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Making: Christmas plans already? Because I am! In fact my family got our Secret Santa selections done a couple weeks ago – now to just get the most epic presents.

Eating: Raisins more often these days.

Drinking: Green tea right this moment.

Reading: Adultery by Paulo Coelho. I shared a picture on Instagram a while back and saw mixed responses about the book… So far it seems ok. Just ok. That being said, please don’t share any spoilers please.

Wanting: (so desperately) to watch Adele live in concert so, so bad. As my 2016 wishlist gets longer and longer…

Playing: Home by Ella Eyre.

Wasting: no time in announcing that I hit 100,000k on Instagram last week! Still so excited!! Thank you to all you choose to follow my musings on that platform! 🙂

Creating: boards on Pinterest. After years of shying away from it, I’ve decided to finally give it a try. I still don’t get the fuss though.

Wishing: I was by the beach getting ready to watch the sunset at this exact moment.

Enjoying: How To Get Away With Murder! How can one show have so many twists? Also pretty excited about Homeland.

Liking: British artists quite a bit! I think their songs have the most soul and relatable lyrics not to mention all the artists with stunning voices… If you’ve got any favourites, please list them down below! Thanks.

Wondering: Whether El Nino really is in our near future. Not that I’m wishing for it to come already but I’d just be a lot more relaxed knowing that we won’t have a flooded Christmas.

Loving: Labrinth’s song, Jealous. Just for the record, it’s not like I personally relate to what he says because of some terrible thing I’m going through – I just feel like holding him tight and crying with him and telling him it’s going to be ok! And in case you couldn’t tell, it’s one of those Adele-type, really emo songs that may not be a crowd favourite but I like it. Speaking of Adele, thoughts on Hello? If you ask me, that woman does no wrong!

Hoping: for a productive last few weeks before the holiday calm is upon us.

Marvelling: at people who can do splits and 10,000 spins at one go and graceful hand movements. Basically I just want to be a ballerina.

Smelling: Green tea.

Wearing: My hair up in a ponytail.

Following: The Great British Bake Off on YouTube was so exciting! I’ll be honest and say I had tears of excitement when they announced the winner! Also, allow me to state what you’re probably thinking: I’ve seem to have caught the British fever. I don’t know what it is but they just seem to be amazing at baking and singing.

Noticing: that the Jacaranda tree is still in bloom makes this girl happy!

Knowing: that I’ve still got three major tasks to accomplish before I call it a day makes me wish I could just crawl into bed already.

Thinking: about life and 2015 and wondering what the future has in store.

Feeling: butterflies in my stomach right now.

Bookmarking: – I’d almost forgotten about this site for a minute.

Opening: Jimmy Kimmel’s YouTube page…

Giggling: at what I’ve found on Jimmy Kimmel’s YouTube page – his annual “I Told My Kids I Ate Their Halloween Candy” challenge is out! To be honest I haven’t watched it yet so I’m technically not giggling but come on, we both know it’s going to leave us on the floor.

(Still) Feeling: very inspired by this Oprah video which I discovered a couple days ago. It’s over an hour long so grab your tea/coffee and get comfortable, you’re in for an inspiring ride.

Love and love and an inspiring November to you!

This Is Ess Taking Stock Nineteen 4

  • Fiati Justine Nidiya

    nice one Sharon, I also share in your liking for British songs and Oprah (she inspires me too). And my heart goes out to Ed and Emeli Sande. wishing you a great November too. love always.

    • Bene

      I agree with you there, Ed Sheeren and Emeli Sande.
      Only listening to Jealous now, pretty intense.

    • I absolutely LOVE them!

  • beingrosemary

    I second you on that Adele does no wrong!Hello is now my repeat song…
    Amazing post Ess

  • I love Jealous and Hello is just on another level..damn!Adele is so good!
    About the book, so many people are onto it which makes me think twice about getting it..
    And I love ‘How to get away with murder’. You should try Quantico…it is the series to OMG!
    Btw What green tea do you take?The ones I’ve tried are so yucky!
    Lovely post..xx

  • AIKA

    I also discovered the Oprah video a few days ago and I am watching it right now. Great post Sharon!

  • Bene

    Glad to see Victor back at work here! Familiarity is hard to shake off. Haha.
    I like the disclaimer you made to stop people from assuming that you’re unhappy and that’s why you’re liking these songs, lol. It’s rough on these platforms hey? Lol. But awesome post, keen to read your thoughts on Adultery. Do you have a GoodReads account?

  • Coincidentally I’m doing green tea right now! I love Adele and Labrinth too. But my all time favorite is Emeli Sande! Now, where do I begin to explain my British fetish? I could start by telling you about their accent but that would take eternity to describe. So, lets just say I understand you.

  • Loving this post… It’s given me quite a number of ideas. Sending the love each right back

  • Shukri

    Kiwanuka is also awesome he’s a neosoul singer from london, should check him out ,awesome blog a friend recommended it,I’ve been binge since the weekend ?

