Photography by Tatiana Karanja

Making: mood boards! I haven’t made one in ages and I just recently realised that that’s truly the key to making sure I don’t have 10,000 cute cushions which match with anything in the house. It just hit me that without some sort of direction, I would have absolutely zero self-restraint when it comes to buying pieces for my home which would mean that nothing fits or matches. Can you say decorating disaster? Anyway, so I’ve finally settled on a colour palette and furniture pieces that I’d like to go for (some of which will have to be made). Thank God for all the hardware shops on Ngong Rd.

Eating: Dates. I’m trying to snack/eat cleaner. I’ve done a poor job of eating clean and my body has been feeling sluggish lately so I’m trying to get back on the bandwagon.

Drinking: cold green tea right now.

Reading: Two books at the same time! I don’t know how well I’ll do with this but I’ve got A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin on my bedside and James Patterson’s first ever book – The Thomas Berryman Number – in my handbag. FYI, I always have to have a book in my handbag. I also recently finished reading Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sederis. It’s a short story book and I think I’d have enjoyed it better had I realised earlier that all the stories were connected. Silly me. I guess that’s what happens when you avoid reading the synopsis of a book or any reviews on it. It’s a really simple, straightforward book that goes through the authors’ upbringing and I can’t tell you how many times I chuckled reading it! He’s so witty. Anyway, I’m now onto two books and still trying my best to make sure I read a total of 20 this year! So far I think I’m only on 4. Must. Read. Faster.

Wanting: a puppy so damn bad! A friend of mine recently got the cutest pup (you may have seen her on my Snapchat) and let’s just say I’m now that person who always wants to come over and check on the puppy her. As a good friend would, of course.

Playing: Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo album. Not that I’ve ever been a Kanye fan but I somehow find myself loving the album more and more each time I play it.

Wasting: no time in making sure my 2016 goals become a reality!

Creating: Organised piles is something I’ve become very good at.

Wishing: I could get all Ally McBeal episodes and start watching from the beginning. I used to loooove that show.

Enjoying: compiling my reading music playlist. Songs like Melody Gardot’s Baby I’m A Fool and french cafe music I randomly get off of YouTube are what usually make the cut. I just really enjoy having something soothing to listen to as I read.

Loving: art at the moment. Looking for some interesting pieces to introduce into my home but still need to figure out a solution to hang them up without damaging walls. Either way, if you’re looking to get some art into your home, try reading this article where I summed up 6 tips that’ll help you figure out what to look for!

Hoping: for a super productive month. So far, so good!

Marveling:at how the universe truly responds to your mood and energy. Sometimes I forget that I can control my energy and happiness. As they say, “Life doesn’t happen to you. Life responds to you.”

Smelling: Spirulina capsules which I’ve just taken. Not too nice a scent, I must confess. It’s the second kind of supplement I’ve adopted – cod liver oil being the first. I’ve read so many great things about Spirulina and it sounds like the ultimate superfood. I’m hoping my body soaks up all the extra nutrients and loves every ounce of it.

Wearing: my glasses right now which I desperately need to replace. It’s been way too long.

Following: the show Vikings. I’ve heard people compare it to Game of Thrones but let me be honest ladies and gents, nothing compares to GoT. Nothing.

Noticing: my skin is breaking out recently. I haven’t really been religious with my green tea, juicing and cod liver oil lately so I can’t wait to go back to where my skin was! It’s also been really dry due to the cold weather so I’m trying to nourish it more with oils. Also, it’s 11.11 as I type this! Wishing you an epic month my loves! 🙂

Knowing: that today is going to be a great day! I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes… *goes to YouTube and starts playing the song*

Feeling: grateful for Mondy. Someone I’ve had in my life for more than a decade and completely adore!

Bookmarking: this Twitter page. Love their quotes! So inspiring. I think it’s important to have little streaks of inspiration coming at you throughout the day from all sorts of places. Be it a daily calendar with beautiful quotes that you keep next to your desk or a tweet on your timeline.

Opening: up a YouTube link to shark attacks was a bad, bad idea. I don’t know if I’ll ever get the guts to go waterskiing again after that. I just kept clicking on the next link and then the next thing I knew I was afraid to take a shower lest a shark jumps out of the shower head.

Giggling: at James Corden’s genius Carpool Karaoke with Michelle Obama! I’m sure you’ve all seen it by now but I couldn’t help but share it 🙂

Feeling: pressed for time! Gotta run. Have a lovely, productive, inspiring week! xx

Love and love.

This Is Ess Taking Stock 26 - 3 This Is Ess Taking Stock 26 - 2

  • Spirulina & Cod liver oil? Haki you are one step away from Mwarubaini!

    Organised piles. Oxymoron much! But I totally get you. Shan’t be one to judge

    • Sonie


  • Makena kimaita

    You are so beautiful and an inspiration to me. God bless you.

