Photography by none other than Victor Peace!

The past few days have been the most exciting and unbelievably beautiful moments of my life, spent somewhere between cloud nine and heaven. I got engaged!! Engaged. My goodness, what a beautiful word. I honestly haven’t wrapped my head around it just yet.

But before I do, allow me to share the story of my engagement.

This Is Ess Engagement Story 1

The journey begun at about 3:30AM, 1st May, 2015.

Lonina, my boyfriend at the time, had fed me some false story about how he’d wanted to treat me to a weekend away. He’d also said that he’d wanted the trip to double up as a cool photo op for my blog so he’d invited Victor on the trip. Believe me when I say I bought his lies hook line and sinker.

I must confess though, I’m not exactly the easiest to surprise especially when it involves my work and he had to endure a few outbursts from me since I’d needed more information than he was willing to share. Haha! Poor guy.

So there I was, with 6-7 outfits, just as many pairs of shoes, and 3 bags in tow. Needless to say I got several strange looks as we were staying for only one night but can you blame me? Bloggers will be bloggers.

By 4:10AM we’d already picked Victor and we were well on our way. I was awake for about 56 seconds and slept for over an hour and a half. Typical Sharon behaviour.

This Is Ess Engagement Story 2

I woke up just in time to catch a glimpse of Mt. Kenya, which I couldn’t stop trying to capture since it’s usually hard to spot given all the cloud cover. I remember gushing about the picture and trying to edit it for Instagram and neither Lonina nor Victor seemed that bothered. Never really thought much of it though.

After a few wrong turns, we wound up at the airstrip in Nanyuki just before 7AM. At this point I was freaking out after realising we’d be going on a helicopter ride! I distinctly remember asking “Why is everyone acting like being in a helicopter is normal?” It was my first time ever and didn’t think the morning could get any better.

Victor, who’d go between taking pictures and filming the entire thing (I thought he was filming for my YouTube channel), didn’t seem that moved and I just brushed it off as him trying to be professional. Now, I realise everyone was probably a little tense about the hour that was to follow!

This Is Ess Engagement Story 3

Lonina had mentioned that I’d need to be warm and I’d carried a few light sweaters and scarves, not realizing that when he said carry something warm he’d actually meant dress up like we’d be going to the mountains. Literally.

He ended up giving me his extra jacket just so I don’t turn into an ice sculpture. Smart move, my friend.

This Is Ess Engagement Story 5

This Is Ess Engagement Story 4

This Is Ess Engagement Story 6

It soon became clear that we’d be flying over Mt. Kenya and I couldn’t stop squealing! It honestly was so magical; like one of those moments you feel so connected to God upon seeing his great work in ways that you never imagined. I kept looking over at Victor to make sure he was capturing every moment and every so often I’d squeeze Lonina’s hand and mouth I love you.

After a few minutes of circling the peak and exploring parts of Mt. Kenya that I never knew existed, let alone dreamed of seeing, we landed by Lake Michaelson.

I remember spotting an animal making a quick dash into a cave right before we landed and I quickly joked that even if it was actually a cheetah, it still wouldn’t stop me from exploring this place.

It was absolute perfection.

This Is Ess Engagement Story 7

This Is Ess Engagement Story 8

This Is Ess Engagement Story 9

Hamish, our witty and hilarious pilot, offered to make us coffee which we could have with some cupcakes and croissants that Lonina had carried with him. Seemed like a good idea to everyone considering it was 11 degrees and we were freezing our butts off at this point.

A few pictures and sips of coffee later, I wandered off to the shore of the lake, just to soak it all in and live in the moment. Lonina soon joined me and started to play one of our favourite songs on his iPod.

Quite frankly, I was so distracted by the scenery that I’m not sure I really paid attention to his cute little speech. It was only until I saw him reach into his pocket that I thought there might be more to this than I realised.

Seconds later he was down on one knee, asking if I would marry him…

…and I said yes!

This Is Ess Engagement Story 10

This Is Ess Engagement Story 11

You know how in the movies, it seems to be like a beautiful, emotional yet composed 30second affair? Well that was really not the case here, haha! I’ve been asked whether I could see it coming and my answer is not at all! Every time I show the video of the actual proposal and they see my face and reaction, there’s no doubt that I didn’t see it coming.

Honestly, it’s more hilarious than sweet to watch!

We spent a few more minutes soaking it all in and he endured the 10,000 questions I had for him. Hamish, who was hanging around the chopper the whole time, came over to congratulate us saying that’s the first time he’d ever witnessed that! Well, me too Hamish. Me too.

This Is Ess Engagement Story 13

We soon packed up and flew to Lake Alice – another spectacular body of water with the most beautiful blue hue within Mount Kenya.

I kept looking at my finger and seeing this piece of jewellery and freak out. Even as I type this I keep glancing at my finger and get knots in my stomach!

After about 15 minutes at the Lake, we flew back to the airstrip but not before Hamish had spotted the cabin that Prince William had proposed to Kate. I mean, all I’m saying is, Dear Royals, maybe we should have dinner sometime and talk about our little special moment on the mountain?

