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It’s been a while. 468 days to be exact.

Are you still there? Did you miss me? I didn’t realize just how much I missed you and this space until this moment; this all feels so strange and familiar at the same time. It feels like coming back home.

Let’s take stock.


Making: big plans for December. I’m so excited because I’ve set a challenge for myself to share a substantial number of videos and blog posts in that month. I’m a little hesitant to share that number with you lest I don’t live up to the promise but I’m also battling with the thought that maybe that’s exactly what I should do – have you be my accountability partner. Maybe we should just go for it. I’m aiming for 16 videos and 10 blog posts. Sixteen Videos. Wish me luck!

Eating: a salted caramel cake from Art Café is one of my guilty pleasures. That and McVitie’s Digestive biscuits. I’ve eaten so many of them that I’m basically a walking digestive biscuit by this point.

Drinking: Green tea with lemon and honey. (I just re-read the last Taking Stock after finishing this and realized that I was also drinking a green tea while writing this last year. Am I even the same person after all this time? Has nothing changed?!)

Reading: Life Lessons from the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma. I love that it’s got bite-sized chapters that are easy to take in first thing in the morning! I just finished Brené Brown’s Daring Greatly and I don’t think I could ever approach parenting the same way after reading that book. If you’re a parent, please google The Wholehearted Parenting Manifesto. And if you’re not a parent, Google it anyway.

Wanting: a full day to just have guilt-free rest. I’m exhausted. Good-exhausted though – I’m filling my days doing the things I love most but I could do with a 16hour nap!

Playing: Sam Smith’s new single, Too Good At Goodbyes. I love this man!

Wasting: very little time these days. Having a baby in your care teaches you a thing or two about prioritizing.

Creating: and uploading YouTube videos every Thursday. Just in case you didn’t know, that’s where I’ve been hiding out the past couple of months. 8AM sharp. Subscribe, please!

Wishing: I had two extra hours this morning.

Enjoying: early morning cuddles with Naila (my six-month old daughter. I just realized I haven’t officially introduced her!) She does this thing where she reaches out for my face with her tiny, little palm in the cutest possible way you could ever imagine. Until she tries to yank my lip from my head then it’s pretty much downhill from there.

Loving: motherhood. There’s so much I want to share with you on this topic but I believe this needs to be unfolded over time. I foresee many a blog post on this topic in the future.

Hoping: to set up a pretty solid morning routine that will help me get in the right mind frame every morning. So far, I start off with a short prayer, make my bed, meditate & set my intentions for the day, read a little and then I get straight into work. I also try not to pick up my phone till I’m done with this routine. Curious to know what your morning routine looks like btw. Please share below.

Marveling: at how consistent the universe is with this message: you receive what you give.

Smelling: Avocado, pawpaw and banana puree. Currently weaning Naila and she’s having this for breakfast right now.

Wearing: some comfortable slacks. It’s Sunday morning as I type this and I’m glad to be warm and indoors with some of the most hilarious people I know!

Following: Tim Ferriss’ podcast. Do you listen to podcasts? What are some of your faves?

Noticing: that there’s so many new makeup brands coming into Kenya and I’m here for it! That, and fashion outlets.

Knowing: that I am exactly where I ought to be.

Feeling: nervous but excited for the week ahead.

Bookmarking: this podcast by Oprah Winfrey with Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith on how to manifest the life of your dreams. “Pain pushes until vision pulls.”

Opening: up my blog after months felt good. It feels good. I want this space to take on a slightly different tone from last time. I want to be more of me with you.

Giggling: at conversations I’m currently having with Jeff, Patty, my mother, Mondy and Anita. They keep making fun of the fact that I play Sam Smith way too often. Haha! I wish there was a way I could record these conversations and play them for you here.

Feeling: joy! Pure joy.

Love and love.

  • Jane

    podcasts: My dad wrote a porno, its hilarious, and perfect light listening after a hectic day. Also really into True Crime and loved Serial, as well as Up and Vanished, you should also listen to STown which is hard to explain but moved me completely and wholly

    • LindaNjeriW

      YES YES AND YES Jane….. my favorite podcasts : serial and STOWN amazing… have tried Criminal … Modern love … a better life with Dr.Sanjay Gupta .. i also love this american life.. hardtalk by BBC… I’ll stop there ..

      • Jane

        STown was so good, started off as one thing and ended up as something else, it was one of the most touching podcasts i’ve listened to. Now to look for criminal and modern love, they both sound like something i can get into.

