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As a creative, I don’t think you can ever fully remove yourself from your art – be it architecture, singing, flower arranging, sculpting or blogging. I also don’t think that you’re ever fully satisfied with your work. Eventually, you become obsessed with getting better, faster and providing an improved overall experience for your supporters. 

I understand this now and I realise just why it was hard for me to blog the past couple of weeks. August was a good month – like, a really good month – and all things blog related seemed to be going great. But then came the realisation that I had to top that and that freaked. me. out. How do I give more of myself to you when I already feel so stretched?

Last Sunday, I had a little melt down. 

I think the pressure of knowing there’s more and more eyes on my work, realising that that comes with increasing expectations and knowing that I have to do most of the work myself got the best of me. I still don’t have a perfect solution to this but I’ve had enough time to think and clear my head and this is what I know for sure: 1) There is no harm in taking a break and no need to feel guilty about it; 2) Quality over quantity, any day; 3) I can’t do everything myself. 

And so here I am with one mended spirit, three new lessons leaned and the second post of the month. As always, thanks for reading. 

Love and love, 


Dress & Belt – MIMI Online Shop

Shoes – Store 66

Earrings – Mr. Price

58 responses to “Sky High”

  1. And in order to continue giving consistently improved quality, you sometimes need to retreat, learn/relearn and recharge. Pewa off day!

    As for the shoot, sky high indeed. I like the blend between outfit and background

  2. Shee says:

    I understand the pressure Sharon…but I believe I speak for most of us when I say we love you just the way you are…reading your blog feels like talking to one of my friends…also..very nice outfit!!

  3. M says:

    It was worth the wait. where is this?

    Much, much, much love to you and yes do take the break

  4. Andy Styles Karanja says:

    Thank you @thisisess for making it to my screen saver 🙂 Lol.

  5. Kanyaa Muthengi says:

    awwwwwwwwwww cute…

  6. Ida Achieng says:

    I totally feel you… ‘how do you give more when you already feel streched’! Its something we all feel at some point in time in our career paths or in our crafts or even in business. Its this time that we should take time off and just reflect on stuff, assess our actions in terms of inputs vs outputs, even check up with our mentors to find out if we are still on that path we want to be. Ask your close friends what they about that which is eating u up. Write it down gal.. its therapeutic. Take a walk and in the quite nature trails we clear our minds and allow new energies to flow into us.
    I missed you on the blog at the start of September. But I knew you would come back with amazing pieces.
    Looking lovely and I hope you bag home the SOMA Award uou have been nominated for. I have been really voting.
    Quality over quantity always..♡♡

  7. belynda says:

    Hey Sharon …Si you know i looove you,your wit and fashion sky High #nopunintended not tht i dont love tht dress but aint it too short? Did you go to work with it? Was it for the photo shoot?…..Can you recommnd leggings with it……Jus asking ….

    • Sue says:

      The dress is obviously short. I think the level of appropriateness depends on where you are wearing it. To the office, IMO not appropriate. Night out?quite possible. The social norms of the locale you are in also matter. I feel like Nairobi is trendy but people also tend to be conservative in some ways so this would probably raise some eyebrows. In some other places, hemlines this short are not uncommon in the heat of summer(this includes shorts, rompers etc). That said, if I had to wear this piece, it would be with pantyhose or tights.

    • Miss Sharon says:

      Not too short for me! Especially since it’s pretty conservative up top.

      I wore it to the Lux red carpet event a few weeks ago – definitely wouldn’t rock it to the office!

      I reckon sheer stockings and some black booties would look good too 🙂

  8. joan june says:

    i was just about to ask for a daily blog 🙁 but i would understand a break

  9. Belinda says:

    You are an inspiration and am glad you passed this message( needed it). Gorgeous outfit, much love. Cheers

  10. stacia_mundia says:

    i know how it feels to be under pressure, and maintaing top notch quality its hectic but fulfilling in the end. Dnt give up as they say when the tough gets going,the going gets tough,lots of love dear

  11. Natasha Ahere says:

    I have been waiting for this outfit post since I saw pics from the lux event. Love it! I can understand why you had the melt down, I’ve had so many sleepless nights thinking of how to perfect all the things I am working on and although it’s easier said than done, sometimes you just need to pause, take a moment and just breath. So it’s not bad to take a break, besides you always come back better and I’m sure your readers can see and appreciate all the work you put into your blog, I know I do!

  12. Milania says:

    True Love page 91 August 2014 for all those who have been asking who “friend” is sorry Sharon I had to dig after I saw that photo.