This Is Ess Engagement Story 18

Landing just made everything so real! I found a bunch of videos from some of my best friends that must have been sent while my phone was still out of network and immediately attempted to call my family with Lonina. I got hold of mum but surprisingly dad’s phone was off and Jeff hang up on me – making me think he was in class. What are the chances?

We eventually got hold of his family too and shared the good news – everyone was so happy!

This Is Ess Engagement Story 14

This Is Ess Engagement Story 15

This Is Ess Engagement Story 17

After a quick breakfast at the cutest little restaurant in Nanyuki, we wound up at Fairmont Mt. Kenya Safari Club and checked into our room. We’d been engaged for several hours now and it was all starting to seem a little more real.

A few minutes later, we go down to receive what Lonina described as The Package and I find my family seated right there!!! His family joined too and my love, Mondy, later appeared and I couldn’t believe it! Some of my favourite people in the world right there to celebrate one of the most exciting days of my life.

Pure perfection.

This Is Ess Engagement Story 16

This Is Ess Engagement Story 19

This Is Ess Engagement Story 20

The day was filled with laughter, kisses, love and it was all crowned by the most beautiful, vivid rainbow at about 5pm.

To everyone who made this magical day possible, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Love and love.


Now in as much as I’d like to stick to regular outfit posts and what not, I have to warn you that there might be wedding updates every now and then! I’ll create a different Category for it and if you’d like to keep up to date you can click on the tab to see what I’ve been up to.  Also, if you’ve got any tips, links or apps that you’d like to share to help me get ready for the special day, please do leave a comment below!


  • Joanne K

    Aww Sharon, congratulations!! I wish you the very best plus you guys make such a beautiful couple. God bless 🙂

    • Miss Sharon

      Thank you!!

  • Lynda Okoli

    Awwwww Sharooooonnnnn, Oh my gosh. I’m half asleep since it’s 3am here, however I couldn’t help myself but to read. CONGRATULATIONS to you and and Lonina! So happy for you. Ok, well off to bed, lol. YAY!!

    • Miss Sharon

      Haha, glad you got to read it!! And thank you 🙂

  • makena

    Congratulations so happy for you.That proposal was superb made me almost tear up in happiness though.

    • Miss Sharon

      I can’t stop smiling looking at the pictures!!

      Thank you!

  • Mwirigi

    CONGRATULATIONS!! God bless 🙂

    • Miss Sharon

      Thank you bud!! Sorry about all the Twitter fuss!

  • Patricia Kihoro

    Love to you and Lo hun!

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      Thank you my love!

  • carolkim

    Congrats Sharon and all the best……….that was a lovely proposal

    • Miss Sharon

      He outdid himself!

      Thanks Carol 🙂

  • Winnie Gaku

    Oh my Sharon beautiful story.CONGRATULATIONS Dear!
    Wishing you all God’s Blessings
    love you.

    • Miss Sharon

      Thank you Winnie!! Appreciate it 🙂

  • Congratulations Sharon, I loved reading this, felt like I was among you guys

    • Miss Sharon

      Aww thanks Eve! I’m glad you enjoyed the read.

  • Julie Olum

    This is amazing, Sharon 🙂 CONGRATULATIONS! xx
    Julie x

    • Miss Sharon

      :):):) You guys are amazing! Thank you for all the love!

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    Uuuuuuwwwww so happy for you. Congratulations Sharon. All the ver best. 🙂

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  • Lillyanna Nimmoh Nyandia

    Am I the only one who is crying right now, B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.L. Congratulations Love!

    • Miss Sharon

      Haha! Did you really cry?! Awww!

      • Niazaro Wordz Maneno

        Hehe, Nimmoh I would love to know as well. ati you cried? Meanwhile, Congratulations on your engagement Sharon!! wishing you an excruciatingly long life of happiness with Lonina. and cute little Ess’es
        Keep smiling!

      • Shiro Njenga

        i cried too,so perfect!

      • Wakio Coujoe

        i did, i confess awe moments ,,congratulations was so mad that ive been following you for God knows how long and now that you were engaged i could not view this site at last i did after several hours of trying. Congratulations again

      • Njambz

        Just read this, n ya i dd shed a tear 2, especially wen i got to the photo where he was down on one knee *sigh* and the “package!” WOW!!!!


    • Miss Fox

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  • lavigne oluoch

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    • Miss Sharon

      Hugs! Kisses! Everything!

  • Dionne Oguna

    Congratulations Sharon, so happy for you.

  • Dionne Oguna

    Congratulations Sharon, so happy for you.

    • Miss Sharon

      Thank you!!

  • Congratulations! What a beautiful place to have someone you adore propose to your. Wishing you all the happiness in the world.


    • Miss Sharon

      It was magical! EVERYONE should get proposed there!

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      Thank you!

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      Thanks Belinda! He definitely killed it 🙂


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    And to Lonina, well done young man!

    • Miss Sharon

      Wow, thank you Tracy! I’m so overwhelmed by the love!!!
      Thank you so much.

  • Moraa Asiago

    Aaaawwww Congratts…. You have a man that really adores you……. I remember me and my collegues drooling when he spoke of you on phone while ordering king steer burger lol….. I have never met either of you, but you are a total inspiration…. Genuinely happy for you both

    • Miss Sharon

      Oh Wow!!! Small world!! How did you know it was him?!