  • titinti254

    I want to believe you are already in love with Ed Sheeran so i wont mention him(and he is amazing in concert), The weeknd(yes that’s the spelling) are pretty amazing favourite being ‘Earned it’ nothing to do with it being a 50 shades sound track..Sia, ‘elastic heart’ my current fav of hers.she is Australian but amaaazing voice, George Ezra..’Budapest’ sorry im getting carried away here..Ellie Goulding maybe?Hozier..No really i’ll stop now.. nothing wrong with a bit of British fever..though i must say current weather absolute rubbish!!which is pretty standard and Nadiya defo deserved to win #GBBO ..x

    • Lynda Okoli

      I love the Weeknd! (He’s Canadian though). I’m seeing live in concert in 3 weeks and so excited! His voice is heaven

      • titinti254

        Haha I think in a parallel universe we are going to the same shows ..I’m seeing Ella Eyre tomorrow at some awards called MOBO and I’m literally beside myself!!!Im however still hang on loving ‘waiting all night’…The weeknd def a treat…have fun !!x

      • Sue

        “The Hills” – awesome song!

  • Anita Tita

    Can we just talk about the flip phones in her video though? ( Adele) I kinda miss dramatically closin my phone after a convo…

    • titinti254

      haha..makes the two of us! And looking the other way whilst doing it..always looking the other way whilst doing it..if chewing gum, even better! ha!

  • Lynda Okoli

    Love Adele, Ella Eyre and Labrinth. You should listen to Deeper by Ella Eyre, great song. Adele is my life, I’m so happy she’s back on the scene cannot wait for her new album to drop in 2 weeks, Hello is on constant repeat. I love pinterest! I have like 25 boards. Awesome post Sharon!

  • Wanjiku Gathura

    James Arthur……. Must be something in their water, please bring me some if you happen to go there! Lovely post as always

  • flowers 🙂
    i dont understand anyone in this life who doesn’t enjoy reading Paulo Coelho, 2016 wishlist is read all his books 😛 yeah lol.
    enjoy the read dear 🙂 and maybe tell a little on it because i have not read that one yet.

  • Those white & lilac roses are gorgeous! 🙂

  • Adele is the bomb.. loving her to

  • louisita

    Rebecca Ferguson is amaziiing. You should listen to her.

  • I listened to Adele’s hello too much last week…. I simply cannot wait for her album to drop! I am sure 25 is gonna win her several awards. Onto the spoilers of Adultery….mmmh let me be nice

  • Rae

    I always look forward to these posts.
    About your hair…what extensions are those..if they are at all extensions

  • Cate

    Florence + the Machine…Florence Welch’s voice is amaze-balls. ooowh! and Kate Nash

    • Girl Sans Doubts

      I agree and I was watching her interview with Ellen and that chic is cray-cray. In a good kind of be my best friend way

  • Homeland is the truth for sheer!! I made a personal commitment not to watch how to get away with murder after watching the last episode, suspense galore! I’ll just wait for it to be over ?

  • Ivy

    Loving: The Fact that you inspired me to be taking my own stock, so far I am on number three and I am loving it!! Great Job!

  • Sue

    Others have already mentioned Emeli Sande. But you should also check out Lianne La Havas and Rebecca Ferguson. Lianne has a new album out.

    Lianne La Havas tiny desk concert –

  • Janice

    Where do u get the purple roses? very amazing and royal.

  • Kui Wangui

    Read adultery by Paulo Coelho – my take is its ok. I love Hello by Adele and about those hair extensions ?

  • Kim

    speaking of songs that speak to the heart sample Girl crush by Little Big Town, misleading title epic listen. Great post as always. you’re lucky the Grinch doesn’t exist with the love you have for Christmas. Wishing you a splendid one all!

  • Kui Queen

    Am not sure if they are all European and am too lazy to check right now but Ed sheeran, Hozier, Ellie Goulding, Birdy, and not forgetting Sam smith. Talking of jealous you should watch this performance that made Simon Cowell cry

    • D

      Thank you for sharing this… beautiful.

  • Well,….. Adelle’s new song Hello, Took FOREVER to start and if a song takes forever to begin, the exit button is always my friend. The thing is, With the ratings of this song, I just had to watch and listen -then see what the fuss was all about.
    Adore her high vocals, and to me its a okay song!!
    Love TD.

  • Girl Sans Doubts

    From Europe I am loving James Bay right now. Check out his album.
    We agree on Adele and I can’t wait for the 20th.

  • barbie wambui

    Great post once again. If you’re currently feeling British music, try Spekta he’s probably our J Cole (Drake loves him #nohomo) and this awesome duo “Krept and Konan”. For the females, Katy B this girl is from the ends yo (sorry Black British here, she’s from the ghettos of Peckham South London) and my very favourite South London poet Kate Tempest. Didn’t want to mention Tinie Tempah cause he’s over rated. oh not forgetting Kano, Akala (his sister Ms. Dynamite), Shystie (female rapper-listen to “unfinished business”). We have so many artists, oh how can I forget Professor Green, Plan B (kinda have a crush on him hehe) and my current favourite Faith Child. I think it’s safe to say the spirit of Tupac landed in Britain coz REAL hip hop is in Britain. Hope you actually indulge with these awesome artists.

  • Kendy Berry

    Thank you for sharing this Sharon. You are the voice of our generation. God bless.

  • Kenty Isabella

    Thank you for sharing the Oprah video Sharon..was truly one hell of an inspiring ride

  • Yvonne Nasi

    Please check out Shakka from the UK…he’s amazing in every way!! His voice…sigh.


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