      • Eva Cushny

        STOWN i finished it in a day waar, i like criminal ….you will love serial you try it… subscribing to the others you have suggested. thankyou

    • Miss Sharon

      I absolutely loved Serial and always recommend to first-time podcast listeners! Also quite liked S Town. I’ll defo try My Dad Wrote A Porno now 🙂

  • njeri waigi

    podcasts: the next right thing by Emily Freeman.

    • Miss Sharon

      Thanks for the recommendation, Njeri!

  • ???? issa tear of joy!

    How I Built This and several other business-related ones.

    Naila ni #Team avocado. Well in!!!!

    As for McVities (which I still pronounce McVytes), I understand fully. What is a calorie?

    • Kui

      Hehehe, you are hilarious!

    • Miss Sharon


  • Reen Chege

    Yeiiiiii welcome back. The sheer joy of seeing your post on IG saying you are back with a new post.
    I haven’t even read the post, just had to give a shout out.
    Monday made and glad to have you back. Only 468 days, only……ohhh the utter bliss of reading your blog.

    • Miss Sharon

      Haha! Thanks so much for the warm welcome Reen 🙂

  • Good to have you back Ess. I really did miss you and this space of course. I love sam so play on. Looking forward to your posts :-).

    • Miss Sharon

      Good to be back!

  • wambui wambui

    welcome back mama!
    great read!

    • Miss Sharon

      Thank you so much!
      p.s.: I love your green smoothie recipe!

  • Mary Mwangi

    For us, it’s been 468 days of waiting!! Welcome back Sharon!! Now let me get back and read the post.

    • Miss Sharon

      It’s been waaaaay too long, Mary. Way too long.

  • Welcome back Sharon! I’m here for all the positive vibes you ALWAYS bring along!

    • Miss Sharon


  • Kash kaaria

    Finaaalllyy!!!Welcome back?

    • Miss Sharon


  • Miss Mucheru

    I dreamt about this blog and now you’re back!
    So glad to have you back on this space!

    • Miss Sharon

      Haha! What was your dream about?! Now I’m curious.

      • Miss Mucheru

        I can’t even get into it but there’s a post you did a loooooong time ago; and you talked about only trusting Mondy to cut your hair (please don’t block me, I’m not a harmful stalker, just an avid follower :)). Anyway, it was just a happy moment, and it somehow made me happy. I needed a happy dream.

  • wambui kibira

    Glad you’re back and with a new good style, I’m also trying to perfect my morning routine since becoming a mum three years ago. So far I have a new one that’s great for the family, I wake up an hour before my eldest; get ready then do a little meditation & prayer then finally get my eldest ready for the day. I am also listening to podcasts anything really that will better my understand to human life. I’m Tim Robbins, Hillsong church London podcasts and one in Spotify it’s a narrated short stories one by the author called “Myths & Legend”. And Sam Smith is just beautiful his music is gorgeous, but I play too much Gospel rap in the house.

    • Miss Sharon

      Did you mean Tony Robbins?

      Myths & Legends sounds good! I’ll check it out.

  • Oliviaz Pot

    Finally ☺ so excited for this space to be back & alive.

    • Miss Sharon

      You and I both!

  • Jedydah Waweru

    Thank you God you are back on this space, though I’m one of your notification squad over youtube, looking forward to those 16 Vlogs and 10 blogs….
    To LOVE and LIGHT

    • Miss Sharon

      I receive the love and light, thanks Jedydah!

  • Welcome Back !! I feel like you are getting wiser ! its refreshing ! Can’t wait to read more of what you have in-store !

    • Miss Sharon

      Well I am getting older so I hope I’m learning a thing or two about life with age!

  • Welcome back Ess OR do you prefer Mrs.L – I will settle with Ess!
    Thank God you took time out to prioritize and balance, but am sure right now you are in a comfortable space.
    Anyway, Touche” on Sam Smiths’ song – too good at saying goodbyes!! If that song was food – I’d eat it every 30 mins. #AfoodieTalking
    My morning routine: – literary Starts with a conversation with myself after the 1st alarm buzzes at 4.00am -“Omg” -can I just snooze for like 15 mins- just 15 mins – then I officially wake up? So I sleep – I swear if feels like 1 min just passed,and it’s so annoying.It’s 4.15 am now mark you. I drag my body out of bed, spread it. Read my newspaper {Aka – Twitter & the gram}, then have a hot shower while the coffee gets brewed. Have coffee as I dress – Makeup { I’m 3 weeks old in applying my own make up for the first time in 29 years} Progress I tell you and I’m pretty good at it. 🙂
    Leave the house at 6.00am give or take heading to work.