    Meanwhile why are shops such as Mimi Online selling Primark clothes that they bought for less than 1k in London for 4k come on now they should get serious. Primark they of the “atmosphere” brand have never been known for quality clothing even though they seem to be getting better but if they were selling for example Zara pieces for 6k that is okay because of the quality it will last you long but Primark for 4k plus no thank you.

    The reason Primark is dirt cheap is because their clothes do not last long so you are always going back to replace them because they are dirt cheap get it. If in Kenya look out for labels from Zara, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridges, H&M, M&S aka Marks and Spencer look out for labels like “per una” “autograph” “M&S Collection etc” Those ones have a longer guarantee than Primark. Unless you are buying Primark from flea markets like Toi, gikosh etc that’s ok coz they are like 50bob or 100 bob but as for buying Primark at boutiques for 1k plus no bueno those ones are a rip off!

    • Nelly Wamuyu Thoithi says:

      I didn’t know Mimi clothes are Primark clothes. So disappointed! Glad I haven’t purchased anything. Such a shame! SMH

      • Milania says:

        Not all but some of them are Primark I was in the shop recently and was so disappointed at the ridiculous price tags for Primark clothes.

    • Sue says:

      Maybe the markup is related to the costs of importing the clothes i.e. duty, taxes and the owners’ markup. It does not justify everything but that could be the case. You are right about Dorothy Perkins and Miss Selfridges, I still have items that I bought in second hand markets that were quite durable. On H&M, I now find the brand to be a mixed bag. Some items are well made and others not so much. For instance I have blazers that could last a while provided one takes care of them, but a skirt I bought had stitches coming out on the first wear. When buying clothes, regardless of the brand, I think it’s important to pay attention to fabric, does it feel really light and flimsy? The stitching, is it neat? Do you have some that look like they could easily run? It really helps to have some mending skills to salvage some purchases. Lastly, follow the care instructions.
      Aside: In photo no. 10, showing all the rooftops: all that smog in the city. It obscures the horizon! Somehow I don’t think that’s Victor’s tricks with the camera.

      @Sharon, take time to take care of yourself. Schedule fun time just like you do work, unplug from all the media. Just chill.

      • Milania says:

        @miss_sharon:disqus and Sue I get what you guys are saying the issue is not customs, shipping or flying to the UK. The issue is selling clothes that were bought dirt cheap from a store that is not exactly known for quality and being sold for thrice the price. Like I said I will gladly buy an item from Zara for 6k at MIMI no biggie but there is no way on earth I am going to buy Primark items for 3k, 4k heck even 1k. I am lucky that I can shop at Primark whenever I want maybe that is why I am biased. People need to wake up and stop being ripped off in the name of buying bad quality UK brands at thrice the price. A Primark vest top bought in January and worn weekly will not last you till June that is a fact. A Marks and Spencer vest top on the other hand worn weekly can last you up to two years and I am talking from experience. Primark underwear rips apart after the first wear and wash I have M&S underwear that still looks brand new 3 years later. Sharon we know you are a brand ambassador for MIMI so you will defend them from here to the high heavens no biggie as for me I will only buy Primark on my thrice yearly visits back to my second home of London not overpriced Kenyan boutiques.

        • MaryJane says:


          So you have the privilege of travelling to London, one of the world’s biggest fashion hubs thrice a year. And have access to more affordable and also better quality apparel. What happens to the ladies who don’t? They shouldn’t shop at all?
          Truth of the matter is, majority of the stores you go to in Kenya are overpriced. That’s the only way they can survive after considering all their overhead costs, costs of shipping their goods to Kenya including taxes etc. Or for whatever other reasons.
          So a dress from primark may cost 4k, you don’t mind paying 6k for a dress from Zara. A dress from Zara here would cost more than 6k so it’s the same story over again. Even Mr. Price in Kenya is over priced in comparison to South Africa.
          We all wish shopping in Kenya was more affordable. But it’s not, and there’s no alternative other than second hand markets. So until there’s more alternatives, and more pocket friendly ones, we will continue purchasing overpriced pieces whether from MIMI or from Mr. Price. Or perhaps wait until we can travel thrice a year to London. What other options do we have?

          • MaryJane says:


          • Milania says:

            Gosh it seems you guys don’t get the point it’s not about me travelling or being bi continental etc it is about over pricing and quality. It looks like y’all are clueless on Primark well I hope that you one day have the opportunity not just to go but live in the UK for at least a year and shop regularly at Primark and queue at the returns counter after every shopping trip then maybe you will understand my issue with MIMI selling cheap bad quality Primark stuff for thrice the price. Let me move closer to home if anyone of you has ever bought anything from those Eastleigh malls then you know that quantity rather than quality is the case over there now imagine someone coming to Nairobi and buying a dress at Eastleigh for 600bob then taking it back to Eldoret and selling it for Kshs3500 you wear it once or twice, wash it and the seams are falling apart, thread coming off, straps falling or if it was a jersey dress it is now twice the size and shapeless does that make more sense to you guys? I rest my case.

