Photos: Tatiana Karanja

One of my favorite pastimes has turned into my skincare and beauty routine. I love playing with makeup and appreciate it’s transformative effects too. So when BeautyClick sent over a bag of Nouba goodies for me to play with, I felt like a kid in a candy store!

For the longest time, I’ve been a huge fan of the Nouba Millebaci lip range (my two faves being no. 46 and no. 7). From the moment I discovered their matte liquid lipsticks, I knew my makeup kit would never lack one of their lippies. Over the years I got to play with a few other Nouba products (eyeshadow and compact foundation) but this was the most products I’d gotten to experience.

Some of my fave products include the eyebrow cream for it’s lasting effect, the daydream eyeshadow & liner duos which are incredibly creamy and easy to use, and lastly the highly pigmented blushes that not only work like a dream on deep skin tones but can also be the perfect eyeshadow and highlighter product!

To watch my full tutorial on how I came up with this look, check out my YouTube video.

If you are planning on buying any makeup off BeautyClick, make sure to use the code thisisess at checkout for a 10% discount!

And as if the promo code isn’t enough, if you buy two Nouba Millebaci lippies, you get one free. If you buy one Millebaci lippie, you either get a lip gloss or a blush on bubble quad for free. 🙂

The usual price of one Millebaci is KES2,900 but if you combine the promo code with the free lipstick offer (when you buy two), it means each lipstick is worth KES1,740. A pretty epic deal if you ask me!

Thanks to BeautyClick for giving me the opportunity to step into a realm that I treasure so dearly!



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