    FOODIES: – {Subscribe}

    • Kuria Hellen Kuria

      Nooo. You do not wake up at 4 to leave the house at 6.. Gosh I wake up 30 minutes to my leave time or 45 max. I’m that brief

      • I actually do. Leaving the house is not the problem – Waking up is. I can definitely sleep till 11am, from the 1st snooze.

    • Miss Sharon

      I’m as shocked as Kuria – why don’t you let yourself sleep in till 5?! 4am is something else!
      Also curious to know what your favorite part of your makeup routine is. Do tell. 🙂

  • Carole

    Welcome back Ess.We obviously missed you. This is the only blog I used to read consistently without fail.Keep writing ??

    • Miss Sharon

      Really?! Oh now the pressure is on to make sure I write something worth reading!

  • Stephanie Wanderi

    We are ready for the 16 Videos and blog posts! Tis the season 🙂
    Welcome back Sharon!

    • Miss Sharon

      Tis the season indeed!

  • Kate

    Welcome back Sharon! I was a sucker for the Mcvities digestive until I tried the House of Manji’s version of the digestive! Can someone say ad-dic-tion!

    • Miss Sharon

      I tried them but for some reason McVities just taste so damn good when dipped in hot chocolate. Maaaan!

  • Stella Kimani

    I have read Robin Sharma’s book, it was eye-opening, to say the least. I have been loving podcasts lately. My favorites include, The Modern Love Podcast, 2 Dope Queens, Women of the Hour, Anna Faris is Unqualified and WTF with Marc Maron. All of them are themed around real people having real conversations. Please check them out. And we missed you, So glad you’re back.

    • Miss Sharon

      I’ve written down your suggestions and will definitely listen to them and see which I like best. Thanks for sharing!

  • Great to have you back on here Sharon! 🙂

    • Miss Sharon

      Thanks so much Pumzi!

  • Christine

    AAAAAW, welcome have been missed much… Just the other day i was thinking i should start doing taking stock stuff on my blog…. Welcome back, welcome back,*sings

    • Miss Sharon

      YES YOU SHOULD! Please go ahead and do it.

  • Annette

    I actually thought i was dreaming when i saw your post on facebook. I am so glad that you are back to blogging. December, please come quickly.

    • Miss Sharon

      Haha! No, not a dream!

  • Lorraine Asige

    I am so happy you are back. My morning routine involves; waking up, praying, getting ready for work or church depending on what day it is, waking up my daughter and helping her get ready, making the bed as breakfast is cooking, having breakfast with my daughter and then we are out the door.Once I get to work the first thing I do is read my morning devotional, set goals for the day (on Mondays I usually just set goals for the whole week). On the days I am free or on leave I usually like to have a lie in (which is something I cherish more now that my daughter is older and I can finally catch up on years of sleep I missed when she was younger) and just spend some time with her playing, being silly, goofing off or just watching a movie (her favorite is still Moana).

    • Eva Cushny

      ”i am moana of mutunui”…sorry i could not resist lol… this tells you how many times i have watched that movie…

      • Lorraine Asige

        I know right. I’ve watched it atleast 10 times. But I love the songs esp ‘We know the way’ we always sing along and (attempt) to dance like the characters in the movie. It is always so much fun and a great bonding experience.

    • Miss Sharon

      You’ve got such a solid routine, Lorraine!
      Kisses to your daughter 🙂

      • Lorraine Asige

        It took time to get it there but by God’s grace we manage. Kisses and cuddles to baby Naila too.

  • I’m with you on the morning routine. Prayer is a must. Reading…be it a chapter of a book or a bible verse. I don’t meditate though…it’s difficult to focus..but I try. And lastly 2 glasses of water. Hydration is key.

    • Miss Sharon

      Ahhh, water. I also find myself so parched in the morning so I keep a glass of water by my bed. 🙂

  • Welcome back!!!! So glad you are back. Been loving your YouTube too. As to the December mega posting, grrrr, bring it on!!!

    • Miss Sharon

      Thanks so much for watching my YT videos!