          • Sue says:

            @Milania, I understand your outrage about the pricing of clothes bought from Primark being sold at higher prices in Kenya. Yes, the owners of these shops probably are making a tidy profit even though the goods are not durable. I also want to point out that you cannot exactly equate you bringing in clothes for yourself and maybe a few friends to someone who decides to bring items in bulk to sell in their shop. That’s why I said having some local brands that offer alternatives is probably the best solution for local shoppers. Some competition might force prices down and if better quality is available, people would simply stop buying inferior Primark imports. And FWIW, your description of Primark seems quite close to Forever 21 where some clothes really would not last beyond one wash. I have also shopped in Eastleigh some of the items are similar to what you describe. However, most of my winter wardrobe e.g. sweaters is all from there having lasted many seasons and washes. Not all the merchandise is mediocre, you just have to know where to look.

          • Milania says:

            None of the links you shared told me anything I didn’t know before what was your point exactly? The fact still remains that Primark makes cheap clothes made using cheap labor which doesn’t last long has you going back to restock within a few months and the cycle continues why do you thing that half the womens mitumba clothing coming into Kenya bear the tag “Atmosphere”? You feel nothing giving them away when they no longer serve their purpose because they cost you next to nothing in the first place.

        • Sue says:

          @Milania, in one of the comments below you say: “I am so grateful that I am bi continental because the way people are ripped off here is ridiculous I do all my shopping in London. Kenyan shopping is just for emergency situations.” That’s fine, however this is not an option for many people neither is it sustainable.

          Miss Sharon and @Mary Jane refer to alternatives and that’s what people need. The second hand stalls work but I’m sure most people would also like to be able to walk into a shop and get exactly what they want without much fuss AND at a reasonable price. I commented before on this blog that having clothes manufactured in Kenya is the best long term solution. South Africa has some home grown brands, so it’s doable. Maybe it will happen in Kenya in due time. Relying on imports is a short term solution at best. Having things made locally also creates jobs. I’m sure the Kenyan economy needs more of those. One of the reasons the economies in Asia are growing at such a rapid pace is because they are making things that the entire world consumes.

          BillyJane adds a new perspective to the discussion: why are clothes at Primark cheap? It’s probably because they are cheaply made, i.e. low quality materials and by low wage workers who sometimes work under very bad conditions.( I say probably because I obviously don’t know where Primark factories are.) So the *cheap* fashion we buy does have a cost. I should point out that I’m not pointing fingers here, I have lived in the U.S. for a while and have shopped at some of these stores. Just pointing out some facts. See the links below:

          “The Wasteful Culture of Forever 21, H&M, and ‘Fast Fashion” – ‘

          The Hidden Costs Of Fast Fashion –

    • barbie wambui says:

      Fantastic point, great to see someone address the elephant in the room. I always wonder that, I had to educate my cousin when she got excited that I’ll be bringing her something from the UK saying please get me something from Atmosphere.

      • Milania says:

        THANK YOU!!! I am so grateful that I am bi continental because the way people are ripped off here is ridiculous I do all my shopping in London. Kenyan shopping is just for emergency situations.

    • Miss Sharon says:

      Hey Miliana,

      You know I had the exact same sentiments as you when I first started shopping for clothes – things felt a little overpriced especially after looking at the labels. But I’ve definitely had a change of heart since then.

      If you think about it, what options do you have to get the best deal ever? Fly to the UK and head to Primark yourself? Or perhaps wait for a friend who may be headed there… one day. Or maybe you could head on over to the Primark website and just buy it online and ship it here, only to go through the customs headache (plus their fees?).

      If you wait for stores to sell the items at cost, that may take you a loooooong while (read: never). I wish we had more of our own designers or international chains setting up factories here. I think that would make it a lot easier on all our pockets.

      Oh and ALL the pieces I’ve ever gotten from MIMI have been fantastic so prepare to see a lot more their items here, Primark or not!

      Man, this essay business is no joke!

      • yriimo says:

        I sort of agree with you Sharon BUT, there is making profit and straight out greed! How do you explain selling shoes worth 5 Euros at ksh, 1,700!! I recently bought cheap cheap stuff from Primark and when I see the same stuff being sold here for 3 times the amount I’m disgusted!
        I also agree with the fact that the stuff from Primark are not the highest quality clothes/shoes and that makes the overpricing even worse.

