Victor Peace

If only I hadn’t already worn this dress to a wedding I attended a couple weeks ago, I’d have definitely worn it for the one I have tomorrow. I wonder if men ever have such dilemmas…  

There’s so many great things about this little number. Like how the neckline allows the shoulder blades to peek through in a very sensual, warm way and how the tropical print is reminiscent of a nice sunny day. Love it!

In other news, would you believe the trip to Mt. Kenya over the weekend left me with a sunburn?? My nose and forehead have been peeling like crazy. Who’d have thought!

Have a great weekend muffins and as always, thank you for reading.



Dress – MIMI Online Shop 

Shoes – Ley’s Boutique 

Clutch – Gift

Studs – Mr. Price

49 responses to “Tropical Burst”

  1. Miss Archie says:

    and we have a winner. o/

  2. Maureen Charlotte says:

    Hair post! Hair post! Hair post! We need a hair post!

    • Orange Girl says:


    • Miss Sharon says:

      Sorry @Marueen, @Orange and @Shawrie! It’ll finally be up next week and if it isn’t, I’ll personally visit you three and spill the deets on hair care!

      I’ll take the pictures this weekend and post it shortly after

  3. Pasha says:

    love this dress!!

  4. Wairimu Murigi says:

    The shoes are a killer so is the dress 😀 Love it.

  5. Cici_F says:

    Welcoming the warm weather with a bang!! Lovely S!

    • Miss Sharon says:

      Even though the whole of last night and this morning it was pouring, ha! I wish it could just get warm already.

      Thanks Cici!

  6. irene says:


  7. kiki says:

    Love the dress so Gorge 🙂

  8. Ndanu says:

    Sharon, I have a dress with a neckline just like this one. What kind of bra did you with it?? Strapless, no bra or the silicone bra??
    Pleeease help me out.
    Looooking great.

    • Miss Sharon says:

      I actually have a post on bras coming up next week..

      I recently got one of the self adhesive silicone bras which has been a life saver!

      • Ndanu says:

        That’s the one you wore here??
        I don’t have any of those for now… Can you suggest an alternative??

      • Njeri M says:

        Ma’am, might I ask if those bras can be used by those of who are overly blessed in that department? Those blessings need equipment that can handle them…

  9. Chantelle Swiriepie says:

    wow wow nice piece really love the look lovely weekend as well

  10. Blueberry says:

    You need to lift some weights for your shoulder blades and underarms to tone up and look flattering that dress. Great post.

  11. belynda says:

    Love the tropical effect as always …Your Eyebrows !!♥♥made my eyebrows rise 🙂 ….so how exactly do you maintain your eyebrows….how do you make em so nice an thick?…. A DIY one day maybe?…..XOXO

  12. Belinda says:

    Gorgeous 🙂

  13. Tasha says:

    The most unique thing bout your style is elegantly simple. your make up is always so nicely done that you look so natural and you wear your jewelery just right and the dresses flattering. Thats what i like most bout your posts. That said, please do a hair post soon.

  14. Lyz says:

    Love the dress!!!!!! 🙂 Oh the dilemma of what to wear! I know it only too well. The minimal make-up as always, is on point! Fab weekend as well!!!!! Baraka tele.

  15. Rebecca Mwangi says:

    love love loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  16. Ida Achieng says:

    I am actually wearing a dress with a similar neckline today…. I have worn it with a strapless bra.

    About this post, you look lovely, gorgeous, hot, graceful… *just incase they don’t mean the same thing* Those shoes are too preety.

    Finally a hair post will be up soon… and am sure the post on bra types will be very useful.

    Looking forward to these posts.

    Keep up the spirit Sharon.

  17. Sharpay says:

    Woow amazing ,hope your always thankful to God , of late i envy your life one blessing after another …Kudos muffin!!!

  18. Orange Girl says:

    o/o Bra post and hair post..thank heavens. Can’t wait.

  19. Tropical paradise is the word. I like. Very chic, and reminiscent of another era

  20. joy254xoxo says:

    ugh….i soo love you! great inspiration!

  21. Linda says:

    Looking lovely..the dress is on point!Congrats on your win

  22. Cheptoo Cece says:

    That dress is beautiful.
    What do you do to your hair to look so THICK??
    Muchos Love.

  23. Ndanu Maliti says:

    You talked of a wedding now I can’t wait to see how yours will be!! Goodness…especially with the knowledge of you having a wedding folder hidden somewhere. The dress is really lovely…now I want one! Project looking for one…

  24. Cynthia Maua says:

    Sorry for the sunburn, I experienced a bad one last semester during a class trip to the same place too. It was really bad but within no time, your face will be back to normal

  25. Sandy says:

    I love your blog…

  26. Dhvani says:

    floral dresses are great especially for weddings!

  27. Annrita says:

    Wow that dress is just refreshing to the eyes..if you know what I mean. You look amazing!

  28. lucy says:

    i love love love it

  29. TheReelRhee says:

    what sunburns? your face looks so flawless…

  30. Mkhana says:

    Personally, I love your arms in this pic. Actually, I like the dress, the clutch, your makeup and the hair. I am not a huge fan of the shoes but that’s only because I have an inherent hatred for brown/beige/tan stuff be it shoes or bags…no matter how beautiful they may be, but I do love that bow on them! You look beautiful, Ms Sharon. You are beautiful! One of the things I have always liked about you is (and this is certainly not a diss) how relatable you are. I mean, you are not perpetuating a super-skinny ideal of what beauty is. You are fit, comfortable in your own skin and ‘normal’ looking and I, for one, appreciate it. I look at your blog and I think, ‘Oh, I should try something like that…’ especially because it looks so great on you and I don’t leave your page feeling bad and thinking to myself how I have to become a size zero in order to get inspiration from your posts. Sorry for the long rant…I just wish people would stop projecting their body image ideas and expectations onto others…it irks me.

  31. Sandra A says:

    I wish Kenyan so called socialites would get tips from Ess on how to act like classy ladies. Ess is the definition of beauty and sophistication, all what the so called’ socialites’ do is twerk twerk yet Ess struts her elegant fashion sense has gained bigger and better opportunities than them. All I can say to Ess is keep on doing what you are doing you are a TRUE INSPIRATION.

  32. Graceâ„¢ says:



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