Photography by Tatiana Karanja

My daily uniform has turned into different variations of this. Something cozy up top, on the bottom and on my feet.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love dressing up every once in a while but I’m much happier in a simple dress, some comfy jeans (particularly ones that only cost me KES500 on sale, oh yeah) and shoes I can easily run in. Because apparently I walk pretty fast which might as well constitute as a run, or so I’ve been told.

I’ve been planning some really exciting content for you guys that I can’t wait to share! Like a makeup routine video (finally) and a couple of outfit posts that revisit my love for prints.

Hope you’ve had an incredible week so far and that I’ll see some of you at Koroga this weekend!

Love and love.


Top – Gallery Urbano

Jeans – Mr. Price

Shoes – Bata

Bag – Primark

Hat – Club Med

Necklace – Can’t remember but I’ve had it for years!

Watch – Daniel Wellington

This Is Ess Monday to Friday Style 4

This Is Ess Monday to Friday Style 5

This Is Ess Monday to Friday Style 11

This Is Ess Monday to Friday Style 10

This Is Ess Monday to Friday Style 7

This Is Ess Monday to Friday Style 8

This Is Ess Monday to Friday Style 1

This Is Ess Monday to Friday Style 9

  • I missed you on the blog Sharon..Glad to have you back 🙂
    I love the simple and pretty..and the jeans looks so comfy!
    Have a lovely weekend ahead..

    • Thank you! My little sister has a similar pair so we’re twinning all over the place 🙂

  • Na watu wamekimbia hadi jeans zikararuka! Glad you’z back

  • This is dope Sharon!
    I LOOOOOOOOOOVE this look on you.

    • Thank you!! Double points for it being comfy too 🙂

  • Njeri

    This is your style that I identify with the most, love it!

  • so glad to have you back. Really need to read more of your work. Love love the look. Simple and classic.

  • Tomboy

    it’s interesting how the first thing I notice is when you switch the photographers, their work is beautifully different…on that look, you can say everyday again :).

    • You’re right, they both have a different and beautiful aesthetic!

  • barbie wambui

    This is me all over, to be honest I agree with you it’s nice to dress up but from time to time you must be honest with yourself and just be free and relaxed (not everyday heels fashion bloggers hehe). This is why I love youreading blog, you’re not afraid to be different.

    • 🙂 🙂 🙂
      You’re so sweet!

  • Fashion has evolved so much that comfy is now chic, sweatpants and sweatshirts and tights go a long way and the craze with hats and trainers in our case rubbers works out perfectly. Still looking for a hat that doesn’t look bulky on my head and then I will wear it everyday with everything including going to court *sic

    • And boy am I happy that that’s where the world is going!!!! Yay to comfy trends!

  • Daisy

    Looove looove loooooooove!!Been waiting for to see this jeans on you because apparently all the ones i tried on were too uncomfortable,at the behind especially 🙁 what size did you get them in? Looking great as always!

  • Karimi Mukami

    Wait…. If a company can go down up to 500 bob for a pair of jeans, how much did the labourer get paid to make them? so unethical in my opinion …

    • I don’t know if it’s that simple… Maybe they’ve sold enough of them that they can afford to go quite cheap/at a loss for the particular sale?

      • Looking great as always Sharon, no matter what you wear you always slay. Yeah I do agree with you Sharon. Companies do put things on sale for a number of reasons. It could be because they have new stock so they need to clear space for the new stock which is usually highly priced. Or it could be slow moving stock so why keep slow moving stock which costs them the space instead of putting it on sale and stock quick moving stock. I am sure there is a business case for it but anywhere I love sales why not allow us to slay on budget.

  • Yehhh…Finally! I’ve missed your posts a great deal.

    • Aww, thanks for reading Marian!

  • prettyhearts

    Nice look… i can wear that everyday… love!!!

  • beingrosemary

    I have also been into hats lately can’t get enough of them… its such a nice look and youare gorgeous

  • Sindiso Moagi

    I have missed your posts Shas… I am glad to see you are still well and beautiful as always.
    Not a day went by without dropping by.

  • Anita tita

    Caps solve all my problems. Life problem…Man problem…bad hair days…

    • LMAO! Me too! Haha, too funny

      • Anita tita

        ???? major key I tell ya!

  • raquel mureithi

    yeah….simple,cozy and feels good all at the same time

  • Ruth Waithera

    Simple and convenient ? love the post…you been gone forever though?..what nail polish ??

  • Geez, I was beginning to think you went off and had a secret wedding, then thought that this would be the ULTIMATE Wedding Post. 🙁 I may be way ahead of myself.
    Anyway…… Adoring the shade of blue. #Gorgeous


  • But like….everything you’re wearing is SO me! Love it Sharon! Those jeans mamacita, yes, yes and yes! 🙂 xx

  • Smilly Lily

    Hi Sharon, if you were asked would you dye your hair?

  • This look is sexy and comfy! Can’t wait for the makeup videos especially this one!

  • Slaying with this look Sharon, got a different pair on the same sale.. actually three pairs and I wouldn’t agree more about the level of comfort they offer on that price ,did a post on them yesterday.

  • ciikukim

    Girl you slay…. I cant even deny….. …

  • titinti254

    Yup!! That’s me most weekends !! #hathairdontcare the pompon
    one is my latest addition lol..I love it!! Though I have had random people ask to touch .

  • Clothes don’t make you look good, you make clothes look good! For real, I like how you put together this outfit Sharon 🙂

  • This outfit is me everyday! Black or white top/t-shirt, a pair of comfy jeans and comfy shoes. It’s literally my uniform. 😀


  • Maureen wambui

    Nice and simple I love it!

  • Every lady definitely needs a cap! Lol.

  • Those jeans have the perfect knee slits!!!

  • Emete
  • lol! this is definitely my variation of clothing a lot and I love caps but my big hair is such an obstruction

  • Ninah

    I am all about the comfy look. Love the neck-piece.

  • Peter Oluoch

    I love the cap and blue jeans. Do you mind if we can work together? I do photography at Please check it out. Regards, Peter Oluoch,

  • Gracy Waris
  • simple,smart and comfy..i love it!

  • lydiah lysh

    am loving this look totally.

  • Oreoluwa Aremo

    Glad to have found your blog.


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