      Thank you so, so much Moraa!!

      • Moraa Asiago

        Well, he is the only person called Lonina 😀 (very unique name) and he actually took the time to talk to us and not just order,he was witty too…… He always sounded like a good person. Congratulations so much….. Waiting for the Esslets

  • nelly

    congratulations.A snippet of the video maybe…..

    • Miss Sharon

      I thought about that but we both decided to keep that actual moment between me and him!

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    • Miss Sharon

      OH MY GOSH! Really? I only realised after I posted but figured no one would be looking!

      Thank you Annie 🙂

  • AnnieG

    Omg!!! Your proposal is a fairy tale and you are so blessed to have such an amazing guy. Congrats Sharon&Lonina! PS: I noticed the ring on your finger from your IG you posted after the #bakeawards striking a pose 😉

  • Esy

    congratulations Sharon show us the ring 😉

    • Miss Sharon

      I will in future posts 🙂 I actually realised after I put up the post that I hadn’t when I got a few calls about it. Will most definitely share though 🙂

  • Esy

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      Haha! Can you believe it? It seems so bizarre.

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  • Wanjiku

    Congratulations on your engagement, Sharon!– and on breaking the internet 🙂

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  • Rosemar Mundia

    Congratulations….yaani I am so happy for you….I am all smiles!!! Looking forward to the wedding updates and posts…..#weddingcountdown #beautifulproposal

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    full of God’s blessings!

  • Razia Khan

    Congratulations Beautiful. Wishing you two a lifetime of happiness
    full of God’s blessings!

    • Miss Sharon

      Amen! Thank you Razia 🙂

  • Ida Wambui

    How beautiful!He is a sweeeeet thoughtful one that one.This will be one exciting journey.

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      He is indeed!!

      Thank you Ida 🙂

  • Ida Wambui

    How beautiful!He is a sweeeeet thoughtful one that one.This will be one exciting journey.

  • Angela

    Sharon! Congratulations!! That was such a beautiful proposal!! Lonina really did his homework. God bless you and your fiance! Best wishes as you begin your journey towards matrimony.

  • Angela

    Sharon! Congratulations!! That was such a beautiful proposal!! Lonina really did his homework. God bless you and your fiance! Best wishes as you begin your journey towards matrimony.

    • Miss Sharon

      I know, he did so well with this surprise! I felt so guilty for saying he’s crap at this stuff and giving him a hard time!

      Than you Angela 🙂

  • Sal

    OH-EM-GEE…..This is beyond beautiful!! Congrats and God bless you two. Melt, melt:)

  • Sal

    OH-EM-GEE…..This is beyond beautiful!! Congrats and God bless you two. Melt, melt:)

    • Miss Sharon

      I’m melting too!

      Thanks Sal!

  • Tony Muturi

    All the best Ess, that was magical. I know there are not many guys doing the congrats thing but I can understand. LL is one lucky guy.

    • Miss Sharon

      Hahah! Have you seen the memes going round?? I feel like that’s their way of congratulating me – they’re hilarious!

      Thanks Tony, you’re a sweetheart!

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    • Miss Sharon

      Thank you!

      Lovely name btw 🙂

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    • Miss Sharon

      He’s a smart cookie that one!

      Thank you Tracy 🙂

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    • Miss Sharon

      It felt like a movie! Except for my reaction, haha!

      Thank you 🙂

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    • Miss Sharon

      Not sure about the videos at this time though – we want to keep that one private for now!

      But thank you so much Sarah!!

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      Thanks Linda!

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      Mmmmmhh….well put….and really it’s about blowing her mind away, even if its simple, bring what she thinks is impossible to life…Congratulations Sharon

      • Joe Ni Mwakisha

        Well said, simple thing that can blow her mind away

    • Gladys

      lol ati terrific Tuesday…That killed me!

    • Maureen

      Haha my thoughts exactly
      Terrific tue

    • MavErick

      That terrific Tuesday comment jst nailed it hehehe

    • Awuor Marvin

      Sharon is not even fit to be described as a ‘chick’…she is a lady that oozes pure class and sophistication. Her level of finesse is beyond comprehension.

    • lynn

      lol Mr.Majani it just takes the right partner to do all that

    • josento

      kwani ni chopper ndio inaseal the deal ? mtu ni utu sio vitu

  • MaryAnne Wanza

    Congratulations Sharon!
    Really beautiful engagement.
    God bless you two and your families xx

  • Faith

    Wow….that was just AMAZING! i wish u all the love that the world has to offer. Ess you deserved such a beautiful experience. Still fascinated by this post ??

  • Jeal

    OMG!! I was one of those who believed the least in love, look at me now, so soaked up in tears and sniffing like I got flue….this is indeed a beautifully told story, truth in life and soap operas. Well Kenyan girls, there are still romantic men left!! Congrats This is Ess and Lonina, all the joy and laughter to you both…

  • Ida Achieng

    Congratulations Sharon!!

  • eve brookes

    woooow u guys luk soo awsme together….congratulation Ess its soo beautiful…

  • Wambui Kariuki

    I’ll be at the corner. bring me tissue!!
    Congrats girl!!

