. I saw a picture of you with the girls (can’t really remember where) but I was soo inspired!
    This is the charity group I’m in – a couple of friends from campus going for visits to children’s homes and doing a bunch of stuff for and with them:

  • Guest

    Wooow amazing i love …My organisation Friends of the child -kenya

  • Sharpay

    Woow gorgeous,doubletap# Friends of child- kenya

  • Lillyanna Nimmoh Nyandia

    You look so cute and elegant doll, Lotsa Love!

  • njeri waigi

    Lovely dress Sharon.
    I love children so I pursue causes and initiatives that involve children’s welfare.
    On my birthday, I visit any children s home. I celebrate with them-cake, candles and gifts.
    A friend of mine runs an NGO that provides for motherless children an education; I volunteer my time and resources throughout the year.
    So anything that caters for children-I stick my head into it gladly and happily.
    Its encouraging that you and others are going beyond to reach out.:)

  • Maya

    Once again glam outfit too casual a bag. Black shoes and structured black tote would have worked just fine. The brown shoes and bag would have gone well with a yellow, orange or green outfit.

  • Maya

    Popular UK blogger and vlogger Shirley B.Eniang has some great lookbooks on her YouTube channel that includes what bags to carry with which outfits do check her out if you can.

    • Sish

      i agree with you Maya. if i see this brown hand bag in another post i will screeaaammmm

    • edwina mapenzi

      I like you already, mentioning Shirley B. Eniang♥

      • Maya

        I love her! She has great style and it helps that she is African too so relatable:) I can see her ma fans are in the house lol

        • edwina mapenzi

          I sense the beginning of a fan club 🙂

    • Rebecca Mwangi

      i love that channel too! 🙂

  • Natasha Ahere

    I love love love the crochet details on the dress and it looks amazing on you! The shoes are also cute though I wouldn’t pair them with this dress.
    I’m not a part of any organization at the moment but I do try to give back when I can. I love volunteering at children’s homes…new life to be exact. I love children and it’s always a great experience.

  • I am waiting to watch that documentary even though I am Nigeria. A kenyan boyfriend and my increased ability to speak swahili has made me realize that there is space for one other cool country in Africa: Kenya, lol! And dresses? always the way to go!

  • nice dress. i tend to agree that you may need to invest more in variety of bags . the shoes also dint do enough justice to the dress

  • yriimo

    Lovely dress Sharon:-) My friends and I donate sanitary towels and underwear to needy girls Currently working with the Rev Muhoro school for the deaf and a group of Karate girls from Mukuru kwa Njenga.

  • Kaluhi

    PERFECT!! I particularly love the shoes, so feminine! Keep it up Sharon.

  • TheReelRhee

    the dress 🙂 🙂 nice to see you give back to the society!you are amazeballs!

  • Pretty Pretty everything!!! love love the colour blocking!!!! gorgeous !

  • arti-arte

    every woman should have a few dresses in her how how you styled your outfit.

  • Janet Kanyora Kay

    This dress is everything Love it & love the shoes as well!

  • Mkhana

    Love the dress. I have a similar one but mine is mostly white with black side paneling. It gives me curves for days…which I adore! Not a huge fan of the shoes and bag combo either BUT, girl, you rock it! As for NGOs, I work in public health – focus on Maternal and Child Health and I am currently working for JSI Inc in Ethiopia on some interesting things programwise. You are absolutely right, we ought to all give back whenever we can.

  • Peris Ayuma

    Looking forward to the day we see another bag on your blog this brown bag is tired!! Love the post though <3

  • Rebecca Mwangi

    this dress is so glammy! *new word yaaaay*
    really curved out Ms Sharon 😉
    Giving back is so priceless.. I work with A Media/Ministry, we visit high schools during the term and also have a Bible study for young Adults in that we have small groups and the group I am in , we visit Children homes

  • Winnie Odande

    Love the dress. Working on my CSR project, hoping to launch it next year. Thanks for the challenge.

  • Marcey Akoth

    I love this dress….. so beautiful…. i want it


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