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One of my favourite weekly treats involves slapping a nourishing face mask to pump my skin with moisture or a cleansing one to extract every last white head that was looming under my skin. For me, taking this time to put on a mask is not only an important part of my skin regimen but a necessary part for self care.

I’ve tried out quite a number of masks over the years but most recently I’ve been obsessed with multi-masking.

I happen to have combination skin so I always struggled with whether to cater to the oily or dry element of my skin when deciding on a mask. that’s particularly oily around the t-zone so the idea of spot-treating was quite frankly, genius!

In simple terms, multi-masking allows you to put different masks on your face to help treat different needs; whether that may be puffy eye bags, oily foreheads or dry cheeks.

The three masks I’ve been using and loving lately are: Africology’s Clay Masque, L’Oréal Pure Clay Purifying & Mattifying Face Mask and L’Oréal Pure Clay Glow Mask. I love using flat foundation brush for this simply  because it allows me to spread an even layer of the product on my face and I don’t have to worry about it getting in my nails. It also helps add to the spa treatment feel plus it’s easy to watch the brush afterwards anyway!

I start with L’Oréal Pure Clay Purifying & Mattifying Face Mask focusing on my t-zone, nose and chin area which are the parts of my face that get the oiliest. This mask contains eucalyptus which is especially great for anti-inflammatory use. It’s great for clogged pores and it has a very refreshing, cooling effect on your skin.

My cheeks will often get dry so I like to use L’Oréal Pure Clay Glow Mask here. This mask contains red algae extract which is known to brighten skin so I like to put it on my upper lip where I’ve got some hyperpigmentation. The mask has a lovely scent and has finely milled apricot seeds which is ideal if you’d like to slightly exfoliate your skin when rinsing off.

On the rest of my skin, I like to apply Africology’s Clay Masque which is very gentle. This brand only uses 100% natural ingredients like grapefruit seed extract which is a natural source of Vitamin C and absolutely amazing for your skin. It also boasts of coconut oil, lavender and aloe leaf extract!

Once you wait the recommended 10minutes, all you need to do is wash the masks off your face and continue your face mask regimen as usual.

Happy masking!


7 responses to “Multi-Masking Basics”

  1. wambui wambui says:

    multitasking mask huh! very genius I will try it out!
    amazing photos!

  2. Joy Gitau says:

    Multi-masking is one of the latest skincare trends that people are buzzing about for various reasons. The reality is that masking works to detoxify the skin, that’s all. Masking won’t help moisturize the skin as one of brands suggests. If anything, only leave on products can help in amping the skin’s moisture levels. Besides, the naturalness of a product doesn’t necessarily imply that it’s ‘good’ for the health of skin-essential oils in skincare products cause allergies to the majority. It’s vital to buy a product because the ingredients listed are potent in tackling your concerns as opposed to buying a brand.

  3. Kash kaaria says:

    I can’t wait to try this..Such a great Idea

  4. Lorraine Asige says:

    Do you know of any face mask (or any make up products) that you would recommend to someone suffering from eczema. I have this condition and I have always wished that I could use make up but sadly I cant use any of the make up products available in the market.

    • Anita Ngugi says:

      Hey Lorraine! I have eczema too so I understand the struggle. For us we need to stick to simple/homemade masks. Try creating a mask at home using oats and honey; Oats is known to soothe the itchiness and roughness associated with eczema.


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