  • Gloria

    Aaaaaww Sharon I’m so happy for you :'( :'( Congratulations!! 😀 si you post that video on your Youtube? 😉 xx

  • Pumzi M

    OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! Congrats Sharon!!! I can’t wait to get home so I can sit back and read this properly…meaning I might end up commenting again lol Whoop!!!!!! 😀

  • Lora by Lora

    Congratulations to both of you. I used to secretly wonder who the lucky guy was 🙂 He proposed in the most beautiful, most romantic way. All the best.

  • …..Does Mr. Lonina have a BROTHER???
    CONGRATS DEAR, – I got butterflies and its not even my engagement. This is super beautiful.
    #CutestCouple in Town. {Food Blog}
    Can’t wait for the Ess-lets” {Kids}

  • watesh

    super highway lanes!!!!

  • Ruth Yvonne L’vuche

    congratulations dear. all the best

  • shallet mombo

    This man didn’t go an extra mile, he went 5 extra miles yawa! I could throw him a bachelors party just for making a movie scene Sharon’s reality. Can he start offering lessons to some of our brothers? Congratulations! Beautiful memories!

  • Connie

    Congratulations Sharon and Lonina soo happy for you two lovebirds

  • This is so sweet. Congradulations to both of you!! This is absolutely amazing!!

  • connie

    Aaaaaaaaw such a fairy tale ?? congrats!!

  • Eunice

    Congratulations Sharon.

  • Joyce Akinyi

    Congratulations Sharon!!! Best engagement story. So touching i cried. So sweet.

  • Karen Rukunga

    My day was boring until I read this, it felt like something from the movies…yaani Hadi your site crushed, he loves you sana and we love you too….congratulations!!!
    Now we hope to see more pics of him here

  • Nooooooo… Lonina beat me to it! Ugh! I swear I’m straight, but Sharon, I’d be gay for you any day lol!… I’m letting this go, for now, in another life though, I’ll be the first to propose haha! Congratulations sweetie!!! Looking at your pictures and the many snippets of your life that you share, I have learnt one big lesson, we get what we radiate, because, we’re not just human beings, we are energetic/vibrational beings and you my darling, you radiate endearingness (couldn’t find a better word), vibrance and so much beauty and I believe that’s exactly what you’re getting back from life.

  • Alma

    This is so beautiful. Congratulations Sharon.

  • June Jebet Migui

    Congratulations! I wish you and Lonina nothing but happiness, love and mutual respect

  • Brenda Wanjiru

    Congratulations sharon. May God bless your marriage.

  • Ursula

    awwwwww….*wipes tears while smiling*….what a joy you bring to our souls with this incredibly lovely story…so so so happy for you both..congratulations!!!!!…God bless and favour this beautiful journey you’re both about to start…love you plenty

  • Anne Naishorua

    Wow. Congratulations girl. I Didn’t even know Kenya has such beautiful scenaries . Am getting ideas now. My God bless your union

  • Irene Wa Kilingi

    Congratulations. This is ess. Happy for you girl.All the best planning your wedding.

  • Miss Fox

    Congratulations … Hehehe I have jitters…. Fairy tales are real I guess. Mine awaits.

  • Gayle Buluma

    congratulations Sharon

  • edgar

    Congratulations Sharon, couldn’t have happened to anyone better!

  • This is so absolutely beautiful and perfect and I’m so happy for you!!! What a wonderful story!!!!

  • Megan Omare

    such a beautiful story… bookmarking your wedding page lol 🙂

  • ada

    Woo-hoo!!!! Congratulations sharon!…one more thing I have with you in common *wide grin * besides being age mates, having the same kind of taste(lol),i also got married in MAY,though last year. The most exciting thing about your engagement for me is that it happened on my birthday!!!…you are a beautiful soul, I wish you the best that marriage could ever offer!.love from Nigeria…beautiful story!!!!.

  • maya

    absolutely beautiful! This def gives all us single women with unromantic experiences some hope! congratulations! and thank you for sharing this…do we get a look at the ring? 🙂

  • Joe Williams

    Wow!! Congratulation Buddy am so happy for you guys, may God always be with you.

  • Terry Nama

    he has really set the pace for other men out there

  • Eva

    GREATLY. EPIC.NO WORDS IS MORE WORDS.this is something that one should read and see at their own to understand the moment…it can not be told.Touche! congrats Sharon and Lonina….

  • Joy

    Awwwww!! So so cute!
    Am very happy for you Sharon, I have have had my left hand on my chest marveling at this beautiful story.. ??
    Congratulations!!!!!!! ?

    I should start practicing calling you Mrs. Lonina? Haha!
    My favorite blogger! ❤

  • Dave Davids

    Where is the video I would like to see it….awesom

  • Infinite

    Congratulations!! Beautiful engagement!
    Check us out on, happy to walk this beautiful journey to the altar with you.

  • Joey

    Yaaaayyyyy yaaaaayyyyyy yaaaayyyyyy *happy dance* read Beyonce’s XO ,Hugeeeeeeee Congratulations Sharon so genuinely happy for you #TeamThisIsEss

  • Carole

    This must be the most beautiful article I’ve read so far.So so happy for you.Wishing you the very best.Wow,wow,wow❤❤❤

  • Wanjiru Mol

    How beautiful. Hopefully my future one half is taking notes…and I DONT MEAN with a bic pen yawa! Congrats gal!