  • Catherine Obiero

    Welcome back Ess. Now back to seeing those amazing pictures by Tatiana. My morning prayer includes a very short prayer (Really need to work on praying and having morning devotions/reading bible verses) then workout for 20 minutes, oil-pull, shower, prepare a breakfast smoothie, then out of the door by 6.30….

    • Miss Sharon

      Isn’t Tatiana a gem?!

      Oh my goodness, you’re the first person I’ve ever heard talking about oil-pulling! I don’t know how you do it… I tried it once and I can’t ever picture myself doing it again. -_-

  • Eva Cushny

    first time here but it wont be my last…i intend on starting to journal every morning ( post-it notes are just not cutting it any more..:) my favorite podcasts are radio lab, the moth, serial, strangers, Oprah’s super soul conversations, this american life i will stop there for now.. i thank God he led me to your blog, i feel so at home.

    • Miss Sharon

      You’re always welcome here, Eva.
      Thanks for your podcast suggestions!

  • Nancy Muholo

    Yaaay! I had to comment before I read.

    • Miss Sharon


  • 254Native

    Welcome Back Sharon!! Whoop whoop!! Alot of us out here have been praying for your to return to blogging and God has answered!! *happy dance, happy dance.
    16 Videos!!! Please let some of them be Vlogs, pretty please 🙂
    Anyway my Dear, you were very dearly missed. Thank you so much for coming back to the online space. You really are an inspiration. Love and Love. 🙂 <3

    • Miss Sharon

      Thank youuuu! I’ll for sure throw a couple of vlogs in there 🙂

  • Makena

    What did you do for your anniversary ? It was last weekend?

    • BigFan

      Makena, people seriously need to stop asking about her marriage. It’s clear things ain’t great and the best anyone can do is say a prayer for her, them, their child.
      If she’s ever inspired you in any way, we should all take a minute and say a prayer for her and just enjoy whatever she chooses to share. Anyone can read between the lines in Sharon’s post that there’s obviously an issue because as you’ve mentioned, it was her anniversary this past weekend and there’s zero mention of her husband or marriage above.

      So just ease of this line of questioning and enjoy what she shares. You may scare he away! So chill. All Love 🙂

      • Makena

        Okay sorry for asking

      • Miss Sharon

        A comment like that would never scare me away. 🙂

        • BigFan


  • Jacqueline Owiso

    Yeeeeeiy cheering you on 16 videos here we go, glad you are back on this platform

    • Miss Sharon

      Thanks so much!

  • sharon gicheru

    Welcome back 🙂

    • Miss Sharon

      Thanks, namesake!

  • titinti254

    *insert Mase- * welcome back…welcome back welcome back…welcome back… 🙂

    • Miss Sharon


  • Lynda Okoli

    Oh how I’ve missed your posts ❤️. Taking Stocks are always my favourite kind of posts. Welcome back Sharon. I’ve been really into podcasts lately, I listen to fictional storytelling ones or a good sermon as I’m getting ready for the day. Wishing that the weekend wouldn’t go by so fast, realized I didn’t get anything done and I’ve been a couch potato all weekend long, ugh. I don’t kno what I’ve missed more reading your posts or being able to write my usual lonnnnnng comments as a response, I think a little bit of both. 16 videos & 10 posts! Wow, I foresee a lot of prerecording and preuploading. Wish you the best ??
    As for my morning routine, it’s pretty non-existent. I’m always rushing to make it on time to my lectures (I’m meant to be getting ready now but I’m still in bed, lol).

    • Miss Sharon

      I don’t think I could possibly meet my target without pre-recording! I’m going to spend half of my November working hard on that actually!

      Hope school is going well 🙂

  • Kary Lyna Njoroge

    Too good at goodbyes is life,my morning routine wake up at 6 workout 20 min shower breakfast wash utensils make bed by 7*50 i liv for work(I pray on my way to work lol

    • Miss Sharon

      I’ve come to learn that making the bed is such an important part of one’s routine!

  • Jeptoo Kimooi


    • Miss Sharon

      🙂 🙂

  • Welcome back! My morning routine looks like this: A quick thanks that I’m alive and well, hop out of bed, wash my face, throw on a face mask, drink some water while I go through devotions, shower, breakfast and straight to work ?

    • Miss Sharon

      Quick and easy!

  • nderitu wanjiru

    How can i see this so late,,, but welcome.. Karibuu sana. Can’t wait for the next phase. On that note am here for the blog posts. As for the morning routine,,, I salute you… I just wake up and keep trying to work within my timeline.

    • Miss Sharon

      Not late at all!