      • qiqipurpletooth says:

        @Milania…. my sentiments exactly! However,Mimi online has a website or Facebook page and other avenues where I think your issue with the branding and pricing could be better and exhaustively addressed.At the end of the day ladies, Primark or Zara,the price tags, where we all choose to shop at doesn’t matter in this context…The only thing that does matter, in my view is that this girl looks amazing and this what we should all be applauding and encouraging!#Girlpower #wcw:)

  13. Cynthia Maua says:

    Glad you are back Sharon:) Anyway, no one is superwoman, breaks are normal. Go gal! Team Sharon:)

  14. Cici_F says: had a melt down? *Huuuuuuuge hug* I think by now Sharon you should know that you’re good and we’ll take whatever you give..and from your posts, it can’t be anything less than don’t be afraid to do you! ION: I love the design of the dress..both the neck line and the flow at the bottom..and of course, pairing it up with our favorite, painful but awesome (at the same time) heels! Gorge!!

  15. Tasha says:

    Sky high indeed!!!! your work as always is lovely, and your melt down just goes to show how much effort you put in your work and were here to cheer you on. so you go gal!!!

  16. Mercy Mwanikih says:


  17. Nelly Wamuyu Thoithi says:

    I have had enough breakdowns in my lifetime to be forced to learn that it’s not that serious and sometimes we just need a break. Sorry about that, but I’m glad you came out of it with lessons learnt. 🙂

    Lovely post as usual. Victor keeps doing a great job!


  18. says:

    You look stunning Sharon! Keep up the great work with you blog. It’s not always easy though but being yourself like you always do and understanding that you’re not super human but will be the BEST version of yourself, is key. We appreciate you!

  19. says:

    You look stunning Sharon! Keep up the great work with you blog. It’s not always easy though but being yourself like you always do and understanding that you’re not super human but will be the BEST version of yourself, is key. We appreciate you!

  20. Phenominal Woman says:

    Shaz., YOU. ARE. AWESOME! You inspire me in more ways…let alone fashion. Take your time, take a break, et al..your comebacks are always phenomenal! We’ll (I’ll) be here…waiting for whatever you give us!

  21. Rebecca Mwangi says:

    Biiiiig bear hug sent your way Sharon…
    sorry that you had a melt down.. please know it does happen to us at a point in life and those three lessons you have learnt will keep you going dear.
    I am talking from experience..
    ION… You are my alter ego.. that dress is too hot for me to handle… and i again you Pun me away he he with Sky high
    Blessings and a joyful weekend to ya…
    if this counts.. you can always hire me as your P.A… 🙂

  22. grace says:

    So gorgeous…love the dress.. and its length as well… and yes to quality over quantity.

  23. Karen Miriam says:

    I definitely feel you. Its also a struggle for perfectionists too. All in all, always be yourself and try to think outside the box. Its not easy especially if its out of your comfort zone but with time you adjust and it seems like a breeze.

  24. Shiro says:

    I don’t think the skirt is too short,sometimes I think it’s how you rock the look that matters,and you definitely look good…

  25. MaxP says:

    this is awesome…

  26. MaxP says:

    anyone notice the tattoo on the left ankle…?

  27. TheReelRhee says:

    quality as always!!
    if you have time to spare, please have a look at this

  28. Lillyanna Nimmoh Nyandia says:

    I love everything in this post.

  29. Chantelle Swiriepie says:

    @miss_sharon:disqus Aaaaaaawwwww those shoes wow wow wow like like

  30. Mumbi Shokey says:

    No comments on these Primark vibes…But the dress looks as lovely here as it did when we met at the Lux event:)

  31. qiqipurpletooth says:

    Aaaaaaaw!!!….Sending you lots of bear hugs!I rarely comment, but as an avid reader and huge fan of you and your blog,no pressure ma!Blogging should be fun so post whenever and whatever!Block all the noise and do you boo!xoxo

  32. Joy says:

    My goodness, you look absolutely fantastic! 🙂

  33. another twiGGa says:

    i love love this look, the fact that it shows your endless legs, tiny waist line and the curves plus it covers the upper body & it’s not formal (floral)…. says your are a sexy confident fun loving girl… i’d be on my knee proposing, if you walked in my sight

  34. Mkhana says:

    Absolutely love the shoes, the dress and the skyline. In that order. Beautiful!

  35. Rachel Marie says:

    what a lovely outfit! You look stunning!


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