  • Roselyne Kabata

    ans this is one of those things that make me believe that there are these kind of men in the world! CONGRATULATIONS! 🙂 🙂

    • Chris Breezy

      The men are there. It just takes an exceptional woman to make a man go the extra mile!

      • Emandari

        @Chris breezy ,……VERY TRUE…..the word is …”exceptional woman” @Roselyne Kabata.

        • Roselyne Kabata

          And it also takes an exceptional guy to get an exceptional woman 🙂 and to think out of the box like he did. agreed!

  • Monique Brown

    Congratulations to you both! We couldn’t help noticing our Champagne Cooler in the pictures that we made several years ago… So to say congrats from Travellers Gift Shop & East African Canvas we would love to give you and your fiancé a new champagne cooler from us! Contact us Monique & Maggie through either the Facebook page for Travellers Gift Shop so you can come by and pick up your present! Congratulations again!

  • Gakii Alex

    congrats gurl…… this the most beautiful piece ive ever read from you

  • Sam Wakoba

    Great stuff!

  • Gabbie

    Omg wow …had no Internet access for a while then this is the first thing I get back to wow just wonderful….I think I can re read the whole story and be like awwww all over aging
    Congrats Sharon ?? all the best in what’s coming..???

  • Allan Oruoch

    I’m feeling challenged right now, aki my lady should not read this, eh ndio expectations zake zipande woi. But Congrats guys, wish you all the best. @Peace epic photos men, cheeerz!

  • N’ratili

    OMG!! Congratulations. My sister called me from my room and showed me the post on her Facebook feed and…. I couldn’t believe it until I saw your blog link and immediately screamed with happiness and happy fingers all over the place, jumping up and down.. #deepsigh, it couldn’t have happened in any other way, Congratulations!!!

  • irene kamau

    congratulations Sharon…you deserve the best

  • Eve Bekele

    This is the most romantic Kenyan love story I’ve heard. Am tearing up…literally. Congrats @ThisisEss

  • Sleem David Maina

    What a beautiful story. Wish you the very best

  • Pumzi M

    *sigh* SOOO beautiful!!!! You truly deserve all the happiness in the world and I’m definitely gonna be keeping up with the wedding posts! Congrats again Sharon! Blessings & blessings on this new and exciting chapter in your life 😀

    By the way … Do we get to see the video? Pweeeaasse!

  • Barbara Andiego

    How amazing and so thoughtful congratulations Sharon….i got engaged on my birthday in March am still not over it,so happy for you doll.A toast to new beginnings!!!!

  • sunny

    Hey, Sharon i have been a follower for over two years, I have seen this blog and your self grow. I just want to wish you a heartfelt congratulations, maybe this be the beginning of something beautiful.God richly bless you and future beau

    Now bring on the wedding posts, specifically hair posts.

  • How sweet.. Congratulations to both of you! Blessings

  • Camanii Bee

    congrats sharon…u r like the best at description..i went on the journey with you…cant wait for your wedding!!!!

  • bona reri

    what? swallowing my envy with a cup of green tea.Gloups! amazing story Sharon. That Lonina is for keeps! congratulations to the both of u

  • Emmah Karuana

    You should also share the video

  • Ngoma

    Awesome! Wish you well Sharon & Lonina! What a beautiful country we have.

  • Emmah Karuana

    Share video and the ring

  • Amazing piece. Hopes the next one will have flowers in it.

  • Fiona Mungai

    This is by far the best news I’ve heard all day today… So happy for you Sharon and Lonina, CONGRATULATIONS!!!. God’s blessings as you start this new chapter of your lives. Looking forward to seeing wedding updates…. yay!! Am a big Fan.
    PS: can’t wait to see the video and mostly…. the RING!!

  • Marie

    Congratulations Sharon! You and Lonani have set the standard for all other Kenyan couples out there! Do post your bridal salon visits for us now so that the rest of us aspiring brides can get to know where to get the good stuff! God bless you and you husband to be

    • Wakio Coujoe

      Its Lonina not Lolani lol

  • knollegga walubengo

    Beautiful story and congratulations… Enjoy the process, wedding planning can be stressful but make it fun. Congrats again

  • luks

    congrats so romantic xx

  • Eston Kimani

    So this ninja Lonina shatters my dreams just like that & does it with a friggin chopper and a mountain! Ninja how you do a brother like that?! huh? That ain’t fair… ‘isoright’. ‘Isokay’ tho’. Sharon you still ‘bae’ (whatever that means). Congratulations to both of ya’ll though.

  • Charlie Ulocha

    The standard has been set…congratulations

  • Maureen

    Levels upon levels this is simply beautiful, great aspiration for all little/big girls watching. Congratulation and happy married life. xx

  • Natasha Ahere

    Wow! This had me in tears. One of the sweetest engagement stories I’ve heard. CONGRATULATIONS Sharon! I wish you all the best as you start this new chapter in your life.