  • Maureen Kibe

    Hey Sharon thank you for Spirulina tip because I have the worst allergies. Maybe this might be the answer to my problems. gurrl you’re right life does respond to you. I am also having a good feeling about this month I can feel it there’s even a spring to my step

  • I also want a puppy!!! Lost my both my dogs a few years ago and it kills me every time I see other people with theirs 🙁 Your friend’s puppy is SO cute! I watch those snaps at least twice just because of her *heart eyes* Oh and I had the feeling you’d mention the carpool karaoke here somewhere, was waiting for this post to see if I’d be right and boom! It’s the best! I bet Michelle’s got more gangster in her than she revealed to us, haha 🙂

  • barbie wambui

    Your “Hoping” though? It’s only the 2nd day of August? But glad your month started great so far I hope it continues. My YouTube regrets that I seem to always click and click are the “Real ghost caught on video” videos, and what’s worse I do this to myself close to bedtime ??
    http://www.wambuikibira.WordPress. com

  • CozyZen

    sharing inspiring home decor tips on

  • I loved Ally McBeal! If you find it, let us know where we can get it (complete). Also. I found A Game of Thrones impossible! I just couldn’t keep up with all the characters and places. The pictures are beautiful! Have a great month.
    Lifestyle- food and travel

    • Mimo


  • Caroline Karanja

    This is an amazing post
    I recently got a puppy. If you want one be prepared it was much harder than I thought it I just got a breed that was a little too hyper.
    My current hobby is being organized I think I’ve D.I.Yed half of my bedroom.
    Living the unusual way

  • beingrosemary

    Yes GOT and vikings have nothing in common other than a million actors and barbarians those in GOT have better hygiene though 🙂
    You are so pretty!

  • Lornah
  • Naomi

    What about the wedding and L? Why aren’t you updating us on the stuff we are waiting and waiting to hear about !!!

  • You forgot this part:
    1. Snacking: on gelato ice cream that you’ve been making me drool on snapchat. Now am super hungry for ice cream cone. What ‘s your favorite flavor??
    2. You must be shying away from the “Wedding Que with Mr.L”. Hint to me if not the whole world.
    3. Loving this Quote: “Life doesn’t happen to you. Life responds to you.”


  • The skirts on Ali McBeal were something else.
    Life really does respond to you, I am in exactly that place right now, my dream just gets interrupted when I have to go to work LOL….Yes please we want a Q&A, Fiance Tag (YOUTUBE) something will Lonina,
    I’m starting a petition, Can people comment below if they agree (probably going to get banned from your comment sections but it’s worth it!!)

    • Dee Nyaga

      i agree..haha

  • Awuor

    My Inspiration, you’re amazing Sharon, I mean it from my heart.

  • Mimo

    I love Ally McBeal. Have all the seasons. Got them a while back from media Kali movie stores. Im kinda ol skool (I still buy DVDs). Hope you get them

    • Purity Kanario

      Where is media Kali?

      • Mimo

        Langata and nbi west. Dunno if they’re still open. been a couple of years since I last went there

  • Hair goals..?

  • Sindiso Moagi

    I always watch shark attack or bull elephants fighting videos on Youtube. Clearly I am not the only one who likes these kind of things lol. I think green tea is one of those that the minute you no longer drink it religiously, then you somehow forget about it as the days go by. At least that is how it goes with me until I make it again



  • awwhh love the pics, and cheers to a great month xoxo

  • The carpool with Michelle Obama was everything!!!
    6 Love Lessons Learnt from my Wedding Ring

  • Smilly Lily

    Hi Sharon, do you ever think of dying your hair?

  • Carolina

    Hi Sharon,

    Thanks for this post! It’s inspiring.
    Since you love travelling, please check my blog on and get educated, entertained and inspired xx

    • Roxanne Mungai

      just checked your blog out..its beautiful!! you are definitely my explore the world goals right now…great job!

  • Green tea is really great and if you also feel like cleansing, water with lime/lemon slices is refreshing!

  • Whitney

    You should do a post on your fave books!

  • Loove your Taking Stock Posts! Even if I am about a month late to the party! I can relate with so many of the things you said…Ally McBeal Yasss!! Honestly, we had the best shows growing up. Tv was worth the time 🙂 And aaw puppies! I keep saying I need a little white fluffy dog in my life. I hope I move into a new place that allows dogs, and that will be my gift to self-forever 🙂 Thanks for sharing this post 🙂

  • The carpool was just hilarious 🙂

  • Peter Oluoch

    As a wedding photographer at, I would love to work with you. Regards, Peter Oluoch

  • Flo

    Hi there! hav been a fun behind the scene…decided to join in the discussion

  • I miss reading your Blogposts Sharon 🙁

  • Grace Dhliwayo

    I always stop by!Your blog is very inspiring

  • Emete
  • Lucie Maureen

    Hey sharon you have been MIA, miss your posts.

  • Miss L

    Aaaaiiiii Sharon! should I just stop popping here altogether?

  • Jedas

    Sharon where are has been soooo long!

  • Rahmo

    Jamani Sharon, mbona hivi lakini???? Why have you been so quite here.Hope all is well. Atleast I see you on Our 2 cents and on your YT channel but maybe hit us with a ka-post here,once in a while.

    • Pearly whites

      Ikr! Its been like forever. Two months down the line and we miss you Sharon big time.

  • Black pearl

    Is it just me or is there someone else who keeps refreshing their emails every single day hoping to find a new post? Please someone tell me i’m not alone. Where art thou beautiful lass called Sharon. Surely, all of us that miss her posts say I….All those who want a new post say I…The I’s have it. Please put up a new post. Lots of love and light from Dubai.

  • Nyacomba J.

    oh my goodness I found someone who enjoys Vikings! I felt like an alien for a minute hehe

  • Pee m
  • Kate

    Waiting for the wedding update…loading….

  • Mbaire Wangui

    Yaaay ! Your site is alive again!


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