  • Wambui Liz

    Yay! Am so happy this is back on. Initially I wished it was a video but now that I’ve read it am happy!
    Am also really happy to hear you do want to make the blog a little different. Can’t wait to see. I must say I loved your fashion and beauty articles when you started out. They were just great. But I feel like at some point they became a little more commercial (for lack of a better word) and less you. It has happened with some of my other favourite bloggers like Girl with curves. I understand why you need to do it but to be honest you lose the allure you had before. Don’t be offended because either way we still love you. Just try give us more of you rather than more of the industry.

    • Arch Nyake Kerubo Monyonko

      I liked the random stories before things got overly serious

    • Miss Sharon

      Not offended at all, Wambui! I appreciate your honesty. 🙂

      I think something else that could have changed the mood and feel of my blog was that the bigger my audience grew, the more nervous I got about really being myself.

      With regards to the business of blogging, I guess it’s just about trying to balance out the commercial aspect with staying true to yourself and your readers. Just so you know, I’ll always be honest about whether a post is sponsored (and that’s across all platforms). Hopefully that transparency will help things be even more authentic around here!

  • immaculate chepseba

    welcome back dear, looking forward to the motherhood posts ..

    • Miss Sharon


  • sam

    Wishing you luck Ess.

    I (we) are ready!

    Studio Gear Experts

    • Miss Sharon


  • Good to have you back Ess! I’ve missed you!!!

    • Miss Sharon

      Awww Tega! 🙂

  • laureen lanoi

    Welcome back Ess.

    • Miss Sharon


  • monica nganga

    First time?! I love it!?

    • Miss Sharon


  • Sindiso Moagi

    Welcome back Shas. I am so happy that finally there is a new post. Ever since your last post prior to this one, I have been coming to check if you published a new post or not. Even though there was nothing new, it still afforded me the opportunity to go through all your blog posts from beginning. I will be reminding you this December seeing you promised us at least 10 blog posts but to be honest, 5 would be great as I understand there is life outside this platform.

    • Miss Sharon


      Well my goal is 10. I’m going to try my best not to fall short of that. Wish me luck!

      • Sindiso Moagi

        Good luck. Do your best we will be waiting for you, rooting for you

  • Marlene


    • Miss Sharon

      Good to be back!

  • Maya B Aliza

    Good to have you back Sharon😃 That thing Nailah does – almost yanking your lip off your head😂😂😂 my Sonshine does that too, you wonder where those little palms get all that strength.

    • Fatuma Aliza

      beauty of motherhood

  • Fiona

    Hey..Sharon glad you are back!we missed you……and your hair is goals….please please tell us how you got there some of us are about to give up on our hair…

  • Robert Mathenge

    I’m probably the only guy here, but I love your posts too! Your positivity, desire for authenticity and can do attitude is always a breath of fresh air Sharon! Welcome back! 🙂 I sometimes come here just to replenish. Thank you.

  • Sheey Ngigi

    Sharon, can I truly thank you for the OWN podcasts link? Bless you! I needed this.

  • Lydia Tito

    Welcome back Sha…

  • Beryl Oloo

    Welcome back!!!! So excited!!! Listening to a couple of podcasts. I listen to tiny leaps big changed by Greg Clunis, happier with Gretchen Ruin, hidden brain just to name a few. I am obsessed. Still dont have a morning routine down, keep changing it.

    Can’t wait to watch your future videos and read your blogs. It’s good to have you back.

  • Jacinta Chege

    ooh! How I wished that you got back to blogging. Like always Sharon Mundia; good reads. Thanks

  • phyl

    So happy u back 😘

  • Charity the brand

    Wow, welcome back to the blogsphere, I had missed you alot 😘😘.Love and light to you as you share your journey with us

  • carol

    only God knows how much i’ve been waiting for this be back!! Arghh,, missed you so much Sharon

  • Dhvani Tombush

    It’s great to have you back babe! I have finally moved to Nairobi and one of the first things I did was eat the cadbury biscuit chocolate lol! I also am now documenting what living here has been like and meeting new people and loving it!

  • Sandy

    Welcome back Sharon, have to say that I was one of those people who kept waiting and watching and waiting and watching! In response to your Vlog last week, you need to watch Dear White people, it’s really nice. Also you look alot like Olivia Pope, or is it just me who thinks this???

  • Dave Hill

    Yes yes I won’t complain you were away too long(I was about to until I read your posts so I’m content and again welcome back


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