  • Collins Oddz

    Had you left out the pics, I wouldn’t have bought this story

  • david muriithi

    Yaani……Boy am I glad I got married years ago. This would have given me prrrrreeeeaaaasssuuurrreee!!!! 🙂 Seriously……..CONGRATULATIONS you two. This simply ROCKS!!!! I’m so happy for the both of you. And those standards set………..! 🙂

    • david muriithi

      ALSO…we want you to show us the crying pics…….the ones with stuff running down your nose. Stop hiding them 🙂 😉

  • Twahira

    congratulations. That is lovely and so romantic. You inspire me in your posts. All the best to you two in the years ahead

  • How utterly amazing and beautiful! Congratulations Sharon, May this be the start of an even more beautiful journey ahead!! Your fiance sure is a keeper!!! 😀

    Cara @

  • Miky Oloo

    Me nitapropose to wife kwa nyumba. Na ni yeye alipika. Madem kama Sharon wanafanya machali wawe single. Munaitisha vitu as if unaomba God……ladies engagement should be simple si madoido mob. The world is not a fairy tale. Hakuna living happily ever after. Uko in kenya

    • Miky, she didn’t ask for anything. The guy took his own initiative to express how much he values her. You on the other hand you want to place ,monetary value on other people’s love while at the same time you want your wife-to-be to be the one to show you how much she values you. Ati akupikie uki propose. Frankly, I don’t see your happily ever after if you keep up such a selfish attitude

      • Ivasha CyRoyal

        Well said Felix.

  • Absolutely beautiful!! Congratulation to both of you 🙂

  • Davy Dash’e

    Congratulations ? Sharon!! His the Luckiest guy ?.

  • Janice

    Best engagement ever, its such an amazing story felt teary as i was reading. Yeah will give u tips for planning a wedding as i did mine last year, the journey is hectic but worth it once u see the pics later on after the wedding day

  • Everlyne

    the family part…that was the grand cherry on the icing part…and I have brother like yours!!!!!!!!ha..awesome!

  • Daido Annette

    How beautiful, tearing

  • esther


  • Shanelle Gabbana Ells

    this is so beautiful…
    even the simplest words cannot express it

  • This is beautiful!! Literally been trying your site for hours ,glad it’s up!!! Really happy for you ????? such a beautiful love story ?????
    Share the video ????????????
    Okay overdone it with the emojis! Love and love

  • Robert Sigei

    i am speechless on this. i love this. i now term this as romance, real romance so cute so lovely so beautiful, hata mimi ningesema i do all over again.

  • WOW! This is so magical..Congrats dear..
    I literally shared tears of joy with you..
    Cant wait for the wedding updates…Yikes!!!
    All the best!

  • Anonymous

    The best writing you have ever done . Keep this up……!

  • Winnie Odande

    You are quite the story teller Sharon.


  • Ian Lai


  • Cindy

    So romantic. Whishing you and your fiancé baraka tele as you embark on this new chapter in your lives.

  • mary ngunga


  • Adnil Jasmine

    Beautiful is an understatement! I have no word to describe this!!!! I wish we had more men like Lonina..congrats girl and all the best in the new chapter!

  • Oh Wow, such a beautiful story.. Congratulations Sharon. Love and happiness to you and Mr.
    That is one helluva keeper..

  • Qoqopuffs

    It’s the best thing I have ever seen. You are such a special person to get such an amazing proposal. I wish you the best of luck in your new adventure

  • Kariuki Mwai

    I am inspired

  • Jemima

    “Aaaw” is an expression that came out of my mouth enough times, kept staring at the pics and giggling at the story hehe….. and when it came to the ‘one knee’ part my eyes filled up…. That was so cute and you guys make the cutest couple. Congratulations again. Stay blessed

  • Jane Wairimu

    So this is my first comment EVER on your blog, I think, though I’m an avid reader. First things first congratulations on your engagement. I was reading this great news yesterday & I couldn’t stop jumping in joy, well not literally but I was so excited for you. It felt like it was my special moment yet it was yours. I believe that’s the connection that you so effortlessly put across between yourself & your readers/fans. You’re such an inspiration to me as I hope to one day be a blogger as soon as I figure out what I want to put out there. Enough of that, I really do wish you & Lonina blessings galore as you plan your wedding & in your nuptials ahead. God bless you Sharon a.k.a Ess. Btw, I cant wait for wedding updates. If I come across anything that might seem to your liking, ill definitely suggest it.

  • viv

    congrats darling

  • Congrats Sharon. You and your man are an inspiration. I wish you a long and happy marriage

  • Violet
  • Congrats Sharon! I can’t believe your site actually crashed! Whoa! The love we have for you muuah! Wishing you and Lonina a very happy marriage!

  • KenyaNow

    Congratulations may God bless your union.

  • Mariam

    Congratulations Sharon! 🙂 🙂 This is so amazing!!!Am so happy for you! May God bless you on your wonderful journey together.

  • Yours Stacy

    Am I the only one who noticed the way he looks at you? Genuine emotions. Congratulations Sharon! Baraka Tele. God guide you both.

  • Anna

    Note to self: Raise your standards LOL..Congratulations Sharon!!xx

  • keshi

    congrats sharon ‘m so happy for you


    CONGRATULATIONS dear Sharon. Your engagement was just beautiful 🙂 Now I also want to get married ,. future husband better be taking notes. Lonina did it the right way. Thumbs up!

