Photography by Tatiana Karanja

Words cannot even begin to express just how excited I am about this! Not even emojis could get the expression quite right. AAAAAAAAAAA!

I’m smiling like a goon as I type this.

This project with Vivo has been months in the making and for me to finally be able to share the pieces with you is an absolute dream come true. I have been praying and visualising for the day I can finally share something tangible with you all and to know it’s finally here makes my heart soar with joy and gratitude!

As you know, I’ve been working with Vivo for a while now and over the years I have fallen in love with their comfortable, classic pieces – most of which are (proudly) made in Kenya. So when the opportunity presented itself for me to create something with Vivo, believe me, it was a no-brainer. I’ve learned so much through this entire process from elements of design (man, that was tough), to  merchandising, business development (thanks to Wandia – the Queen behind Vivo) and branding. By far, this is one of the highlights of my career and I am so grateful to you reading this and to this platform for allowing me an opportunity to share – not just content, but something that you can now bring into your homes too.

I really hope you fall in love with the pieces as much as I have! I practically live in the bodysuits. I’m not kidding – four out of 7 days in a week you’ll find me in one because I just think they’re so comfortable and versatile. I love the relaxed nature of the kimonos and the sleekness of the cigarette pants with their accompanying sleeveless vests. There’s a lot more pieces (11 in total) in different colours and sizes so hopefully you’ll land on something that feels just right for you! I really wanted to create a collection that not only reflected my style but met my needs for versatile and comfortable pieces – which just so happens to be perfectly in line with Vivo’s brand.

I can’t wait to see you in the pieces and if you do, feel free to snap a pic and use the hashtag #ThisIsEssForVivo so I can find it!

Love and love.


This Is Ess for Vivo Collection – Available at Vivo (Junction, Galleria, Yaya Centre, New Muthaiga Shopping Centre, Garden City, Professional Centre, Magharibi Place, City Mall Nyali and online!)

For price details – check out Vivo on Facebook.

This Is Ess for Vivo Collection 1

This Is Ess for Vivo Collection 2

This Is Ess for Vivo Collection 3

This Is Ess for Vivo Collection 5

This Is Ess for Vivo Collection 6

This Is Ess for Vivo Collection 7

This Is Ess for Vivo Collection 8

This Is Ess for Vivo Collection 9

This Is Ess for Vivo Collection 10

This Is Ess for Vivo Collection 11

This Is Ess for Vivo Collection 12

This Is Ess for Vivo Collection 13

This Is Ess for Vivo Collection 14

  • Liz Karanja

    You are THE IT! The inspiration Sharon…..Keep Going!

  • I really can’t wait to get this pieces Sharon.I love the simplicity and elegance of each piece and looking toward to seeing more.
    Many many congratulations.

  • Valentine Nasila

    simple ,classy with a touch of elegance

  • phyllis

    woow!!! love all the outfits……….such an inspiration

  • Vera

    I must get the white outfit….. And the fringe skirt, I love it Sharon.

  • Natalie M Ndunda

    Simple. Elegant. Sophisticated. You go girl!!

  • Polka! And I am so happy to see you engaging in Marketing speak! Go you. To infinity and beyond

  • Njenga Fiona

    Can I be your friend already? Then somehow, just somehow, I’d get to have all those pieces in my closet. They are all so beautiful! Congratulations Sharon 🙂

  • Tomboy

    I love the all white, beautiful

  • Congratulations Ess! The pieces are beautiful. My fave is the 2 piece white and black striped top and pants. And the fringe skirt is stunning.

    Tega Enai

  • Love all the pieces.Great job done.My fav is the all white.Congratulations Sharon!

  • kathleen makutwa

    I love bodysuits. they are so versatile and can go with anything. hope they are seamless as some show panty line makes it hard at times when your pairing it with a pencil skirt.

  • Joy Olwande

    Madam, Looking absolutely gorgeous in these shots!

  • Congratulations Sharon. every piece is beautiful, material, colour and quality.
    Noticed they can be paired with anything in the collection.

  • Well done Sharon. Well done.

  • Wow Sharon! This is super awesome! Happy for you..The outfits are all gorgeous!

  • Beautiful………..beautiful & Congratulations! keep going.
    The photo that your kissing the flower is too cute for human eyes

  • Joy

    These pieces are LIFE!!!
    Congratulations Sharon!! I have to get myself an outfit.
    Thank you for being an inspiration to me, and all the best Ma!
    To Winning!!!

  • Gorgeous!!!! beautiful and love the fact you are supporting your own too. love it!!

  • Catherine Obiero

    WOW!!!! The pieces are stunning. and as usual, you look amazing….

  • Daisy

    All the outfits are soo chic and classy!!!looove them!!Congratulations again!! You’re one real dream chaser!!

  • Oh my gosh Sharon!!!!! I don’t even where to start, I love the variety! These pieces are all stunning and you’ve modeled them so, so beautifully… wow… I’m really proud of how far you’ve come and I’m so gutted I’m not in Kenya to show some support and grab myself some of these babies:( As someone who’s followed your journey practically from day one I have to say you are truly such an inspiration and I hope you continue to prosper in everything you pour heart into.

  • Karen Rukunga

    This is really good…congratulations Sharon, seeing a Kenyan blogger doing this is really heart warming..
    you go Sharon
    God bless

  • Lynda Okoli

    I’m living for these! Love all of them, especially the palazzo pants (YES for comfort & style at the same time), bodysuit & fringe skirt. Does the online site ship worldwide? Gotta support my fave!!!! A huge congratulations Sharon, I’m really happy for you, this is an awesome milestone in your career. Can’t wait to see what other doors you’ll open in the future.