  • Simmon Njeru

    Congrats Sharon…one of a kind..lucky guy////

  • Kenn Mwangi

    Congrats and daaaaaamn…whole new level

  • Tooo sweeeeet… all means bore us with wedding details….!!!Bore us with everything…

    From” My Wedding story” to ”My Honeymoon story”to ”My Preggers story” .

  • Peris Ayuma
  • Too Alicia

    Congrats Sharon, it is beautiful.Congrats Lonina too for being a bold man… I keep re-reading this!!

  • Marion Godo

    omg….how romantic 🙂

  • Millicent Kurgat

    exactly lets dine together ,i was proposed there too.

    twas epic,congrtaulations to you sharon,what a lovely story

  • *tips hat* Hapo sawa. Wedding bells things. Excitement is rife here on the commentosphere!

  • Yvonne Anyango

    Finally got to see this <3 Congratulations Sharon

  • Christine Ndungu

    congratulations Sharon and all the best in the coming days

  • nancy

    congratulations dear very magical moment….

  • Wambugu Brian

    Hmmmm….thoroughly impressed.
    But Congratulations Sharon

  • Almasi

    Amazing. Congratulations sharon

  • Trish

    Congratulations, Sharon and Lonina! I was tearing up just reading this. One of the best proposals ever but do I say. And both your families joining to celebrate the engagement! I am lost for words. I am so happy for you both and may God bless you.

  • John Mugwe

    Congratulations and may your joys increase with every day lived together!!

  • Fred Valuer

    Now, who should be congratulated here? Everyone is congratulating the lady when i think its the dude that deserves all the praise!! #my2cents#

  • LL2

    So happy for you. Congratulations!

  • reenieshiru555

    this was quite surprising and thanks for Lonina raising standards for guys. also for achieving every girls dream of a unique and memorable engagement…..

  • little irene

    hi sharon… have no idea how much am happy for you…congratulations and may the good Lord bless your union.

  • Cecilia Wangui

    Congratulations Sharon on your Engagement…Lonina is a lucky guy and he sure has sent a new and over the top standard for Kenyan Couple Engagement Stories. Men you got work to do….its never only about putting a ring on it,its also how you do it…:) Congrats again cant wait to see the wedding gown you wear on your special day.

  • Lilly


  • betty

    cant wait for this wedding to happen

  • harriet

    wow this is just the most beautifull story im all emotions over here congratulations sharon you deserve it

  • Shiro

    Sharon major congratulations and you deserve every bit of the amazing journey ahead. I for one cannot wait to see wedding deets do share ALL and I mean bridezilla and all.

  • Joe Ni Mwakisha

    This is really great, all the best you two and big ups to the camera man-Mr. Victor Peace!

  • Lynn Muhoro

    Congratulations Sharon this is a beautiful story

  • Sinthia Peters

    Daaamn!!!thats has touched me aww!!
    So far thats my best proposal!!!

  • awww!!! this is soooo sweet!

  • Shalom


  • Mremboja Blogga

    Lonina gets 100% for a fab proposal. I’ve been married for over a decade. Your post brought a smile to my face and I had my goofy smile all the way to the end of the blog. Congrats to both of you and may your union ahead be filled with many more beautiful moments like this even when the “newbie in love feeling” is gone and the familiarity of marriage and married life eventually sets in!

  • Rhema

    Congrats ,,….Awesome post

  • Elizabeth Samuels

    check out white magazine on Facebook and flip through some of their wedding photography and decor , i think you will love them because i noticed your all about simplicity &sophistication …so yeaah hope you grab a few ideas here and there . congrats and goodluck 🙂

  • Wow!! totally loved how Lonina planned everything out perfectly and you ad no idea. Congratulations on your engagement Sharon. You deserve the best. Kudos to Lonina on pulling off such an epic engagement. All the best in your new life together

  • Joe Makori

    Wooow! The standards around here though.Wacha ni drop out of school.

  • Liz Thogori Kyumba

    Hi Sharon..please check out my page on Facebook for Your MOTHER OF THE BRIDE Dressing needs. Also, lots of bridal and bridal party accessories

  • Great peace and good work on the photos @victorpeace

  • Milcah Njira

    Magnificent! Congratulations girl! And thumbs up to the G.E.N.T.L.E.M.A.N!

  • Fey

    Oh my what can isay.Simply beautiful Congs Sharon.U are a sweet soul u deserve all this and more.

  • muraya

    Haki conrats guys

  • Congratulations! He really went ALL out for this one, wow! You’re very lucky to have a guy like that 🙂

  • Its My Ambition

    Its very clear that he’s an extraordinary guy who values you.Imma buy a whole bar for him someday..CONGRATS!!!!!!

  • Beautiful!!!! CONGRATULATIONS to you and my dear sweet “kid bro” Lonina 🙂 a very beautiful story

  • Kamutu Petronillah

    kudos Sharon…love is a great thing to happen to someone. It is actually the greatest commandment that Jesus gave to us. That was indeed one of the best proposals I have seen and I wish you and your boyfriend Lonina the best!

  • Prince Khamati Philip

    This is magical and spectacular…when a man truly loves…he will bring heaven right before his beauty. Congrats

  • Anita Mureithi

    Most amazing wedding decor planners i’ve seen to date

  • Skye

    Congratulations Sharon, thats awesome!

  • caroline

    Oh God, this is Kenya! beautiful! love love love it! congratulations dear.

  • Kinuthia Mbote

    congrats, that guy with deadlocks i think i can recognize him, UoN

  • Timothy Kiama

    Smh, Ninja so lucky! Congrats and all the best. Beautiful couple…in the mean time, Mwirigi and I are still mourning.

  • Mutuma, Dennis

    Congrats Ess and welcome to this awesome club!
    This is where life is sweetest and enjoyable!

    Wishing you God’s Blessings upon you and Lonina as you embark on this great journey and First project as a couple!! A few tips later!


  • sonia

    That was truly special, you deserve it!isn’t this the every girls dream engagement??? Sharon thanks for sharing!! Congrats and all the very best you two!!

  • yvonne nyokabi

    truly truly beautiful!! Wishing you guys all the best as you plan the wedding and in your marriage

  • Tony Mureithi

    This is AWESOME! Totally Awesome! Having your family around was also the most unexpected but well calculated reality! Smart guy!

  • peris

    This is lovely !!

  • Alexander Aliero Kagali

    Indeed you were in heaven and back…congrats

  • If this is the trend naona nikifa kapera. Lol!

  • Rose

    Congratulations are in order. Awesome moments right there.Me loving the whole bit.

  • linet

    nyc….am happy for you…lots of love

  • Eleanor

    Such a lovely story, congrats on your engagement….it is a beautiful thing 🙂 Got married in January and can tell you, it is the best memory in life you will ever have.

  • Dero Azin Derick

    congrats to both of you wish you well.

  • Jembe

    This Photographer though…On point

  • Eric Otieno Rixpoet

    All the best, Sharon. God bless you guys!

  • Marion Stevens

    Oh my God, it’s not me and going through it i was feeling it, freaking out, melting, so how much more did you feel? ha! every girls dream!

  • Vanessa**

    Dear Lord, send me a man as romantic..

    sigh :’)

  • Simaloi

    I think my eyes are removing some salty-like water. I’m like oh my! Sharon I’ll kill to be you

  • Job Levis

    Congratulations 🙂

  • asha

    had not seen this but hey…THATS LOVE.THATS deserve it angel

  • Tsuku


    • Aina Kapulwa


  • Aina Kapulwa

    This is too sweet!

  • Harryson Hihu

    This is the most romantic story i’ve ever read about,where did Lonina get those romantic ideas from?He must be very romantic.Those pics are dope and so real…

  • Maureen Makau

    you are damn lucky,thats so cool

  • Chukwu Uju

    It is not about the luxury items, it is about a romantic guy. Where are they? Sharon shared the story in the most beautiful way ever and her husband, he’s level of being romantic is 200/100. Guys do not be scared, its not about the chopper, it is about a creative romantic engagement story that a lady can share. Ladies, we love these things.

  • Pasha

    When you reread this every single time you get the chance to and feel this strong love! I can’t wait for anther post in the wedding section.

  • sanznoddez

    wooooooooow that was epic

  • Amy Wang

    Congratulations. These photos are so beautiful. You can try to design more unique and beautiful photo collage Best wishes to u.

  • paul

    amazing story right here.The stakes are high for every gentleman out there who wants to

    propose.Congrats Sharon and Lonina!!

  • Rahmo

    I came back to this story for many reasons like such beautiful pictures but the real real reason I came back is this one line………………..’I mean, all I’m saying is, Dear Royals, maybe we should have dinner sometime and talk about our little special moment on the mountain?’ 🙂 :-). I saw Lonina’s grandfather’s( sorry for your loss and may his soul rest in peace) church ceremony/mass on Citizen TV and all I’m saying is you are marrying into Maasai royalty!!

  • Jo Snelling

    Thought-provoking post . I was fascinated by the specifics ! Does anyone know if my assistant could get a sample CUT0068-4S form to fill in ?

  • Liza Sekaggya-Essaga

    Congratulations sharon! I have been married for 2 years now. All i can say, is go with an Open mind,ready to compromise, and be Patient. Love the proposal. So beautiful. Mine was on Skype!

  • Christella

    Congratulation Sharon, wishing you a very happy love story ahead…….

  • Pasha

    I can’t believe that I’m still reading this post for the millionth time..I just want to be invited to the wedding. That’s all. Thanks. lol

  • I know you are busy making amazing moves (thisisess for vivo) but i feel you forgot this category..hehe..hope to see something here soon 🙂 yes?!

  • Catherine

    wow, What a beautiful story. Congratulations girl. I would like to cover your nuptials I gues they are just around the corner. Please see some of my previous weddings.

  • Ingrid

    WOW! This is just amazing on all levels.

  • this is the cutest and emotional story i’ve ever read!!! congrats xo

  • Roy

    This is a lovely website. This engagement plan is very romantic and my girl friend will love it.

    Quicktime for Windows

  • mercy wambui

    That was so sweet i mean any lady would want such a proposal!!So happy for you sharon


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