    Love & yellow,

  • I am obsessed with body suits and kimonos! This collection is a win for me

    • Bene

      SAME. And the palazzo pants. Urgh, I want it so bad!

  • Awesome outfits…congratulations Sharon!!

  • Ivy

    Woooow!!! Love this collection soooo my style!!! Amazing

  • Congrats Ess on this goal.
    Comfort meets simplicity. My favorite pieces goes to: the skirt outfit with frills, Checked palazzo pant outfit, White and grey pant suit” and the tribal palazzo pants. Looooooove.

  • ofthewambumas

    Congratulations on this!I
    The pieces look timeless and portray your unmatched elegance. Can’t wait to get my hands on some of the pieces!

  • sheyce

    ..really loving this..gotta get myself afew

  • Angella NyenyEzi Juma

    Wooow girl you gat this. So happy for you and they are beautiful pieces I wish I could get them!! Wow! Well done beautiful.

  • Grace Dhliwayo

    I looove the ciggarette pants and kimonos! Does Vivo has an online store?

  • Rose Kilonzih

    I love all the outfits, mostly the kimonos they look really good. Congratulations!!!

  • titinti254

    Sharon Mundia!!!You have outdone yourself!! Now bodysuits are definitely Gods’ gift to women(and oogling men).I just love how they have a way of making your figure pop! I never thought I had one until now! Love the outfits.. they look very Zara-ish which is a definite win! Very comfortable in summer and very mod, I cant wait to see what you have in store (and in store 😉 ) next..*applause*.

  • Ms Turu

    The collection is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Good job Sharon!

  • Awww. This is a collection I’ll totally love love to wear! Love the fringe skirt and the Kimonos. Well done.
    6 Love Lessons Learnt from my Wedding Ring

  • Awesome stuff Ess such amazing progress 🙂 i love the fringe skirt and body suit i can totally see myself wearing them! Congratulations dear

  • Amazing! This is totally beautiful keep it up.

  • Absolutely amazing keep it up. A great way to reach for them goals.


  • Breaking those barriers Sharon! Your vision! I absolutely love the collection, so chic and timeless.

  • kim

    the palazzo pants…..OMG!

  • Congrats Sharon!
    This is a great way to highlight your creative genius, way to go.

  • this post gonna break your website, i think i’ll be back,
    Beautiful, beautiful collection.
    they all look so effortless to wear yet have this thing….chic? BUT i am IN LOVE!!!

  • Wow beautifull, literally “Blogging goals”.

  • lial davis

    The white bodysuit hunie you killed in that shot definitely getting myself one. It’s good to support women who do what they love and do it with passion. These pieces are lovely the fact you incorporated neutrals the greys black, white it’s perfect for everyday wear either dressing it down or up.Love ? Love ?

  • barbie wambui

    I always knew you’ll turn out to be the Kenyan version of Zoella (google her if you don’t who she is), you go girl now girls can dress just like you awesome I love all the pieces.

  • Sindiso Moagi

    Congratulations Shas. You have achieved what many can only wish for. And this is due to sheer hardwork and determination. I am so happy for you. All the best in this venture.

  • vallerie ngugi

    Guuuurl your hair?!!! It looks amazing, where exactly do you do it? and What type?


    This lady here teaches us that hard work, right attitude and motivation.

  • itsRose_ Beth

    Beautiful is an under-statement! Love them all…

  • Love Love Love!
    My favourites are the cigarette pants, sleeveless vest. Kimono and the loose flared trousers.
    Congratulations Sharon!!
    Hope they ship internationally 🙂

  • The last pic is my favorite, could see myself wearing that anywhere..are all outfits really sold out???



  • Bridget

    I lack words to say…
    Soooo adorable

  • Freddie Anyona

    Congratulations on the collection. Love the pieces, they give me boho-chic, european sassy vibes.
    Can’t wait to see more and see your brand grow further.
    Keep on Keeping On!!!

  • Kate
  • Beautiful love your style. So elegant.

  • Tinacoletteblog

    Sharon you slay and kill the game each time! Such a joy, thanks for the inspiration! Nothing like a piece that’s stylish and versatile enough to curate differently for other occasions

  • chuma muyunda

    loving all the outfits. looking so pretty

  • patience

    Talk of class, sass and sophistication!!! so amazing!!!

  • Nneoma Chidoz

    Love your style

  • Rahmo

    Yaani I go to some place that cannot load big picture due to poor network and I come back to see that you have conquered!!! I pray your fashion line/collection does well and brings you more than you ever dreamed/hoped for.Congratulations!!! for all the hard work and pulling a Beyonce 🙂 :-).

    If you do a second line please do maxi-skirts/dresses for the Muslimahs.


    i loooove them…so elegant and classy

  • wow wow wow, this is great! Congrats <3

  • Evans Ogeto

    Nice outfits. You brought them out very well. I love your work though.

  • Winz

    Very impressive. Well done Sharon and all the best!

  • Benardtheblessed

    Wow!! Wow!! Wow!! those outfits!! without being told or even trying them out, their comfort can be seen outrightly. Great project right there and thank you for sharing.

  • Mary Jane

    Wow!!!!! So beautiful, it’s like you make the clothes come alive Sharon. I call you thisisess ??? though!


    Amazing and classy. looking fabulous!

  • Just amazing…really really beautiful ???

  • Agatha Esmeralda

    All pieces look them


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